New Podcast Episode #004 – Lavish Spending

Today we discuss lavish spending. And why that’s okay.

Spurred on originally by this question to YNABers on Facebook.

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(Update: people requested pics of the weight room, so I posted them. You’ll see what I’m talking about when you listen to the podcast!)

5 Responses to “New Podcast Episode #004 – Lavish Spending”

  1. supenguin

    I love this question – what do you spend lavishly on – because my answer makes most people say “That’s cool” or “That’s weird.”

    I’m into fountain pens and planners. Think a Pilot Vanishing Point pen, Moleskine notebook, and at first Franklin Covey and later Levenger Circa notebook with a calendar in it.

    I’m also into gadgets being a computer geek that is inevitable, I think. Looking to upgrade my 2nd generation iPod Touch to the latest.

    Also on the list – leaving the kids at the babysitters and eating out some place nice with my wife every once in a while.

  2. supenguin

    And please share if you find out the kind of chips Ramit (hope I am spelling his name right) paid $9 for and thought they’d be worth $20. I want to try them!

  3. Ted

    Is there any way we might get access to the webinar –if it was recorded– that Ramit did on earning money on the side? Or possibly the 2 of you could reprise the topic for us? Many thanks!

    • jesse

      Hi Ted,
      Sorry! Unfortunately we don’t have access to the recording.

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