Are You a Gifted Teacher? We'd Like to Hire You to Teach YNAB.

We’d like you to help us teach people about YNAB! We are looking for an additional teacher to help teach our live online classes.

You’re qualified if:

- You love teaching and helping people learn. You enjoy breaking down complicated problems so people who are struggling can easily understand them.

- Not only do you love teaching, but you have a background in education, and preferably you’re a trained or certified teacher. It’s a bonus if you’ve had experience teaching online, but not a deal breaker if you haven’t.

- You use YNAB. You love YNAB. You’re a YNAB success story. If YNAB sold t-shirts, you’d have one.

- You enjoy collaborating with other educators. You give constructive feedback and gladly receive it to improve your own skills.

- You know your way around a computer. Since you’ll be teaching online, you’ll need to understand how to navigate and access information from different programs behind the scenes.

- You can multi-task (mentally, and with the computer). You don’t mind being put on the spot. Teaching a live online class requires running a web conference, teaching, keeping an eye on attentiveness, the clock, questions rolling in, etc.—all at the same time. You’ll need to be quick on your feet and have fun doing it!

- You can work from home (or anywhere), with a fast, broadband connection.

- You’re available to teach some evenings and some weekends. That’s when our customers are most available to attend classes.

- You can show empathy.

- You’re friendly, courteous, kind, cheerful, creative, flexible and passionate (did we mention being passionate about teaching and about YNAB?).

How to Apply

Please include a cover letter that explains:

Why do you want to help teach people about YNAB?

  1. Tell us about your experience as a teacher.
  2. Tell us about a great teacher you’ve had and what made him or her so great.

Also, we’d like to see you teach! Please create three screencast videos demonstrating how you would use YNAB 3 to answer each of these questions.

  1. Why doesn’t my available to budget number match my checking account balance?
  2. How do I handle savings in YNAB? I’m afraid I’ll spend that money on groceries so I don’t really want it in my budget. What should I do?
  3. Can I fill out the budget even though my checks haven’t arrived yet? I’d rather budget for the whole month at once.
  4. Please use jing to create your recordings, which is a free download.

    Please send your application to and include the phrase “Teaching Position” in the subject line. If it doesn’t have that phrase, we won’t see it, and won’t be able to read it :(

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Jesse is the founder of When he’s not speaking on, writing about, fine-tuning software for, or doing his own budgeting, he enjoys playing the piano, working in the garden, CrossFit, marksmanship, and honing his golf swing. Jesse graduated from Brigham Young University with a Masters of Accountancy degree. Immediately after he obtained his CPA license, he let it lapse so he could work on "You Need A Budget" full-time. Jesse lives in Utah, is married to Julie, and has five children. You can conect with Jesse on Google+ here.

9 thoughts on “Are You a Gifted Teacher? We'd Like to Hire You to Teach YNAB.

  1. Hi Vince!

    Whoever we hire will need to be trained, and that will likely require more hours at the start up – perhaps between 10 – 15 for a few weeks.

    After that, the hours will vary, but I would guess they would be no more than 10 hours a week. We’d like the new teacher to be available a few evenings a week and possibly Sunday afternoon/evening as well.

  2. WOW! I am super excited about this opportunity. I am a budget junkie and often teach budgeting classes in my community and demonstrate YNAB as a budget tool (selling some of your software in the process)! Can’t wait to apply

  3. I am so excited! Just submitted my application and screencasts. I am going to donate a copy of the YNAB book to my local library.

    I want to start teaching this in my community. Are there any legal restrictions on using YNAB and teaching its methodology in a budgeting class?

    Jesse and your entire CREW….YOU ROCK!

  4. Are you still accepting applications for this position? I would like for my wife and I to apply, but it appears that this thread has not seen any activity in a while.

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