Feature: Show the total of selected transactions

This was committed to our internal build today by our hasn’t-yet-officially-started-full-time-but-will-November-1st guru programmer Ian!

You’ll see it some time in the future.

Nice isn’t it?

6 Responses to “Feature: Show the total of selected transactions”

  1. Rob Ward

    Very nice!

    I honestly didn’t realize this wasn’t a feature but I guess that’s because search totals up the transactions you can see. This is definitely a nice bonus to that!

  2. Abor

    Quite useful. Question is when it will be possible to add accounts with different currencies. Then it will be trully awesome.

    • Jesse

      That will likely require that we have the ability to have multiple budgets within one file.

  3. Malisa

    Excellent! Hope it’s going to work in scheduled transactions as well.

  4. Chris

    I’m really grateful for all the great things YNAB does for me, not only in tracking expenditures and helping plan and manage my spending, but also in helping me stay focused on the “Rules”.

    I’m also grateful for all the regular improvements and updates. It helps me be more comfortable with the original pricetag on the software.

    Something that’s important for me:

    I really do need the ability support 2 currencies in my YNAB records, since I get paid in USD but by day to day living is in CAD.
    It’s a real pain to constantly have to create adjusting entries to account for currency exchange differences when transferring funds between accounts which hold funds in the different currencies (which happens at least weekly), and if I don’t do it all my reports get messed up too. :(

    Hopefully this will make it onto the roadmap.

    Thanks again for all the regular updates, and Welcome Ian !!!


  5. F

    Hey Jesse, I don’t see this feature in the new update. Do you know when this feature of totalling selected transactions will become available?! I was looking forward to it!!

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