Heading into 2011 CONFIDENT About Money

We received this email from Elizabeth and it was too great not to share!

YNAB has totally changed my life! Budgeting and money management used to reduce me to tears and cause me and my husband to argue. Not any more! We’ve been able to build up a healthy buffer and pay down some debts as well as start to plan for larger expenditures like a new mattress and new computers. Going into the new year I feel confident about money in a way I never have before in my LIFE. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Best wishes for 2011, and keep doing what you all do so very well.

2 Responses to “Heading into 2011 CONFIDENT About Money”

  1. Andrea

    Money is a stumbling block for so many of us – and to achieve any sense of success with money and budgeting is so astounding that it often paves the way for further success in other areas of life – better health, better goal-setting, just an overall increased sense of confidence and can-do. I wish this outcome for all of us who use YNAB and from all of us at YNAB. Happy 2011!

  2. Michael

    This may sound like an odd issue – I am totally bought into
    the YNAB month ahead approach. I have the software and I follow the
    four rules. However, my wife has no interest in this approach. For
    her, it only makes sense to have a paycheck come in and say….this
    could be used for x. That is, she has a paycheck to paycheck
    mentality. Now, this isn’t a problem functionally because I got the
    budget to a place where we are a month ahead whether she likes to
    think that way or not. It’s just a communication issue (I
    say…this is money to be allocated towards x next month. She
    replies, “I can’t think of it that way”). Any thoughts? Should I
    just ignore that we are operating mentally from two different
    paradigms as longs as I am overseeing that we are a month ahead?

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