Podcast Episode #5 – Freelancing, a Move, and a Drop in Income (and it's okay!)

Podcast #5 is up! It’s our first “success story” interview, and I’m excited to put more of these out there. I talked with Brian, who’s a freelance video editor, now making good things happen with YNAB.

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2 Responses to “Podcast Episode #5 – Freelancing, a Move, and a Drop in Income (and it's okay!)”

  1. rdubuk

    Listening to the podcast…I feel that everyone seems to overlook the best part of YNAB. In my opinion, the best feature of YNAB is the manner in which the balances from month to month carry over to the next. It is very dynamic way of budgeting. Something I guess that I could have setup in excel when I was doing this manually, but never had the time / patience to do. I think it could even be expanded… for example, say you have an annual bill and it is due next November, If you could put it the full bill amount in the Nov 2012, and it would automatically divide and backfill the amount to the current date. I do this manually today, by calculating the # of months / amount, and back fill the monthly amount to the current date, so that I am saving until I reach the due date.
    anyway, great product, keep up the motivational podcasts / classes to keep people on track.

  2. Eric

    I enjoyed listening to this and am looking forward to more, success stories and podcasts in general. This is cool!

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