Small Businesses that Would Benefit in a Big Way by Using YNAB

Just a short list I threw together based on applicants to my Small Business Initiative:

IT consultant
graphic designer
personal trainer
CAD drafting
internet marketer
financial adviser
web developer
search engine optimization consultant
educational therapy
web hosting
avon representative (or any other similar situation such as Nuskin, Noni, Amway…)
physical therapist
security consultant
database administrator
business coaching
software developer
patent consultant
voice coach
life coach
jewelry distributor
piano teacher
pilates/yoga instructor

This list is by no means exhaustive. Could you implement YNAB’s powerful principles into your business? Do you find 90% of your current bookkeeping software’s functionality lying dormant because you just need “something simple?”

7 Responses to “Small Businesses that Would Benefit in a Big Way by Using YNAB”

  1. Ramsey Stoneburner

    Wow Jesse, you’ve got a great list going here! I bet you have a ton of applicants and it will be hard to wean them down! Crossing my fingers that I can help you help others by learning together! ;-)

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    […] “simple” business process (you provide a service, people pay you) I wrote a post about YNAB for small business a while back, and you may want to refer to that as […]

  3. Jonathan Jenkins

    I’ve recently started a Limited Company in the UK with a business partner – just the 2 of us in the company. We’re involved with publishing and web design and promotion. I’ve been trying the Quickbooks Online system, but wondering if yours would be a good option. We expect to receive most payments via 2 or 3 different Paypal accounts, as well as normal cheques into the bank account.

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