Podcast Episode #6 – The Budget and Slow Suffocation

One of the more embarrassing moments of my teenage years taught me a great lesson about budgeting, breathing, and the crushing effects of five pounds.

Subscribers on iTunes probably already caught this. If you just want the direct download, you can grab the mp3.

5 Responses to “Podcast Episode #6 – The Budget and Slow Suffocation”

  1. Ryan

    Hilarious story Jesse – thanks for giving me a laugh on Monday morning!

  2. jessie


    Thank you for the podcasts. I’ve caught up on all of them so far and you’re doing a great job. Keep ‘em coming.

  3. Jeff


    I really enjoyed the podcasts. Thanks for providing a fantastic product and especially all the great support.

  4. Adolfo


    YNAB is a great program and the 4 rules sets YNAB apart from the “competition.” The 4 rules are so obvious and simple that we either fail to realize them or we were never taught them. Thank you for YNAB and for teaching me the obvious. It has helped me help myself and changed my life for the better.


    • jesse

      Thank you for the kind words Adolfo! We’ll keep plugging along over here, and try and reach more people to do the same!

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