Our iPhone app update was just approved!

Our iPhone app update (1.1) was just approved by Apple, and will be available on your phone within the next 24 hours. This is good news for a few reasons. First of all, it fixes a bug that was caused by the new iPhone OS that I mentioned in an earlier post. So, definitely get this app update as soon as possible so that your iPhone app continues to work well when iOS 4 is released by Apple on Monday.

Most importantly however, it adds a number of new features that I think you’ll really enjoy:

  • An unlock code to prevent anyone from accessing the app on your phone unless they know your code. (It’s optional if you don’t want it)
  • Streamlined syncing: The sync passcode stays the same between runs, and the next version of YNAB for desktop remembers your passcode between runs as well. This means that 95% of the time, nothing has to change, and you can just hit “Sync now”. The app also lays some groundwork to make it discoverable by a new version of YNAB so you don’t have to type the IP address. I have the prototype for that code running on my machine, but it will be a while before it’s released since it relies on AIR 2.0, and we still need to figure out our AIR 2 upgrade story.
  • Transfers – you can now create transfers on the iPhone
  • Flags – You can flag transactions as you enter them now


5 Responses to “Our iPhone app update was just approved!”

  1. Jason Geris

    Hi, I purchased your YNAB software a couple of years ago, forgot about it for a while, but want to dive head first into starting over again. I now have a Palm Pre and was wondering if you have now or maybe in the future will have an App for Palm phones or maybe Android (which will be my next smart phone) OS’s. Please let me know. I didn’t see hide nor hair of it in your forums. Thanks, and love your product.

  2. Taylor (YNAB developer)

    Hi Jason,

    We are indeed going to develop an Android app. We’re still in the early stages, but we’ll have more to announce later!

  3. Lyne


    I have updated the iphone YNAB app just a few weeks ago (nov.2011) and since, I am unable to sync the app to my laptop file. I have the iphone 3g. I have tried creating an adhoc network as mentioned in your help file but somehow, my iphone tells me that it cannot connect to the network… Do you have anything else to suggest. I have also de-activated my antivirus while I tried to sync the files.

    thank you, Lyne

  4. Lyne

    OH, and also, I have tried to sync on a different wi-fi signal and it still doesn’t work… Lyne

  5. Angela

    Hi Lyne,

    Sorry you’re experiencing problems since the update! If you contact us at support@youneedabudget.com we’d be happy to help get you up and running again :)

    YNAB Customer Support

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