Announcing the YNAB Podcast

Subscribe to the YNAB Podcast in iTunes or enter the YNAB Podcast’s RSS feed into your favorite podcast software.

This is going to be fun!

8 Responses to “Announcing the YNAB Podcast”

  1. Doug

    Nice job on the Podcasts Jesse; I listened to all three on the way into work this morning (I have an hour commute each way). Speaking for myself, I’ll look forward to the new episodes each week…

  2. Chris R.

    Great work, Jesse! I listened to all three available podcasts on my way into work this morning and, as a former radio producer, I have to say you really nailed it. You’re a natural. I was bracing myself for something dry and over-produced, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Keep it up!

    • Jesse

      Well Chris, I think I have a lot of room for improvement. I may ping you yet for some advice. Or, if you have some already, please let me know!

  3. Dean

    When I try to subscribe to the podcast through the RSS feed I’m sent to a page with about three inches of text I’m not smart enough to understand. :) Do I really paste ALL of that in the box when I go to subscribe in Google Reader? Thanks for the help. If the podcast is as good as everything else you do here then it’s gonna be great!

  4. Andrea

    I don’t understand how to add the podcast to my Android device. I downloaded “Google Listen” but I don’t get the podcast when I search for YNAB. I don’t know how to add the feed to the app.

  5. Eric

    I listened to the third one first and now none of them will play. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. just click on play and nothing happens.

    Yeah, @Andrea, that’d be awesome to be able to hear them on my Android. … For us non-iPhone users.

  6. bob

    Not able to get to the podcasts either (don’t use iTunes and won’t download it for anything). Can’t you just post a podcast page to access them directly?

    Thanks. Have a great day!


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