A Wording Change, More Downloads (We Love Free Stuff)

Based on a recommendation by Pamela, I’ve been doing some splittesting of our homepage. I know most of you read this blog to hone your budgeting skills…but this test result has larger connotations (and may help some of you small business owners out there!)

Our prior button that would take you to the download page:

And when we changed the ‘Download Now’ phrase to be ‘Free Trial':

The results were cool:

We’re constantly running tests like this and the results are quite surprising. Comment if you want me to post tidbits like this on occasion and I’ll keep ‘em coming!

6 Responses to “A Wording Change, More Downloads (We Love Free Stuff)”

  1. Mark

    Yes, Jesse, indeed, please do keep sharing these kind of tidbits.

    One of the things that drew me in and continues to with the YNAB methodology, product, your educational material is that not only do you understand budgeting and the psychology of it etc, but you are a great business person, and on top of that a great Internet marketer!

    Its fun to watch your business grow and succeed and I share in that success because you and the YNAB team keep making everything better and better with every release, blog post, webinar etc.

  2. Hadi

    Yes please… keep it up Jesse.

    YNAB is hands down the best piece of software I’ve ever used.

    It looks gorgeous, is simple to use and most important of all, actually gets the job done.

    The relief I feel after understanding my financial situation properly for the first time in years – it’s like a new lease of life!

    To get business info bonuses like this too – it doesn’t get any better.

    I love the way you seem to have built almost a family feel about the product, the website and the support systems.

    Very inspirational…

  3. Mark Juliana

    When I was at Netflix, we were constantly running split testing to check out differences in signup senarios. Fasinating stuff. What is interesting is that sometimes you will see a lift that will fade over time.

    Keep up the great work. Love the app!


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