YNAB 4: Mobile App Status for iPhone & Android

5:06 PM MDT July 4 >> The Lite version has moved to “In Review”

3:07 PM MDT, July 3 >> Forgot to update here that I wrote a fresh post on our status.

10:23 PM MDT, June 30th >> Still “Waiting for Review” for the iPhone and iPhone Lite version.

10:15 AM MDT, June 29th >> Still no word from Apple.  We’re really sorry about this. We should have probably pushed off the whole YNAB 4 launch until we had the app approve and in hand

The Android version received an update last night to fix a few stability issues we found surrounding setting up for Cloud Sync. So far that build seems to be looking pretty good! We are excited to start working feature parity for Android :)

8:45 AM MDT, June 28th >> I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry. Taylor’s writing some desktop code to hopefully make the transition from having the current iPhone app with lots of unsynced transactions a seamless one when you DO finally get to use YNAB 4 with the new iPhone app. Still no word from Apple. Not even “in review” yet.

In other, better news, Android’s been in the wild for about 12 hours and is behaving fairly well. We noticed an issue with users running 2.1 and we hope to get that fix pushed out today.

3:28 PM MDT, June 27th >> Still no word from Apple. *sigh* However, on the Android front, we just hit “Publish” so it should be getting put in to Google Play any moment now… if you like the changes, please do leave a great review! (If you have something bad happen, please let us fix it before you leave your review ;))

10:45 AM MDT, June 27th >> We submitted some videos of us demoing Cloud Sync to Apple. We’re now back “Waiting for Review”. It didn’t require us submit a new binary, which means we did not go to the back of the line.

With Android, we tested it late last night and ran into another show-stopping bug. We hope to have it fixed today, and to get it published. We are sorry for the delay and should have done a better job anticipating these last-minute delays.

9:24 PM MDT, June 26th >> iPhone: the Lite app was rejected. They’re asking us to send a video demoing how it works with YNAB. Wish they would have attended the webinar…

We found some more showstoppers with Android. The push will definitely not happen today.

7:34 PM MDT, June 26th >> iPhone: the Lite app is now “In Review”! The main app was rejected because we had copy in our description saying we would give a moneyback guarantee. That copy has now been removed and it’s back “Waiting for Review.” We contacted Apple to ask if that sent us to the back of the line (Please no…) and haven’t heard back yet. We’re hoping it didn’t.

For Android, I’m just about to test a build that should hopefully fix the issues we experienced with our test release last night.

9:12 AM MDT, June 26th >> iPhone: no word yet. Still “Waiting for Review”. We did a small test launch last night and found a showstopper for the Android. A fix will take several hours, and we’ll hopefully release it before the end of today.  We’re sorry these mobile platforms are giving us a bit of a snag, but we’ll get things right and in your hands as soon as possible (or able, considering the iPhone situation).

We are about 14-15 hours away from switching the site over for YNAB 4 to be unleashed to the world.

And Apple still has not reviewed YNAB for iPhone v. 2.  This version is waiting for approval and is the one that will let you use Cloud Sync with YNAB 4.  The version that’s currently in the App Store, that you probably already have installed on your iPhone, will not work with YNAB 4. Not even wi-fi syncing.

Let me repeat that: your current version of the iPhone app will not work with YNAB 4.

YNAB 4 will Cloud Sync great with other desktops, and with the updated Android app. (Update: We’ll be publishing the Android update soon)

We will let you know as soon as the iPhone app is available.

We are hoping and praying that Apple will approve us here soon. We’ve been in the queue for longer than what they say is normally required to pass their inspection.

As soon as your iPhone app is upgraded, it will connect with any budgets that you set up as part of working with the brand new YNAB 4.

We’ll update this post, and will also be posting to our Facebook page and Twitter feed to let you know that status of things. Heck, we’ll probably send out another email blast if that’s what it takes.

We’re sad and sorry you can’t watch the magic happen with your iPhone app and Cloud Sync just yet.

441 Responses to “YNAB 4: Mobile App Status for iPhone & Android”

  1. Andreas

    Do you have any kind of sign-up process or direct-link to Dropbox (to create an account or similar) inside the app? Then you might be looking at a rejection, since that’s regarded as trying to circumvent Apple’s 30% rule on subscription-services. The trick is to allow signing into Dropbox but not providing links to their site.

    • jesse

      We don’t have any type of sign-up push inside the app. It goes right to a dropbox auth screen, where Dropbox purposely made it to where there’s no sign up. Apple, how do I love thee..let me count the ways… :)

      • Paul

        This is why I hate Apple. I don’t know why people decide to put up with all their garbage will only getting a slighty better product.

  2. Orlando Barrowes

    Understood. I’m still excited. Hopefully not a lot of people will be thrown off by the timing.

    Is Y4 releasing at midnight or what? I just happened to be up.

  3. Orlando Barrowes

    Oh. I was about to install a preview build of Windows 8.
    Any reason I shouldn’t if I want to work with YNAB 4?

  4. Michael

    Still up here in Germany and waiting for the launch :)

  5. Florian

    I love how you have been ramping up the new release – I mean, building up excitement for a BUDGETING software!!!
    Don’t let the stupid Apple blackbox wear down the fact that the pre-release campaign has been working very well, and your solid userbase (fanbase!) is growing by the minute. Some things you just cannot control.

    But the desktop version on the other hand – where is it already? *reloading website* *reloading website* …. :-)

  6. Natasha Kingston

    Oh, Apple. Y u no approve app? They always seem to drag their feet on apps that should be let through immediately, and then the sketchy ones that are just ripoffs of other apps sail through fine. Grr. >:(

  7. nsumner

    What about YNAB for Android on the Amazon App Store? Has it been submitted yet?

    • jesse

      It will be submitted, but won’t be the first stop. The first stop will be on Google Play.

      • Jeff

        Jesse, have you ever considered making the app available outside of any app store as well? I would have to imagine that most existing users of YNAB for the desktop who also have Android phones would find out about the mobile app from this website, not the app store. Then you could avoid having to pay the 30% fee.

      • jesse

        Honestly, the thought never crossed my mind…

      • Jerry

        Yeah, anyone who has enabled sideloading on their Android can simply install the .apk file you could provide here.

      • WK

        Now it has. Don’t let us* down!
        Your friend,
        *tech savvy Android user(s)

      • Spencer

        Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. A lot of people side load programs these days. You’d not only save the 30% but wouldn’t have to wait around for reviews.

      • Andres Riofrio

        They would need to think a bit more about it, though. What about updates? What about licensing?

      • Jen

        Is there an ETA when the Android app will be available on Amazon app store? Sadly, I *accidentally* purchased the YNAB Android app from the Amazon app store instead of Google Play, so I’m stuck waiting until Amazon app store has it available.

      • jesse

        Within the week we should have it available there. Amazon just requires us to do some tweaking so their licensing all still works. Hopefully their approval process won’t be as long as Apple’s :)

      • Alfred

        hey Jessie any word on putting ynab on the kindle fire

      • Joshua


        I first must say that I just recently made the leap to YNAB and I am very grateful for your 6 month policy on renewals – I have told everyone that I know – Thank you and Applause.

        It also blows my mind how you and the TEAM are on here responding to comments, taking advice, giving advice, etc – Amazing!!!

        …. I’m also waiting on the Amazon update:)

      • jesse

        Thanks Joshua,
        As far as amazon goes, we’re letting the Android version on Google Play cook a bit, seeing if any other issues jump out. Once it’s looking good, we’ll branch for an amazon build! (Amazon’s market vs. Google Play is much tinier, so we try and get the bulk of our work done on Play first before taking the time to mess with the amazon licensing scheme they have.)

  8. Thorrrr

    Sydney, Australia (my hometown) – 2:00 am on Wednesday 27 June (so Aussies you will have to wait up or set the alarm)

    New Zealand – 4:00 am (27 June)

    United Kingdom – 5:00 pm

    Central Europe – 6:00 pm

    China and Philippines – 00:00 (27 June) ***a midnight party for you Grace :)

    Japan – 1:00 am (27 June)

    India – 9:30 pm

    South Africa – 6:00 pm

    USA and South America – I think you guys can convert from Mountain Daylight Time. Basically some time between breakfast and lunch on Tuesday 26 June.

  9. Roeloff



  10. Lauren

    I think we all understand and know you will have it to us ASAP! Very excited for YNAB 4!

  11. Liz

    Yes, please don’t dispair if Apple does not approve the app in time. We love you guys and we know it is beyond your control. I know that my husband and I are just excited to get our hands on the new software and will need a few days to tweak the framework of our budget before going live with it on July 1. I hope you guys have an awesome YNAB 4 release celebration planned, and if you do, I hope this Apple stuff does not dampen your celebration. Please don’t let it. You guys did a great job and you deserve to CELEBRATE!!!!!

  12. Mike M.

    I for one could care less about the iPhone App. I despise Apple…but enough negativity because I love YNAB, so when is the actual TIME of the launch. Our poor eastern hemisphere friends have been tormenting for hours now as they have been on Tuesday for some time now. And now I cannot do any work waiting…so seriously what time are we talking. Based on your post time are we talking like 5:00 PM EST?

  13. Andy

    Boy, am I glad I don’t have an iPhone! I love being able to decide what software I want to install on my phone instead of having my hardware manufacturer make that decision for me.

    • Andy

      It’s worth the wait, you’re missing out. :)

  14. Jon

    How about android? Will YNAB 4 work on the current version of the Android app?

    • jesse

      The current version of Android won’t work with YNAB 4, but we have much more control over when that goes out (hopefully later today!)

  15. N8

    I’m personally STOKED about cloud sync, even though I’ve been using a modified version with some scp scripts etc. I’m sure the vast majority of us are aware of the bureaucracy involved with monoliths such as Apple. Don’t fret – we will wait patiently until we’re able to use YNAB 4 on our iPhone’s.

    Thanks again for putting out such a great product, I tip my hat to all of you!

  16. Jeremy

    Just got up and excited to download YNAB 4 what time will it be ready for us. I’m very excited!

  17. Caleb

    Let’s say for some reason Apple doesn’t approve the App. Then what…do we all get a refund on our money if we purchase the upgraded YNAB 4?

    • jesse

      That would be the course of action I would take, yes. If they don’t approve it, hopefully they have a reason, and then we submit our fix and get things moving along. We honestly don’t have a reason to think they would reject it. It’s just taking longer than usual.

      • Lynne

        I do have an iPhone and iPad and have the current app installed on both, so I will be completely gutted if Apple don’t approve the newer version, it will stop me from being able to get YNAB 4 cos I use the mobile apps all the time so this will be a deal breaker for me :-(

        Is there anyone I can direct my concerns to at Apple please Jesse? Would it help at all, I mean? I’m from Australia by the way and I am not at all impressed with Apple over this at the moment but I don’t own an android so really hope this gets sorted with them soon.

  18. Will

    Isn’t Apple rejecting any apps that uses DropBox now since it competes with iCloud?

    • jesse

      That issue was resolved a few weeks ago. They just didn’t want people being pushed to Dropbox to sign up, from within the app.

  19. Jerimiah Young

    Can’t wait… Reminds me of Christmas Eve as a child.

  20. Anthony

    Looks like 5-6pm their time… where ever their time zone is. ;) Uh… can’t wait. ;)

    • jesse

      It’s getting some final touches today. We’re hoping to push it out today, though not right in sync (no pun intended) with the launch of the desktop. We thought we’d get there with it, and then ran into a small showstopper last night that made us put the brakes on for a few more hours :)

      • Kendra Wilmot

        Sounds good to me. Im excited! Thanks to you and your team for all that you do to stay current and responsive to our money management’s needs.

      • Josh Tollefson

        Oh, the joys of software development! Congratulations on your latest release! May all of your requirements make it to implementation and your bugs on implementation be few. =)

        Will the update come down from Adobe Air or will it be a separate distribution?

      • Josh Tollefson

        I’m sorry, I see that you were talking about the Android App not the desktop version.

      • jesse

        Separate distribution (we use our own upgrader, and run AIR in a captive runtime).

      • Hal Goldstein

        I decided not to upgrade until the android app is also reliesed. I want the desk top version and the android version together!!!!!!

  21. Blkbry

    I’m soooo excited to see the new upgrade! Alberta’s ready and waiting.

  22. Scott

    I just downloaded the trai version of your software and was going to purchase the iphone app when I happened upon your Apple delay issue. Still planning on going with you, but would love an email when Apple gives the go ahead.

    • jesse

      We’ll definitely be sending out a notice.

  23. Jordan

    So the app will not be released at “Brunch” like you said on the webinar?

  24. Blkbry

    So Jesse, all your doing is waiting for the iPhone/Android approval before you’ll wonderfully release the desktop upgrade?

    • jesse

      Nah, we’re plowing ahead with the YNAB 4 launch. Don’t want to delay it just b/c the mobile apps are a bit behind.

  25. JJLC

    Thanks for keeping us all up-to-date Jesse! Timing the release of two mobile apps and a new version of the desktop software can’t be easy. It’s unfortunate that such a big release is hampered somewhat by something you cannot control. On the bright side, a slight delay may create some order to the upgrade process.

    For example:
    1. Install YNAB4
    2. Upgrade data from YNAB3 to YNAB4
    3. Setup cloud sync with Dropbox
    4. When Android app hits the Play Store upgrade and setup cloud sync
    5. When iOS app hits the App store upgrade and setup cloud sync
    * Note – this is not to suggest, in anyway, that this is an “official way” to upgrade it is just my planned current course of action given the information available.

    • jesse

      Well, that could be official. Well said :) Hopefully that’s the silver lining we’re needing!

      • Mark Sentell

        I would add a step in there:

        3b) Use this pause as an opportunity to clean up categories, review spending priorities, try importing online banking files, or other ‘someday’ items that have been lingering.

      • JJLC

        Thanks Jesse! Well, I’m currently on Step 4 and I’m loving the speed of the sync. Just waiting to complete Step 5, although, I’m sure I’m no where near as anxiousness as you are to get the YNAB lite and YNAB (Pro) versions available for iOS devices. Fingers crossed for both of us that it will be soon!

      • Tom

        Is new Android app available on Google Play yet?

      • JJLC

        Yes. I upgraded my YNAB Android app yesterday and it’s been working perfectly since.

      • Hal Goldstein

        I was a big Quicken perso. I have been using quicken since the 90’s. My wife can noy believe I switched to ynab3; but now ynab on my pc along with the anroid and the cloud,
        constantly updating the budget; This is the best financial software on the market!!!!!!

  26. Mark DeNio

    I downloaded the Android app last night but keep getting “A full import is required.” Is that the showstopper you’re referring to? If not, how would I do a full import as there is no help in the app?

    • Jason

      Without stepping on anyone’s toes… yes. I believe you would be best served by sending an e-mail to support@youneedabudget.com, and having patience. I can only imagine how hard they are scrambling to have their efforts shine for the world.

      • Mark DeNio

        No worries. I have lots of patience on hand. I am well pleased with what I’ve seen so far so little glitches I can deal with. Thanks Jason.

    • taylor

      That is indeed the issue. It happens if you turn on cloud sync in the app before you turn on cloud sync in the desktop, this can happen. Try turning on cloud sync in YNAB 4 for your budget. THEN go back and restart the Android app and try to set up cloud sync. If that doesn’t work, please contact us at support. http://www.youneedabudget.com/support/contact

  27. Bob

    Waiting for the desktop launch by the minute!! Are we close?

  28. Andrew Ash

    Your communication has been excellent throughout this past week, and I bet it’s done a lot to get people stoked. I expect it’ll translate to more sales for you, as well. Best of luck to your whole team on this launch!! Very impressive effort!

  29. Thomas

    Hey Folks…

    It’s just budgeting software, not the iPhone 5!….


    • John Philips

      Well, this budgeting software will help me save money for the iPhone 5.

      see what i did there… :P

  30. Isaac

    I’ll be upgrading to v4 the moment the iPhone app is available. Thanks for all the heads up. Sorry Apple is screwing up your day. :)

  31. James

    So far, I am really digging the new layout – the colors especially are easy on the eyes. Love, love, LOVE the reports. Thanks for all the great work. I haven’t pulled the trigger on the android app yet but will definitely be interested in it now.

  32. Derek

    My wife and I both use YNAB: she is on a Macbook Pro and I am on Windows 7. Should we hold off to upgrade or is YNAB v.4 available on both?

    Thanks Jesse!

  33. Bob Bucy

    Hang in there Jesse. The iPhone delay is a temporary setback, and I can hang in there a few days longer with YNAB3. I do want to say that I am blown away by you all’s level of preparation on this release, with the coordination of the updated web site and all of the documentation and support. And the webinar last night was excellent. I’m looking forward to the new version and wish all the best to the YNAB team.

    • jesse

      Thanks Bob! We recognized that snags were bound to happen — did our best to foresee :)

      • Brian

        Even if it’s just the desktop upgrade (which is awesome by the way!) for now, it’s still the best option available for budgeting on the market today hands down. Thanks for all you do Jesse. It’s truly life changing!

  34. David

    Erm, what exactly is the ‘showstopper’ problem on the Android app?

    I’m using it and it seems to be working fine. What am I missing? Should I not be using it? Will I lose all my budgets? Could it delete the internet!?

    Seriously though, should I not be using cloud sync yet?

    • Jason

      If you updated the Andoid app AND attempted cloud sync before updating the desktop version, you found the showstopper.

      • David

        Oh, I see. I think.

        So if you’ve updated both (which I have) then sync works fine. It seems to be working fine, anyway.

      • George

        Same with me David, got the Android app update (v, upgraded YNAB4 desktop, enabled cloud sync (1st on desktop then android) and everything is working fine. Excellent in fact. The syncing works awesomely. Good job, Jesse & co!

  35. Jay

    The YNAB app is completely missing from the APP store in iTunes. Maybe that means they are placing the update in?

    • jesse

      Unfortunately it means that we didn’t want people grabbing the old version thinking it would work with YNAB 4 :)

  36. Mike M.

    Woo hoo. Quick question though. I actually just downloaded the previous version trial last week. I have not fully decided to buy yet as I had not had a chance to see it fully in action yet (but more than likely will purchase of course). How can I pull in the info from the previous version or do I simply install the new version trial and have it pull everything over? Or what is the best practice here? Thanks.

    • N8


      The ‘upgrade’ is seemless – YNAB uses an XML file to store your data after you install YNAB 4 it will automatically find your current budget and get you off and running. It really couldn’t be any easier for the end user!

  37. mark

    Confused…can you upgrade right from ynab 3 or do you download from your site?

  38. Mika Salakka

    I just purchased the YNAB iPhone app a few days ago. I thought it was going to support YNAB4’s cloud sync. Will I have to purchase the new iPhone app separately?

    • jesse

      Heavens no. You’ll get the latest upgrade free (everyone does). It’s just that we’re still waiting on Apple to approve it.

  39. lammypie

    Have you considered adding a notice to the ‘Check for updates’ on YNAB 3 to alert people to YNAB 4. I just tested, and it simply says no updates available (don’t worry I’ve got v4 from your website). I just think you may be missing an opportunity here.

    • jesse

      We’ll be pushing out an in-app notification inside YNAB 3. As soon as the dust settles a bit :)

  40. Janene

    Hey Jesse,

    When will you have YNAB for the iPad?
    That would be awesome!

    • jesse

      It’s our next big focus. Letting the dust settle with 4 first :)

  41. Ron

    Excited to see the new ynab4 &, wanted to say I am very impressed with your communications through this procees. Blown away with the transparency. You are serving your business well!

  42. Dan McKeown


    Just a heads up and probably overlooked by the QA peeps. When you go to install the program it comes up and says “This will install YNAB 4 Version 4.0.897 on your computer.

    Important: If YNAB 4 is running, please close it before continuing.

    Should it not say “if YNAB 3 is running” .. ? :)

    • jesse

      Actually you can run YNAB 3 at the same time :) That was probably more a message for when you’re installing 4.1 :)

  43. Ron

    You and your team are kinda like Rock Stars today. Cool.

  44. Dale King

    May not really be true, but my experience is that if you make sure that word crash appears somewhere in the description of what’s new it gets processed faster by Apple.


  45. Mark B

    I attended the introductory webinar last night. You guys went above and beyond my expectations with cloud sync! The two-way sync and the fact that simultaneous changes can be made seamlessly without having to reconcile conflicts in dropbox is amazing! I didn’t really think YNAB 3 needed any polishing or additional features beyond cloud sync but you guys got me jazzed about all the other changes too. Thank you and the entire YNAB team for all your hard work on an application that has literally change my life for the better!

    P.S. I noticed Erin had to do some of the iPhone demo off screen. You might want to consider using an app called Display Recorder in the future should you wish to demo within the webinar next time. It’s an iPhone screen recorder and not a real time screen sharing tool so it wouldn’t have worked well for the cloud sync demo but it might come in handy for training on other features in the future.

    P.S.S. Special shout out to Erin who is an awesome instructor!

    • jesse

      That screen recorder idea is a great idea. We may have to try that in future webinars!

  46. Jennifer A

    So if I update my desktop software and budgets to YNAB 4 will that render my app (iPhone) useless until the update comes through? I want to update but I’m worried about not having mobile access to my budget in case the app is delayed for very long.

    • jesse

      Jennifer, in short, yes it will. If you’re at all concerned about being on the fringe of our tech for a bit, you could simply poke around YNAB 4, but keep your YNAB 3 up to date until you are ready to make the switch. Correction: until WE are ready for you to make the switch…

      • Jennifer A

        Thanks! I shall cross my fingers that Apple gets their you-know-what together soon (my computer and I part ways for a week on Saturday).

        In the meantime, I’ve downloaded and started to play with 4, but will do all my real work in 3 until the app updates.

      • Rob


        A follow-up question… If I start using YNAB 4 at home, and my wife and I continue to input transactions on our iPhones, when the iPhone app updates and we enable could sync will the new transactions show up on the desktop or not be recognized as new? Great work on the software, it looks great and I can’t wait to use it after work!

      • jesse

        Hi Rob, great question. You’d want to do a single wi-fi sync between phone and YNAB 4 and then switch your phones over to Cloud Syncing going forward. Just to play it safe.

      • Rob

        Thanks for the reply. I hope people see you active in forums like this so they know that the support truly is “awesome” as described on the purchase page!

      • Robert

        to clarify… YNAB 4 still supports WIFI sync?

  47. jesse_ohio

    I was having an issue getting Android cloud sync to work when using the latest updated version, but I finally figured it out… I had created a new, scratch budget on YNAB 4 desktop, then tried to do cloud sync on Android, and kept getting an error “gen1″. But after I imported my old budget into YNAB 4, then retried cloud syncing, it worked and saw both my old and new budgets.

    • Mark DeNio

      I’m still getting the gen1 error on the app (downloaded it last night). I can wi-fi sync to YNAB 4 on the desktop but not cloud sync.

      • Mark DeNio

        Done. Thanks Jesse. It’s probably related to my hitting the first Android showstopper, where I updated the Android app before YNAB 4 was released.

      • Hal Goldstein

        I am so happy i have ynab 4 for both laptop and android now! I am also taking ynab online class! I am putting my financials in order! Thank You……

      • Mark DeNio

        Fixed it! I went into Settings>Manage Applications>Clear Data then Uninstall. Reinstalled YNAB from the Market, re-linked to Dropbox and everything works now. Awesome!

      • Mark DeNio

        I should clarify I went into the phone settings, not YNAB.

  48. Pat

    Purchased ynab 4, still waiting for the email for download. Must be everyone is getting it! :)

    • jesse

      Our order processor has been a bit bogged down. I believe it’s started gaining back some ground though.

      • Alison

        I am waiting patiently too :) I can’t wait to see it!

  49. Conrad

    The YNAB app obviously has been removed from the Belgian iTunes Store (though it previously was available). How to proceed? I have purchased YNAB 4 because of the Dropbox syncing.

    • jesse

      We are in a holding pattern Conrad. The next time you see YNAB available on the app store, it will be the NEW version 2 that supports Cloud Sync (and is backward-compatible with YNAB 3). We are waiting for good news from Apple any. day. now.

  50. Orlando

    I just opened up YNAB 4.
    Gotta say, I love the color and the look so far. I kind of dig the blue, and think the colors overall are a welcome update.

    So, good job, design team.

  51. Steve

    Just curious on the new Android app version. Will this one support multiple budgets (one personal / one home business)? Besides a split transactions feature that I know is still in the works, being able to carry around BOTH budgets is my #1 feature request but haven’t heard if that feature made this release. :-)

    • jesse

      It won’t out of the gate, but it’s a feature we’d like to get in there (you could do it with 2.0, but it would require you to do the initial “registration” sync, which takes a bit of time (vs the normal ongoing sync that you don’t even notice).

      • Mark

        oh the ability to manage multiple budgets would be amazing!

  52. Matt

    I’m using a MacBook Pro (10.7.4), but the app just crashes immediately after opening — I get the error “YNAB 4 quit unexpectedly.” Is anyone else getting this same error? I’m running Software Update now to see if there’s something there that can help…

    • taylor

      That sounds like a hard crash in the OS. I agree that running system update is good. You can also try disabling graphics switching under energy saver preferences. If that doesn’t work, please send support@youneedabudget.com the crash report text that appears. You can mention me (Taylor) by name. We’ll get it sorted for you!

  53. Daniel

    I also purchased YNAB 4 and have waited some time for the confirmation email to be delivered. On word on any issues with this?

    • taylor

      Hi Daniel,
      I just improved the somewhat overwhelmed order importation process. Everyone should be getting their emails much faster now.

  54. Leigh

    I’ll download as soon as I get home tonight. In the meantime, I’ve shared this blog post on my FaceBook wall, with a plea to Apple to approve the app ;)

  55. DC in Dallas

    Is it wrong to be this stoked about a freakin’ budgeting application? Man, this is strange.

  56. Eileen

    I attended Erin’s webinar last night (great job, BTW) and found myself clicking on things right along with her as if it were *live* on my PC…don’t laugh, I KNOW I’m not the first person to do that :)

    Downloaded YNAB 4 just a bit ago – NICE!! Now I can click to my heart’s content ;)

    You all should be very proud of a job well done! Thanks, too, for the uber communication in preparation for the release!

  57. Michael Joel

    Over here in Nigeria, all the way from Africa – we say thumbs up to YNAB. Can’t wait to upgrade from YNAB3 to YNAB4. keep up the good work guys.

  58. Kristian

    Is it not possible to keep two different budget files in different folders any more?

    • jesse

      Hi Kristian,
      Can you describe what your use case is? I’m guessing I can help.

      • Kristian


        Gonna get a bit technical: I’m using Subversion to version control and share the budgets. So I have one repository with my own budget file, and every time I change something in YNAB, I commit this file back to the repository.

        The other budget is residing in another repository, and I’m not the only one editing this budget, so there will be commits from several computers.

        I got some answers on http://www.youneedabudget.com/forum/ynab-f96/separate-budget-files-separate-folders-t16488.html and that got me poking around inside the file folder. I don’t need any y4backups as I already have a working version management system, but some of the other files below there obviously have to be included.

        So if you can provide a list of the absolutely necessary files inside the file folder I can explicitly add those files to the repository and commit all of them when the budget is being updated.

        Dropbox is currently not an option because they are being blocked from my employer’s network + I don’t trust them.

  59. Neil

    YNAB 4 IS AMAZING. All the pre-launch discussion set the bar very high indeed–but the experience of YNAB 4 clears it with room to spare. The UI is incredible: intuitive, easy, buttery smooth, efficiently informative, and insanely beautiful. That peacock-blue linen is almost too lovely. You guys have done an amazing job. Thank you so very much!

  60. Joyce

    I just recieved my update email, and I purchased it within the 6 months so its free (YAY!). But when I click on the link to download it, it just gives me a 34 day trial code and when I click to download it, it shows that is is in my downloads folder, but nothing happens. HELP! I can not wait to see it!

    • Amy

      I had the same issue this afternoon. You should get an e-mail with the download instructions and a new activation code. I was a bit puzzled until I checked my e-mail. E-mails may be taking longer due to heavy volume from many of the previous posts.

  61. Craig

    Loving the look, feel and function of YNAB4! Great work!

  62. Dave

    When are we getting a Windows Phone YNAB app?

    • jesse

      If the windows phone market becomes economically viable for a small outfit like ours, we’ll start work on it.

      • Erika

        Which, unfortunately, is the problem with the Windows phone market. I guess we’ll see if Windows 8 can get things pumping at the end of the year.

  63. Anthony

    Loving the update and can’t wait to use cloud sync

    Quick question. Does the license I have for ynab desktop mean I can install it on 2 desktops with cloud sync or do I need to purchase a 2nd license for my 2nd pc?

    • jesse

      Oh man, no way. You can install it on as many computers as needed as long as it remains for your personal use.

  64. Maureen


    I got a link to upgrade for free since I am a recent purchaser of YNAB3. Here are my questions:

    1. Will YNAB4 allow me to categorize an off-budget account?
    2. How long will my free upgrade link be available?. In other words, can I wait a few weeks to make sure the mobile app is ready to go before I upgrade? (I’m on Android.)
    3. Do I have to pay again for the Android app? If so, how much?


    • jesse

      1. You can’t categorize off-budget accounts because they’re off-budget. Categorization is like the gate-keeper for the budget. It’s pretty core to how everything plays together.
      2. The free upgrade link will be available for a long time.
      3. The Android app is $4.99.

      • Gary

        Just to clarify in question 3) Jesse confirmed the price for the Android app for new users, however if you already have it there is no cost to upgrade to the cloud sync version.

  65. Todd G

    Wow, absolutely stunning, just waiting to jump in head first, love the new report layout.

    Wishing the new Android App was ready, do we have any updates?

    • jesse

      No word yet from Apple. Still fixing some last-minute items that cropped up last night for Android

  66. Milissa

    I have a Windows phone. Do you think you’ll have an app for that anytime soon?

    • jesse

      Not anytime soon. The market can’t bear the resources, at the moment.

  67. Orlando

    The more I use Y4 the more I love it. So far I think the design improvements are fantastic.

    I LOVE the reconcile wizard! Very cool.

  68. Andy

    If we upgraded the computer software and are still entering purchases into the iPhone version, will those be retained on the phone once the v2 app is released?

    • jesse

      Hi Andy, the solid route would be to do a final wi-fy sync with YNAB 3 to clear out those transactions. Then open your YNAB 3 file with YNAB 4. Then you could update your iPhone app to version 2 and it wouldn’t have any wifi transactions hanging out in the wild. From THERE it’d be brainless :)

      • Andy

        Hi, that would be great if I didn’t switch over, but I upgraded to 4 and kept adding new items to my mobile version. Do YNAB 3 and 4 read the same database? If so perhaps I can use either version until 4 syncs with mobile?

      • jesse

        You could switch of Cloud Sync on YNAB 4, then initiate a Wifi Sync with iPhone v2.

        The iPhone v 2 will still be able to send the YNAB 4 data, but YNAB 4 won’t send anything back, so you’ll see an error. The transactions will have gone through though.

        At that point, you’d switch YNAB 4 back to Cloud Sync and your iPhone over to Cloud Sync as well.

  69. Todd

    Great job to everyone involved. I was very anxious to download it. All set and ready to go. Just waiting for the Android app. Thank you all for all of your hard work. You guys handled this whole process very professionally. I would have purchased it anyway. But it’s great to see so much enthusiasm behind the launch of this software. Once again, great job!

  70. Miguel Ocque

    Hey guys. I must say the whole time has put together an even more amazing product this time. I cannot thank you enough for this. People close to me are impressed the way I always have extra money now. I really thank from the bottom of my heart the entire YNAB team. Cloud sync is something out of this world ( saw the webinar last night) and I must say, it works like MAGIC. Once again thank you a million. I will sit tight waiting for apple to kindly approve our ynab app.


  71. Paula

    I’ve heard that if an app needs to talk to other things (the way this one needs to talk to Dropbox for example) there’s a bit more involved in the approval process.

  72. Bryan

    4 Looks like a nice improvement so far (only 10 min. playing around with it). The reports area was definitely a must upgrade to gain users that are used to seeing everything. Especially small business owners. I also like how the categories have been renamed staring fresh. Jessie and team will be very successful by staying the path there on by putting people and ideas first and not product (like Apple). Keep up the good work!

      • Shinji

        You can tell how heart-felt the apology is based on his name. =D

  73. Rob

    Jesse, will the new iPhone app require the DropBox app be installed or is the compatability built into the YNAB app? Just getting ready… :)

    • Jeff Albright

      No need to download the Dropbox app, you just need a Dropbox account to sign in with.

  74. MarkS

    Went to download YNAB4 and was disappointed to find that you no longer support Linux. I understand that this is because Adobe no longer supports it, but it’s still a disappointment. The computer next to the kitchen table is the Linux box and this is what the ol’ wife and I use when going over the finances.
    I was able to successfully install YNAB using Wine, but it’s kind of slow and clunky. At this point I think I’ll be staying with YNAB3, but I’ll give 4 a bitmore time before I decide.

    • jesse

      Hi MarkS, we’re sorry it has to be run through Wine, and sorry that Adobe dropped support of Linux with AIR 3 :( I hope you get tons of mileage out of YNAB 3.

      • Danny

        Ouch – didn’t realize this until now… I guess disappointment comes from expectation :-)

        I will sit on YNAB3 until there’s a better product for Linux Desktop or – my preference (I really like YNAB) – a hosted HTML5 version…

  75. Bill

    I paid for the upgrade and no email with the code after 10 mins. What is the lag time?

  76. Jeff

    YNAB Team!!!!!!

    Amazing software. I really enjoy the new features. You listened to your customers and delivered the best budget software.

  77. Andyt

    No Phone apps..no upgrade I’m afraid.

    Pretty poorly managed launch , spammed my inbox for the last week and fail on release day. Maybe should have got the apps ready first….

    • AJ

      I would much prefer the transparency of Jesse’s “failed” launch rather than the countless other apps that launch, don’t work properly, and then take weeks or months to get fixed.

      Thanks for all of your hard work, YNAB team.

  78. Tom

    The download was truly seamless. The look and feel is outstanding. Listing accounts the way I want was is a breeze. The part is saving automatically in Dropbox. Already had Dropbox with YNAB 3 for backup and I did NOTHING and the first time I exited, the file was saved in Dropbox. It was done, no issues. This is a game changer and this software has changed everyhting for me financially. Can’t wait for Saturday morning coffee to enjoy reviewing the budget with my wife and now she can work on the budget at the same time. That is huge with this release. Thanks and job well done!

  79. Jan

    1) Will you provide (unsupported) Builds for Linux?
    I’ve been using YNAB on Linux (with AIR) without any problems so far.

    2) YNAB 4 on Windows won’t run here. As soon as the main window is open, i get ‘YNAB has to be restarted’

    • Jan

      I just took a look at the Stack Trace.
      The problem seems to be, that my Documents Folder is _in_ my Dropbox.

      • jesse

        Ah yes. This one surprised us and we have a fix going out today :)

    • jesse

      Jan, definitely contact support if you’re seeing an issue like that and we’ll get you squared away. We’ve had users starting YNAB on Linux under Wine with our current YNAB 4 builds.

      • Jan

        I got it working now by moving the Folder out of my Dropbox, starting YNAB4 changing the paths and moving the folder into my Dropbox again. :)

        That means, you won’t provide .air-Downloads as you did for 3.x?

        I really like the work you are doing there. The Reconcilation Wizard is a nice time-saver.
        I think it’s running quite slow here. Should I occasionally be doing a ‘Fresh Start’?

      • jesse

        My budget goes back to October of 2008 and while it’s slower than a new budget, it’s still totally usable. How big is your file?

      • Jan

        I guess it’s smaller than yours. I’ve got ~1200 transactions in all accounts starting November 2010.

        It’s generally quite slow.
        For example, showing the scheduled transactions takes about 3 seconds (with only 3 transactions). Switching to the Budget takes more than 20 seconds.

  80. Peter

    Well done for YNAB 4 and the great ongoing service.
    I am very sorry APPLE are such useless buggers.

  81. James Watters

    Are the data files for 3 and 4 the same? In other words, could you you use the old app to update while 3 is open, close 3 and open the updated file in 4 until the new app is available?

    New version looks great.

    • jesse

      The data files are not the same, but YNAB 4 will import your YNAB 3 file, create a new YNAB 4 data set, and then leave your YNAB 3 data alone. You can’t work in YNAB 3 and see changes you made with YNAB 4 though. Once YNAB 4 imports it, you’re dealing with two distinct and separate data files.

      (Thanks for the kind words!)

  82. Munther

    Just dowloaded YNAB 4 on my desktop yesterday and its doiing great. All new features with powerful Cloud SYNC between two PCs which is awsome and every one must try either current users of YNAB 3 or new comers.
    User interface is stright forward dashboards technology. The bottom line: It is great.
    One note: When the the new version for android will be released. I know there are some problems and waiting anxiously for it……

    • Jim

      I’m glad you aren’t on iOS anymore either, Patrick.

      YNAB is beautiful. Great job, everyone. Now it’s time to throw the department budget into YNAB as well.

  83. Jenny in Australia

    Been playing with YNAB4 today and (despite my usual philosophy of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’) I am really liking it. Waiting for Andoid release for Cloud Sync. I was a bit scared of the error checking in it, but having fixed the errors of the last 2 years in about 1 hour, I’m now really loving the idea of the error checking making sure that things are being entered as they should be from the jump. Usual high YNAB standard. Wish I could change the colour though – blue looks all official and bank-ish to me ;)

  84. Lara

    How about a big round of applause for the families of the YNAB team. It must be difficult for all of them as well. Thank all of you!

  85. JOn

    How frustrating for you guys. I guess Apple just wants to make sure, but…I really hope this Dropbox thing isn’t the problem. I use PLENTY of apps that have Dropbox sync. Have no idea why they would be concerned about another one now.

    Here’s praying that the next submission gets approved (both paid and lite version) so i can stop using another financial software that…oh, by the way, uses Dropbox sync on it’s app.

    If they got approved…you HAVE to get approved.

    Looking forward to it.

  86. Nicole

    So did the previous version of the YNAB Android app get removed from Google Play?

    • jesse

      Yes. The previous version doesn’t work with YNAB 4 and it was going to cause more confusion. The new version _IS_ backward compatible with YNAB 3, so please note that you don’t have to upgrade to YNAB 4 in order to use the latest Android app that will be out.

      • Nicole

        So if you had the previous android app already on your phone and upgraded to YNAB4, does that mean you have to buy the new full android app that is compatible with YNAB4 all over again?

      • Jan

        No, it’s a new Version, not a different App. You can update for free.

  87. Chris

    I can totally relate Jesse… I developed an iPhone & iPad app for my employer (the ACLJ) and went round and round with Apple because they insisted we were taking donations within the app (even though we weren’t, just asking for people to make a pledge, which would send them an email and ask them to donate outside of the app.) It can be very maddening. I’m surprised your metadata rejection hasn’t gotten fixed yet though. Typically when I get rejected for metadata, the rest of the app is already approved and they pass it right through once they look over the metadata.

    • jesse

      I think what slowed us down now is that we had to make demo videos showing how cloud sync worked. We made ‘em last night and re-submitted immediately (shouldn’t start at the back of the line…) and we’re crossing our fingers.

  88. Angela

    Good Morning!

    After days of anticipation about the new version, I was so busy yesterday, that I didn’t even get to download until about 11:30 last night. My mind was on it all day. About a minute after I left my house, I received the email that I could download, but then had to be gone for 4 hours. You could imagine my irritation.

    Then, I downloaded, setup, reconciled 3 accounts and studied the reports. It took all of 15-20 minutes. Is it “sad” that I was disappointed that it didn’t need more of my time? Lol! I was expecting it to take a lot longer, at least to reconcile, but it was seamless. THIS IS AWESOME! As much as YNAB3 changed my life, I can already tell how much of my time I am going to get back. I am greatly looking forward to importing. That’s the only thing I haven’t done yet. But, more than that, I am looking forward to the iphone app being approved.

    I honestly can’t thank you and your team enough.

  89. Michelle

    Waiting (somewhat patiently :-) for the upgrade to the iPhone app. I really appreciate your openness and positive attitude about the delays and process.

    • jesse

      Found a showstopper late last night that kept us from putting it out there. Working on the fixes today and hope to get it out there. Kind of the same story as yesterday. Hoping this Release Candidate is The One.

      • Chris

        I’ll put it on my phone and test it for you. Fairly advanced user. I actually have a cloud sync version on my phone right now, somehow…

      • jesse

        Yeah you snuck in when we did a prelim test the night before launch.

  90. Anthony

    If you wanted to sneak us the .apk or .ipa files us Android and Jailbroken iPhone users can make use of them. ;) Just saying… Who needs the App Store?

  91. Jeremy

    Will the new mobile version of YNAB (YNAB v.2 for iOS) have the ability to sync more than one budget to the device, or maybe even open any of the budget’s synced to your dropbox folder and switch between them?

    • jesse

      Yep. It basically caches the one you’re not “actively” using so switching’s pretty quick.

  92. Maureen

    I already have the YNAB 3 app on my devices. But I thought I’d check the App store for version 4. I couldn’t even find the App for version 3. Where is it?

    • jesse

      We pulled it until the version for 4 is ready. It would have caused too much confusion for new users.

  93. Justin

    Do they have to approve the Lite version before they’ll also approve the Full version? Seems odd for issues with the Lite one to delay the main one.

    (Apologies if already discussed further up!)

    • jesse

      They’re actually treating them as totally separate apps. Both have been rejected for different reasons (meta description reasons for the full, and needing a video for the lite).

      • Justin

        Ah thanks Jesse. I’d got the impression it was Lite holding up Full :)

  94. Andrew Ash

    While it’s possible you could have been even more cautious, in anticipating extraordinary delays in the iOS approval workflow, that’s not generally “the way of the startup”, is it? I imagine that if you’d submitted 3 biz days earlier, that’s 3 fewer days of bug fixes (– and there are always more P3 bugs to fix, no?)

    An outside perspective: My perception of your engineering team is that they’re pretty good at building lead-time into your dev schedule, and that you generally release quite stable products. That’s all the more impressive when you make “a big bet” on a feature, like Cloud Sync, that could have nasty race condition bugs & such. I’m sure there’s lots of detail I’m missing here, and that I may romanticize your internal process.

    One request: In future, I’d love to read a post sometime from your Dev Manager / Lead about the basics: How do they… estimate their workload? revise estimates? track progress? respond to the stress & surprises of work that comes in overbudget?, etc. As a fellow app developer (although @ journeyman-level), I’d love to read anything they’d enjoy writing on such topics. It’d be most welcome!

    Thanks for all your hard work. Good luck!

  95. Scott

    I just wanted to drop in and say that I’m really excited about the newer version, especially the improved reports and new syncing (who isn’t?). I hope you get the Apple issues resolved soon. We (wife and I) have been wi-fi syncing for a year (and hating it), but love the software anyway. Can’t wait until we’re always synced on our phones! The pricetag is a complete after-thought given what budgeting has done for us, and hey, our “Rainy Day – Misc” category is just for this.

  96. Absolut Johnny

    Interesting that the Original YNAB app for iPhone is missing off the App store…

    • Peter in Baltimore

      Jesse said that YNAB pulled the original app off the site themselves so new customers wouldn’t be confused/upset about getting an app that won’t work with YNAB 4.

  97. Ignatius

    Downloaded the Android app yesterday. Looks good so far. Plan on updating my PC at home this week.

    Also, Apple is terrible for getting apps approved. Been through it a few times and they never own up to meeting anyone’s timeline other than their own. Funny how they tell you how it will work (no money back, etc). Good luck with them, you’ll need it.

  98. Renee

    Had to wait after my purchase for the email but when I contacted support they were prompt and helpful (when I’m sure they were “pulling their hair out” swamped). I’m excited to get started tonight. This is really making a difference in my life. Thanks!

  99. Isaac

    “We are sorry for the delay and should have done a better job anticipating these last-minute delays.”

    Live and learn, right? Who would have guessed Apple would be such a pain? Comfort yourself with all the “launch” experience you’re gaining! :)

  100. Jacob

    Am I missing something? I have an evo lte (android) never updated my app, downloaded ynab 4 and cloud syncing is working fine! Transactions show up in like 3 seconds…really cool!

    • David

      Yeah me too. I had the Android app up and running within minutes of upgrading to 4 and it’s been syncing fine.

      The YNAB team having been doing a great job, but I’d really like some more info on what the ‘showstoppers’ are/were, and if everything was/is working fine, should we update?

  101. Kasia

    Great Job on YNAB4! It really has a new feel to it and some good new options- but all the things we love about YNAB are still there and running smoother than ever! For me improvements are def worth the upgrade! THANKS for all the hard work on that! …and waiting for the Android app :))

  102. Nathan

    Just updated my Android app, this is amazing! Thanks so much for all the hard work. Five star review placed at the Google Play store.

  103. Joe

    Jesse, I downloaded the Android App Monday night, then uninstalled and reinstalled it yesterday after I downloaded YNAB4 Desktop. I haven’t had any problems with the app and cloud sync is working.

    • jesse

      Yeah, those that snuck in (besides some initial crashes) seem to be faring well. We just don’t want to stick it out in the wild w/o some thorough kicking of the tires if we _know_ it’s crashing.

      To be clear, all software that ships has bugs (we fixed a bunch in the last 24 hours with YNAB 4), and we’re okay with that, but not if we can stop it ;)

  104. g00p3k

    I’m experiencing a problem with the updated Android app. I’ve finally got it working with Dropbox on the phone and the desktop app. However, the budget categories all show 0, though the account register shows correctly. It shows transactions when you click on the item, but that’s it. No funding info/balances etc.

    For future consideration I wanted to suggest:
    1. Make the accounts row to select appropriate accounts in the android app height larger, its easier to select the wrong account.
    2. Allow sorting of categories…. never mind I see you even thought of that! It syncs the sorting to my desktop app, NICE!
    3. Allow PIN to be defined as numeric or passphrase. I personally like use a 4 digit code and its just more clicks when on the go to change the keyboard and pick numbers. Not a biggee, but would be nice if an easy addition :-)
    4. Display a confirmation message that sync was successfully completed. I pressed manual sync, it said “starting sync” and then nothing else.

    • g00p3k

      I think this error has something to do with 2 android phones and dropbox. I’ll post back if I find anything else out. I’m wondering if dropbox service is failing due to low battery, so I’ll charge and try again.

      • g00p3k

        Still having issur on both phones. Last sync time on screen is 2+ hours old. Dropbox files seem to be updated showing more recent modified date. Transactions mostly appear, but budget shows all zeros. Help :-)

    • g00p3k

      Submitted a ticket with diagnostic info this morning, haven’t heard back yet (i know you’re swamped). I’m surprised I’m the only one have this issue. Still have zero’s for my budget view.

  105. Ed

    YNAB 4 looks great! Congratulations on a job well done. We’re really looking forward to seeing the mobile apps up and running.

  106. Peter B

    What a week! Got my very first Android phone (yeah yeah, I’m WAY late to the smartphone game…a long period of unemployment, now over, thankfully, will do that to ya! Suffice to say this was a HUGE treat for myself..lol), a new version of YNAB comes out, AND I can now have YNAB on my phone? Goodness, have I died and gone to heaven? The new YNAB is awesome, and the app is definitely worth the price. Thanks Jessie & team for another stunning improvement to the best budgeting software on the planet!

  107. MJE

    YIPPIE!! So very glad to have our Android phones now syncing with our pc! Thank you so much for all your hard work, especially over the past 2-3 crazy days. It is very much appreciated!

    I did find a minor bug in the Android program I’d like to report. You had this fixed in the old version, but it’s back now.

    When we open the program we have to enter our password. If we leave the phone alone and the screen turns off, or if we exit the program using the Home button rather than “backing out” of the program, we aren’t required to enter our password again. We can just go right into the program. Not good when the grandkids like to play games on our phones! Really don’t need them messing up the budget.

    • jesse

      Been in discussion with our devs on this and we’ll get a fix. I wonder if our original fix fell out somehow :) We were doing lots of branching and merging (I talk as if I really know what the devs do…)

  108. Nancy Clark

    Up and running, in the cloud!! Spent time yesterday getting the laptops set up, and the budget all up-to-date, so it was fun to update the Android App tonight and have everything just right! Thanks for a great product…

  109. Jamie Tomlinson

    Just installed the android app and it synced perfectly with my dropbox synced budget. Not a lot of comments at the moment as I have only entered one tx and that was this month’s wages as I just got my payslip so I thought why wait till the next statement import. I was a bit thrown by the tx entry as the inflow / outflow selection is by some tabs/buttons at the bottom of the screen so you have to enter all the tx details and scroll to the bottom to set whether it is an inflow or outflow – may be better to have this at the top but then if it is defaulting to outflow then most of the time you will be entering outflows on the move so it probably doesn’t matter.

    With regards to the budget – all was fine once I realised it was showing remaining funds in each category for current month which makes sense for a mobile phone app. I will be installing this on my android tablet though and look forward to when there is more full functionality on tablet displays (I could work on the budget within the tablet app etc).

    So far it is looking good,

    Thanks Jesse and team for all your hard work.

    • jesse

      Hi Jamie,
      Thanks for your feedback! One reason we wouldn’t want to put inflow/outflow selection at the top is because the default to outflow is right probably 95% of the time, when you consider how many transactions entered are outflows vs. inflows. We basically tried to order the fields by the most common uses. Though I think inflow/outflow is probably used more than a check # field… at that point I believe it was for the aesthetic reasons.

      • Jamie Tomlinson

        No probs it was a minor comment – I figured it was likely because the default Outflow suits 95% of the time. It only came up because I wanted to add something and my payslip appeared in my inbox ;). One other thing when entering amount you have to make sure the cursor is at far right or it gets a bit jumbled – if there was some way to default the cursor to the right upon first tap or select all contents / blank contents on tap that may avoid the problem.

  110. David

    Any updates on IOS version?

    This delay is getting ridiculous now.

    You’ve mentioned that the apps were failed for different reasons..

    Lite app: Apple wanted videos of how sync works?
    Full: Meta Headers…surely this was an error on your part? did this result in a new binary so therefore back of the queue?

    Also once past this point surely apple will want videos of how the sync works?


    Jess can you give us any more details?

    YNAB 4 without a mobile app is pretty much useless to me as our workflow is all messed up.

    • G Prince

      Yeah I’m a little annoyed with Apple at this point. I want to use 4, but I’m right in the middle of a lot of spending for my sons bday party this weekend. To be out of sync right now would be detrimental to the good habits I’ve finally established.

      Come on Apple!

    • jesse

      I agree. This is worse than I ever would have imagined. The Lite app initially failed because it didn’t have a video of us demoing sync (it had instructions for them on how to test it, but they probably didn’t want to install YNAB 4, dropbox, etc.). The full app failed because the meta description said we offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee. We do (did?) but Apple doesn’t, so they had us pull that. We also made a demo video of the full version, just to make sure we didn’t fail for that reason later.

      None of those failures resulted in having to re-submit a binary, so it shouldn’t have made us go to the back of the line.

      • g00p3k

        very responsive and humble response to this criticism. My respect.

    • Orlando Barrowes

      Very sorry, Jesse. I know how it feels to have your app’s release date in Apple’s hands. I’m sure they’re busy, but I also hope it doesn’t take much longer.

  111. Shawn Ransford

    Android app installed…the peace that is flowing over me is relieving…no more reconciling EEBA with YNAB…cloud sync is a dream come true. You guys rock :)

  112. Fuj

    How do we start sending Apple emails as users lobbying for support for this app?

    • jesse

      I wish I though that would help. Every response we get back from them has been canned, where you feel like the question wasn’t really read, you know? It’s fine. I’m sure they get slammed constantly with emails from everyone asking for exceptions.

  113. Frank

    iPhone YNAB 4 Please!!! I couldn’t transit to YNAB 4coz I don’t have an iPhone app to record…
    Still work with YNAB 3…

    • Jennifer A

      It’s in Apple’s hands at the moment. This whole approval process is definitely tipping the scales in favor of my next phone being android platform. Sheesh.

  114. Dale Holden

    Hi Jesse
    I have to agree with the review above. You should have had the app approved well before rollout. You spent 18 months testing it so not sure why you did not get what seems quiet fundemental.
    Your main pitch is for this release is Sync but to release it without the apps even being approved is not one of companies best decisions.
    Hope you have learned some lessons on this one does not reflect well.
    On a positive note your software for desktop look great

    • jesse

      Oh I definitely regret making the assumption that it would be approved. We could have just kept working on the desktop and waited patiently. It’s beena nightmare, and it was a lesson I wish I didn’t have to learn the hard way.

      • Larry

        It’s fine, being a developer I know this happens. Of course hindsight is 20/20 but you just have to move forward and go with what you get. The new version is awesome and will be even greater once the iPhone app is approved.

        I did send a request to support for a key for YNAB 3 which I was using prior to installing and purchasing YNAB 4 – (maybe you can nudge them before my YNAB 3 trial runs out :-) That way I can still run both for a while and use the old iPhone app till the new one is out.

        Thanks again for working so hard get everything going and for the improvements in YNAB 4!

      • Ryan Means

        It may have been your nightmare, but you made one happy customer by releasing it when you did. We both have android phones are are leaving for a two week vacation – I really did not want to mess with lugging a laptop, and wifi-sync every day. Cloud sync has fixed all that and is going to make our vacation a breeze! Sorry you’re going through all the trouble – but we’re glad you released when you did!

  115. Tracey

    You stated in an earlier comment (to Rob on 6/26) that YNAB4 is compatible with wi-fi sync. So can’t I upgrade to 4 and just keep using the iphone app I already have to do wi-fi sync until the new app gets approved? I know it’s not the Cloud, but at least I can move on with 4 while we’re waiting for Apple to get with the program.

    • jesse

      Hi Tracey, yes. If you do have unsynced transactions on your current iPhone app, when upgraded the iPhone app, we’ll keep those transactions around and then when you do your first Cloud Sync, they’ll be sync’d. No transactions will be lost.

  116. Rob

    To reiterate something posted earlier and my personal experience, you can upgrade to YNAB 4 (Desktop) and if you choose NOT to enable Cloud Sync, the WI-FI sync option appears in the same place it did with YNAB 3. So… You can upgrade to YNAB 4 and still keep on rocking the iPhone just like you’ve been doing all along.

    When the app is updated, just perform a final WI-FI sync, and then enable Cloud Sync on the desktop and iPhone and you’ll be rockin’ to a new tune.

    • Robert

      I am pretty sure that I read somewhere that YNAB 4 desktop would not wifi sync with the version 1 (YNAB 3) iPhone app. It will only wifi sync with the new, yet unreleased, iPhone app.

      • Daniel

        Yep. This contradicts an earlier blog post:

        6/25/12 @ 3:14 pm MDT Update >> One item I failed to mention and that’s a big deal, is that the current iPhone app will not wi-fi sync with YNAB 4. That means we are really crossing our fingers that Apple will approve the app by tomorrow when we launch.

      • Rob

        Disregard my message!!! I’m so sorry I can’t go back and delete it. My wife informed me that we did in fact sync with YNAB 3 before switching to YNAB 4. I misunderstood what Jesse wrote in a reply to my message, and found in the blog post itself he wrote: “The version that’s currently in the App Store [version 1], that you probably already have installed on your iPhone, will not work with YNAB 4. Not even wi-fi syncing.

        Let me repeat that: your current version of the iPhone app will not work with YNAB 4.”

        Again, sorry for introducing more confusion.

  117. Pete


    You should e-mail tcook@apple.com and explain the impact this has had on the launch of your product. Tell him that you submitted the app a week and a half before release and that your customers are frustrated. You can also mention the Android app went live as soon as you were ready.

    It won’t get the app pushed through any faster but from what I’ve heard he actually does read the e-mails (some assistants probably screen for the ones he would be interested in).

    If nothing else this experience likely wouldn’t convince you to distribute through the Mac App store and that is important for Apple to know.

  118. Joel

    Just wanted to chime in and say I’m glad you’re doing the best you can and being so responsive. A lot of developers would have hid behind the curtain until it all blew over. It seems to me like a lot of people were frustrated because they pulled the trigger on upgrading as soon as physically possible. Sure it all could have gone more smoothly; some of that is your fault, some is Apple’s. But people need to realize that hiccups happen to the best developers, show some self-control, and just wait a week or two after release before rolling out any major upgrades. It achieves the same result as YNAB waiting an extra week or two before releasing the software.

  119. JJLC

    Where’s your marketing guru? There has to be media out there that would love to spin this as another big red “X” on Apple’s app approval process. I remember approximately 18 months ago there was a story where an individual app developer continued to have an app rejected. He kept pushing and eventually Steve Jobs called him directly to help him with the code and get it up on the app store. It ended with huge publicity for him and his app. Point is, maybe a little bit of media press on the “negative” impact this is having on a major release of your software could do two things, 1. Get the apps up sooner, fingers-crossed & 2. Get some free publicity/sales for YNAB. BTW, also play up the Play Store vs App store where you’ve had two version release to the Play Store, where you can’t even get the first revision into the App store. The 30-day money back guarantee thing is also huge from a press perspective. A “small start-up” wants to be able to provide a 30-day money back guarantee on their product but Apple “largest by market value in the world” rejected your app because they “don’t give people their money back”, so on refunds not only do you have to eat your cost buy you have to eat Apple’s profit as well. It’s a nice David vs Goliath type story that would travel the media airwaves fast and direct a lot of attending to your site & software.

    • Pete

      And risk violating the TOS and being banned from the App Store?

      No, I never think it is a good idea to try and approach marketing from a negative publicity point of view. Staying positive and understanding and informing Apple of the problems at a higher up level (like the Tim Cook e-mail address I posted) is a better way to approach the issue in my opinion.

      • JJLC

        Fair enough and that is also a reasonable course of action.

        However, where I certainly wouldn’t suggest violating the TOS there are a number of examples where apps have received media attention an have subsequently been approved for the app store. There are also apps which obviously shouldn’t have been approved in the first place and were subsequently removed i.e. Babyshaker app.

        Personally, I think the money-back guarantee should be a reasonable statement. I’m sure part of the reason for the request to remove it was Apple doesn’t want to have to deal with the few customers who assumed the YNAB app was self-contained. Of course, adding a YNAB lite (Free) version, certainly, I would assuming in Apple’s mind reduce the necessity for a money back guarantee. A small media release along the lines of “You Need a Budget’s (YNAB) recent software upgrade which now includes cloud sync functionality has been hindered by Apple’s rejection of their iOS app update due to a “Money-back guarantee” offered by the YNAB team. Fortunately, Android users have been able to take advantage of this functionality for days. Etc. etc, etc.”

        Unfortunately, I can’t read Apple’s TOS for iOS developers, well that I can find on the internet with minimal searching, but I would doubt this would result in the app being “banned” from the App store.

  120. Adam

    Really impressed with the amount of status updates and with keeping us in the loop so well. Will the iPhone app be free as well for people who purchased YNAB in the last 6 months?

      • Gary

        Jesse, I think Adam was asking if the YNAB iPhone app is also free to 6 month upgraders of the Desktop version. I didn’t think that was part of the deal. Yes, it’s a free upgrade to YNAB 4 capable if you have already purchased the app, but otherwise it’s the same as any new purchaser.
        Correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Adam

        I have the YNAB 3 version of the app, I was wondering if the upgrade to cloud sync will be free whenever apple gets its act together.

      • Gary

        Yes, Adam, the upgrade for the iPhone app from 3 to 4 compatible is free. Sorry I thought you only had the Desktop version.

      • Adam

        Good to hear. Looking forward to the release!

  121. Ian

    Jesse & team,

    Just wanted to say good job with YNAB 4. Loving it already. Started a new budget and have made changes to clear my debts down from 12 months to 4 months!! Might be eating beans until then but can’t wait!

    Thanks for the regular updates about the mobile apps but don’t get frustrated, you guys have done a great job, all will be sooted soon. I managed without a mobile YNAB before I can certainly wait knowing it will be great!

  122. Joan Lanzagorta

    Well I did e-mail tcook@apple.com and even when I know this won’t speed things up, at least I did explained my frustration to him as an Apple customer. Not only regarding YNAB, but I did bring this up to him.

  123. g00p3k

    I’m still experience a zero balance on the android budget screen on both phones, despite the desktop app working fine. I’d like this fixed as it makes the android app pretty much unusable. See comment 6970 above. I submitted diagnostic info and no response or confirmation of receipt yet.

    • Adam Erickson

      Have you contacted YNAB support? That is the best avenue for product issues.

      • g00p3k

        yes, no response so far, and i was hoping with jesse and team browsing the release notes here that see the issue as well. I still have a non functional YNAB android app due to zero balances across the board for budgeted amounts.

  124. Lee Wyatt

    Hang in there, I know I will. I’ve been on the “point of purchase” bandwagon since I started with YNAB back in December of last year. YNAB 3 has been serving me well since then and it’ll keep serving me well until this Apple SNAFU is all sorted out. I’ve purchased my new activation code (I purchased YNAB 3 on December 26th don’t you know 7;^) ) and it will wait on my iMac desktop patiently until the iPhone app is ready to go.

    The point of purchase work I do with my iPhone has made this budget work for my wife and I. With my busy days and my knowledge of myself, I probably wouldn’t have been able to stick with it otherwise.

    Thanks YNAB!

  125. Leonardo Rossi

    Just Saw it… YNAB is available in apple store now!

    • jesse

      I wish Leonardo. Both the full and lite versions are still Waiting for review. I just checked :(

  126. Chris

    I definitely feel for the YNAB team. I’ve gone through the iOS app review process many times (I write mobile banking software) and have had apps rejected (sometimes for the silliest reasons). I’ve even had to go so far as appealing a rejection to the App Review Board (with an eventual approval). I’ve also had rejections for metadata reasons, and usually the app is approved within a day or so after fixing whatever it was Apple had an issue with.

  127. Dan

    Not sure what this means, but the old version (current?) is back in the app store. Either apple rejected the new version, or maybe they are getting ready to post the update???

  128. Jeffrey

    Enjoying the desktop upgrade (nice work) and patiently waiting for the iPhone app for full spousal cloud syncy goodness… Is there a way to perform a search filter for Is: UNreconciled (or IsNot: Reconciled)? It’d be wonderful to hide everything that has been reconciled rather than fitzing with the date filters (particularly for those pesky accounts that don’t align w/ calendar months).

    • jesse

      We just discussed that yesterday and hope it to get in! Basically a filter to NOT show reconciled transactions :)

      • Eric Davies

        Was just thinking how much I wanted this today as I was updating. My recommendation is not just putting it as a possible filter but include it under the “time frame” filter or whatever it is that lets you show prior months/years

  129. Andrew

    I love the Sync on my Android but I wish I don’t like that it synced all the time. I would rather be able to tell it to Sync every x hours or only upon my telling it to sync (basically how Weather Bug handles its weather updates). I think the constant syncing drains my battery a bit more and is not really necessary since I only enter in a few transactions a day.

    I also love the Favorites for creating a short list of transactions. However, I wish I could choose an entire category group and have it show me the sum total of all the sub categories or that it would group them by category groups and show the sum total for each. The reason for this is that I have my most common categories (Groceries, Dining, Misc) in one group called Household. I don’t care too much if we run high in one of those categories as long as Household as a whole balances out by us under spending in another category. In the old view it was easy to see how we were doing in Household but with the Favorites view I have to total them all in my head. Make sense?

    Other then that, I think the feature I now miss the most is the ability to enter/edit Split transactions.

    All in all though this was a great update. Thanks!

    • Nancy

      Andrew, I asked about battery performance during the weekend’s webinar and (on the iPhone at least) it only syncs when the app is active (in the foreground), so it shouldn’t be killing the phone all day for the sake of a few transactions.

      I think Jesse has said elsewhere he is wary of having too many configuration options and, having deployed highly configurable and configured products, I would agree with him – it’s a slippery slope, not to mention a backwards compatibility nightmare.

      YNAB team, thanks for keeping us updated about the Apple experience, fingers crossed for news soon.

      • Andrew

        I think the recent Android update fixed the issue with my phone want to sync all the time even when YNAB was not open.

  130. Jamon

    I have the tiniest hymns app for my local church (with no permissions!) and a small update has been sitting for almost a week without a peep. I feel your pain.

  131. Liat

    Chin up! I love you guys anyway, no matter what delays you encounter. YNAB is the best! Thanks for making such great improvements.

  132. Jon

    Hey Jesse,

    Just wanted to say hang in there.

    You have managed to create something far greater than an app and a philosophy.

    You have created community through your company and through your dedication to all of us YNAB users.

    I know it stinks right now, and things didn’t work out the way you had hoped, but there id light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thanks for everything you have done.

    Seriously, when I come on the boards here, I feel like I’m part of a bigger family.

    Well done.

    YNAB 4 is awesome….and it’s gonna get even awesomer (is that a word?) when the iOS app launches.


  133. Davis

    I have been terribly frustrated with the way you have handled this roll-out for version 4. This has, in my opinion, been a terrible blunder of short sightedness. The blame is all yours. Not Apple’s. You are big boys now. You want to develop software … this is how it’s done. I would love to hear some ownership from you guys instead of all this whining and finger pointing.

    First let me say that I love the idea behind your YNAB method. I like the community that you created. I like what (it appears) are your beliefs and ideals. But man do I feel exploited by your business. I have been using your software for about 9 months, and while it works well enough, I was frustrated by some aspects of your software. I just chalked it up to “hey, they are just developing this slow and judiciously … be patient and it will get there”. It always seemed that cloud sync was just around the corner and I thought that I would be an early adopter and wait it out for full functionality while your glacially slow development process ran it’s course. And for sticking by you, for championing your software, for telling my friends and being a fan or your work, my reward … is an obscenely large “upgrade fee” of $40 for a functionality that should have been present in version 3 all along. You made it sound like cloud sync was this herculean effort which took you years to develop in the laboratory. Developers have been doing coud sync for quite some time now – if it was really that hard then I am sorry, you hired the wrong people.

    It is just totally douche-baggy that you make some design changes and small improvements (the most important being cloud sync), pat your self on the back, and call it a whole new version. And then expect me to pay for your software all over again. (by the way the “discounted” price of $40 is ridiculous, I can see maybe $10 but you are basically asking me to pay for your product all over again) You have crossed the line on this one. It takes a big man to admit he has made a mistake, and I have made one. You will not see any more of my money – you have already gotten enough of it, and I truly don’t believe I have gotten my money’s worth. I have made my mistake. Now let’s see if you will admit yours.

    • sean

      Wow dude…really? You are in the extreme minority.

    • Jennifer A

      Those of us waiting for the app are all frustrated, but big boys don’t resort to vulgar phrases to express it. I find your words disgusting and offensive.

      Yes, it should have been handled better. Guess what? Jesse has admitted that! He’s not the one pointing fingers at Apple, the other commenters are.

      • Davis

        Fair enough about the finger pointing. Perhaps you are right about the commenters being the ones blaming Apple, not Jesse. Point taken.

        However I do feel that Jesse is price-gouging us with this new release. In my opinion the updates made on the new version hardly warrant having us all re-purchase a product which we already own. Just add it all up: in less than a year I would have spent over $100 for software that, in my opinion, isn’t worth that type of a price tag. There is some amazing software out there that does incredibly complicated stuff and none of it comes close to costing 100 bucks.

        Changing the way you do your finances takes a lot of energy. It takes many hours to adopt a new system of budgeting and setting up everything with your bank and all that blah blah blah. It seems as if Jesse making a bit of a gamble on someone like me. It seems like he is betting that I wont go through the frustration of changing platforms to say Quicken or Mint. He is hoping that I will pay the 40 bucks rather than go through that effort. Here is how I see it: is this software worth 100 bucks? No it isn’t. Just because I already paid $60 for it doesn’t change my mind. Feel free to agree or disagree. But I see it as price-gouging and I am upset.

        And really? you find my words offensive? My phrases vulgar? I wrote one word that would have been fine to say on network television at 7pm.

        The lady doth protest too much methinks.

      • Jennifer A

        I do indeed. As far as I can tell, you are the only commenter on this post who has resorted to it. What’s appropriate among friends and possibly on network television only serves to make you look look like a jerk in this context.

        I don’t find YNAB to be comparable to quicken or mint.com. Those are money management tools, YNAB is a budget management tool. They are similar, of course, but not quite the same.

        As for the value of the software, I can’t speak to that. You don’t have to upgrade, after all. They’re not breaking YNAB 3 just to make you upgrade to 4.

      • James

        which quicken (break the software and force an upgrade) does on at least an annual basis, then charges another $90 to upgrade each time. Davis, do some research prior to posting your nonsense.

      • Jon

        I just want to touch upon a few things…

        First in regards to Davis’s post – there are some parts he does bring up points I have asked myself also.

        The software is great, I don’t think anyone is questioning that (neither is Davis). It has enabled people to properly budget and help themselves.

        With that being said though, the release of this software really does not yield a $40 price tag for returning users. I am looking at the “New Features” list you provide on the blog and except for Cloud Sync, what else is there that stands behind your “revolutionary budget interface”? A better organized side bar? Bigger text? A removed footer? Improved Importing (you use this feature ONCE theoretically and that is it and your considering listing this as a huge feature?). You said it yourself “There are hundred (thousand) of tiny improvements”. Improvements is not the same as “revolutionary” as you indicate on your home page.

        Back in March 2012, I had asked (ambitions2o) “YNAB where are the updates?”. Jesse, you responded saying you don’t code faster and you are too cautious. At the time, I said to myself that is fine, this is a new venture and it will develop. Now you roll out “YNAB 4″ 3 months later with your updates and already are having issues with the release. iPhone App (the KEY to your Cloud Sync) wasn’t even approved yet and you already launch the software? It is like buying a remote and waiting for the batteries to be delivered in the mail, what is the point? I do not develop software, but as a small business entrepreneur I know have the key factors in line before you release something.

        And for all the people blaming Apple, it is NOT Apple’s fault. All you that threat on “switching to Android because of Apple”, go ahead. Your a joke. Pretty sure Apple’s revenue will still grow while you moan.

        Someone had asked earlier this week about an iPad version and a response of “once the cloud sync dust settles”. We can’t even use the cloud yet and therefore you have no idea what type of bugs are going to arise from this. So when should we expect the iPad version. Next year? When iPad 4 gets released?

        I can sit here until I am blue in the face about the rollout without the iPhone 4 app (if Cloud Sync is revolutionary and I would venture to guess most of your clients use the iOS platform, where is the revolutionary feature I am going to buy when I can’t even use it? What other great “revolutionary” features are there? Look at the bigger font? Re-collapse my account group in the sidebar over and over while I wait? I am very disappointed in how this all has been handled. I get a $20 discount for being a returning customer for an update, not a “revolutionary” change.

        One last thing I want to say that I didn’t back in March – you stated:

        “It’s my own fault that we don’t code faster. I am, frankly, too cautious. A topic I touched on with Monday’s podcast actually. I don’t hire fast enough…”

        How do you expect to run expand this venture when you don’t even have enough/right people around you?

        You have my email, feel free to respond here or by email. Stop worrying about sending out the emails for the “10 budget class” or doing the podcasts and worry about the actual product.

        P.S. @ Jennifer A. to your comment of ” words disgusting and offensive.” If you review Davis’s post, nothing is offensive or disgusting. Please think before you post.

      • Jennifer A

        If you can’t figure out what was offensive in his original post then I’m not sure I’m the proper one to teach you how a feminine hygiene product became a pejorative term and why that term can be offensive.

      • Ryan

        “the release of this software really does not yield a $40 price tag.” Then don’t buy it and let the market determine what the price should be! Sheesh, amazing what people will complain about. Looks like you just had to get something of your chest – I hope you an your $40 feel better.

      • Ron

        There’s no such thing as price-gouging. This is an economic fact. That would imply that you have no other choice in the world than to purchase YNAB and that YNAB is a necessity of living as if you deserved it the day you were born.

        In fact, google’s spreadsheets are free and Jesse always pushes his method (free) before he recommends the software. Who’s forcing you?

      • jesse

        One point where I can see you coming from this angle Dave, is the fact that we released one or two (maybe just one?) minor updates after you purchased nine months ago; because we were so heads down on YNAB 4 (rightly so). So your experience with YNAB up to this point has been:

        Pay $60.

        Be asked to pay another $40.

        I think I can see why you’d maybe be miffed.

        And then you have a lot of long-time YNABers that come on here and they’re more confident in our team/model and that’s because they purchased 2 1/2 years ago so they:

        Paid $60
        saw an update
        and another
        and another
        and another
        (I’m not sure how many we did, but we added some cool features during those minor updates like error-tracking, fresh starts, etc.)
        Be asked to pay another $40.

        And they find it well worth it.

        I don’t want you to count on a ton of great new features or anything, because I can’t promise what I don’t yet have in hand to give you, but we’ll continue to improve YNAB 4 with free upDATES and some of those will probably have some pretty cool features in there. We don’t like to withhold the cool stuff and only put it in the major upgrade. That means users wait too long.

        At any rate, sorry for the long reply, but I wanted to let you know that I see better where you’re coming from now, than I did this morning.

    • jesse

      Our mistake was releasing YNAB 4 before the iPhone app was approved and ready. We made the wrong assumption that the review process would take what was then published as the average amount of time, and we padded that by a few days. I’ve owned up to that multiple times in this thread. It is what it is. We can’t take it back.

      I don’t want to keep your $60 if you don’t feel the transaction, as it stood 9 months ago with its features/flaws, was worth it. I’ve gone ahead and sent you a refund via paypal. If you’d prefer a check, just let me know.

      • g00p3k

        Jesse, I’m impressed by your communication overall, but disappointed by no response to my several comments and email to support that I sent yesterday on the Android app not working for me. See my post above. I still have zero balances. This is making the android app unusable.

        The desktop software… GREAT! I love send to scheduled items, its one of those items I never thought of (as a wannabe developer), and thought it was such a simple feature, but has already helped in reallocating bills for my next paycheck.

      • jesse

        Sorry about about the slow reply from the support queue. We are treading water there, gaining a bit of ground. I took a look at your case and responded back. I do try and keep technical support help out of the blog if I can help it, just because it can get a bit unwieldy here :) Thanks for understanding.

      • Justin

        Wow I can’t believe you actually gave him his money back. In no way did he deserve it after 9 months of use of the perfectly good YNAB3 and after that idiotic post of his.

        You’re a bigger man that I would have been :D

      • Todd Baker

        Jesse, As an android user, I would have been miffed to find out that I was waiting for the YNAB 4 release due to Apple’s ineptitude. Thank you, as always, for putting out a solid product at release and for your consistent updates. I was perfectly happy with my dropbox work around to sync in YNAB 3, but now, after a week of using the software with the app, my wife and I have no idea how we ever did it before.

        You guys absolutely did the right thin, don’t apologize for putting out a great product only to be held up by an external agency. Those users that are missing out can make their own decisions.


    • Thomas

      I don’t have much to comment on about the developer process — there are so many factors involved and being smart about deadlines and release targets is important, as is transparency, but ultimately it’s up to each user to decide if the software warrants being patient. So if you’re happy to move on, best of luck.

      The only thing I want to say, on behalf of a lot of people who’ve been here a lot longer than you have, is: don’t claim to be an early adopter of YNAB if you’ve been using it 9 months. There’s a lot of us here who have lived through iterations of Excel spreadsheet macros and are very pleased with how far things have come.

      So, go ahead and make you choices about what software you choose to use. Just don’t get on your high horse about it…

    • James

      Your sense of entitlement is mind boggling. Jesse and his team (of ~10 people) are supposed to work on a project for over a year and just give it away? I appreciate the point releases being free, and think it is absolutely reasonable to charge a fee to upgrade to a new full version when it is available, and at a discount at that.

      I highly doubt you have access to the full source code and all the inner workings of the application, so your insinuation that the new app is all fluff and easy changes is based on nothing but your lack of critical thinking.

      If you think the YNAB team is unreasonable charging for software, I think you need to visit the real world soon. Take a look at Intuit’s business model with respect to quicken and turbotax and see what it is like in the “big boy” arena. You want to talk about minor updates and forced upgrades, go whine at them. Look at the numerous apps in the app store where instead of posting an upgrade, the authors post a whole new revision so you have to repurchase it.

      If an individual/company creates a product they get to decide what and if to charge for it, even if the difference in the version is as simple as a correction to a misspelling in text. If you don’t see the value in what they charge, make your own, find a different product, or just walk away. You are not entitled to the fruits of someone else’s labor by virtue of existing, nor are you entitled to updates of the software.

      YNAB has decided that they feel it is fair to give point releases away for free and major updates require a discounted repurchase. This is their right, and I think it is a bonus that they have reduced my cost in keeping the application current that way.

      Jesse, I saw your tweets the other day regarding subscription models in lieu of upgrade pricing, and I have to say… don’t let the noise of the “waaaaah everybody should give me everything for free cuz I’m entiitled to a free ride everywhere” crowd get to you. It really is a bunch of whiners.

      On the launch of the app, I’ve already benefited immensely from cloud sync just between my computer and my wife’s. We both have iPhones, so we are waiting for the app with bated breath, but I sure am glad to have the app available and be able to stop having calls every single day about what money is available where. It would have been nice to have the iPhone app available day 1, but I don’t feel like YNAB4 requires the iPhone app to function (and I don’t think it is designed or intended that way)

      Sorry for the rant, but this kind of doo-doo that has been both in the forums and here is just too much.

    • RonB

      Unbeleivable – I paid for your product once, now you owe me free or nearly free upgrades for the rest of my life.

  134. Joh

    Terribly frustrated? Come on Davis, this is just a finance app you are talking about. You don’t seem to understand how much effort it takes to setup cloudsync, by just saying “the others have it too” you disqualify yourself from such a discussion. And having such a rant, just because the iPhone app will delay a few days, clearly shows that you express not just your anger about YNAB, but of your own life. So far I experienced YNAB as open and admitting about the delay.

  135. Jordan

    My own two cents hopefully as some sort of affirmation among the frustration I’m sure you all must be feeling.

    As a user, it sucks and is inconvenient to not have the iPhone app for on the spot transaction entry. That said, your software has allowed my wife and I to actually budget and stick to it like no other software. Your communication and openness about the situation has been great, and for us the inconvenience of bringing home a couple receipts a day and entering them at our computer is worth the sanity you’ve helped provide to our financial lives.

    We eagerly await the iPhone app to be approved, and meanwhile, we are so grateful for the incredible software and support that you provide. THANK YOU!

  136. David

    Question about Apple. Once they do approve it, taking so long to do so, if a bug is found and you provide a fix, does that have to again go through this lengthy delay?

    • jesse

      As soon as they approve it, we’re going to submit another build of bugs that we’ve fixed the past two weeks. Those aren’t showstoppers though, but little edge cases. So you’ll get 2.0 and then as soon as they approve it, 2.next. 2.0 is solid, don’t get me wrong. But yeah, we have a 2.next waiting in the wings already.

  137. Merinda

    I just wanted to say thank you. I don’t mind waiting a while longer for cloud sync, and I don’t blame you guys for going off what was listed as standard time for Apple. This transparency is simply fantastic, and I for one am grateful as I’ve been checking back here a couple times a day for updates.

    In the meantime I’m just using YNAB as I’ve pretty much done and just making sure I log everything at the end of the night on the desktop. Much like a baby being born, the iPhone app will some when it comes and I can’t do anything about it except to say I appreciate all you guys do and to pass on some encouragement.

  138. Mark

    So, how much would I have to donate to your favorite charity in order to get to test the beta version of the iPhone app?

    • jesse

      I wish! Apple only allows us a total # of betatester devices per year :(

      • Malisa - ynab teacher

        Even I have to wait for public release of the iPhone app to get it on my new iPad. (I said I could wait.)

  139. Jenni

    I just happened to start trying to use YNAB the day you rolled out 4.0. So I’m waiting on the apps to work.

    But I like what I see so far and am looking forward to being able to track across devices. Hang in there and I hope the stress doesn’t get you down. I’m grateful for the blog updates on how the approval is coming along. Keep up the good work!

  140. melodymac

    Will you please send out an email when the new iphone/ipod app is approved and available? Like, THE minute it happens? I’m so excited about it, I’ve been coming back to check (probably 8 times today).

    Loving YNAB 4 already, but not completely using it until the app is ready.
    (Apple is a ridiculous gate-keeper.)

  141. Andre Racicot

    Jesse, you don’t have to apologize for Apple’s BS policies! I’m so sick and tired of Apple bullying developers and having absolute control on what people can do with devices they spent hard-earned (hopefully budgeted!) cash on!

    This delay has convinced me 100% that my next phone (I currently have a 3GS) will be an android-based system that allows me to install whatever the heck I want on it! Meanwhile, keep fighting the good fight, and congrats on an awesome product! You should be proud!

    PS: maybe you can release via Cydia for Jailbroken phones? ;)

    • Josh S.

      While I agree that Apple has a strict process for App development, it’s definitely not unjustified. It’s part of what keeps iOS consistent and at a certain level of quality.

      Regardless of the iOS/Android debate, the process for Apps being approved (whether you love it or not) is well known. Taking the stance of “The update comes out tomorrow, hopefully the app is ready” should never be acceptable. A last minute technical hiccup, such as with the Android app, is annoying, but it happens.

      Planning ahead and having both apps approved and ready a week ago would have been the best course of action. Blaming it on Apple or their policies isn’t right. This is a misstep on YNAB’s part, but they are indeed handling it well and are being very open about it.

      • jesse

        We are not blaming Apple for taking the time they’re taking. I regret releasing YNAB 4 before we had them waiting for sale. We took a risk. We thought, with the average being five days, and our track record of updates taking two days, that giving it nine days would be sufficient. We were wrong. End of story. We planned ahead, I just took the risk there and it blew up in my face.

      • Angela


        Just want you to know that I am happy that have been able to use YNAB4 even without the iPhone app. The reconciliation feature is out of this world. Personally I am glad you didn’t wait. This may not matter, but I was an android owner before I had an iPhone and being able to just download anything caused my android to constantly lock up and even have to be completely reset. That was so frustrating. I chose apple because “it just works”. I am willing to be patient for a product that works without glitches. Thanks again for YNAB4.

  142. Bob Bucy

    I agree with Andre that there is no need for Jesse and the team to apologize for the Apple debacle. I appreciate your complete transparency on this and share your frustration. But I have no problem with you going ahead and releasing YNAB4. For my part, I have downloaded it on the 34 day free trial, and am running it side by side with YNAB3 as my own personal “beta” test. If I find a problem I’ll report it so it can be fixed (no problem so far). Once the iPhone app is released and I am convinced that it is solid and playing nice with the desktop, then I’ll be ready to make the switch. And I expect that all of this will be resolved before the trial period ends.

  143. Hannah Gage

    I am patiently waiting for the Apple app and just wanted to say that I really appreciate how updated you’ve kept us on this issue. If it weren’t for the daily blog update, I would probably be going nuts waiting. So keep it up! Thanks.

  144. Glenn

    Jesse, maybe you could send a direct email to Tim Cook? Then, maybe he’ll give you a one-liner Steve Jobs reply….”Approved!”. Dreaming, I know. But it would be funny.

    On a serious note, I’ve only used YNAB since Oct. ’11 and this is only my 3rd or 4th post ever. To be honest, my first post was me stating my concern of whether or not the new YNAB 4 was worth the $40 upgrade fee if mainly just for cloud sync (I already use Dropbox for YNAB 3). However, after running YNAB 4’s free trial along side of YNAB 3 (yes, I’m choosing to do double entries for now until I’m comfortable with YNAB 4), I have to say I like YNAB 4 a lot better. It was suggested to me from another forum member, and I’m glad I took them up on it. I definitely think the YNAB 4 upgrade is worth $40, even if I paid $60 back in Oct. So, I guess I’ll be paying $100 also. But, to me, learning to budget from never having done it makes this the best budgeting software I’ve tried. I’m still trying to understand the whole budgeting concept and buffers, even with your classes. However, that’s one of the beauties of this product. I can sign up for free classes (and have) and the community is great. I’ve learned a lot from the community, even if I haven’t posted much. I switched from MoneyDance by the way. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop about the iPhone app. I can’t wait for it!

  145. Jeff

    I guess we didn’t need to adjust June’s budget to buy the YNAB upgrade after all. :(

    Come on, Apple!

  146. Robin

    I can’t enter my transactions on my expensive phone because it isn’t approved yet! Boo hoo. #firstworldproblems

    Try worrying about something worth while.

  147. Elizabeth

    Just wanted to pop in to say hang in there. Not sure why some folks are being jerks about this. Also, not having an IT background and therefore, not fully understanding the work it takes for the Apple update, it has been interesting to see it as we all wait for the cloud sync app. As others have pointed out, it makes me want to switch to an Android phone instead of another Apple when the time comes up because of their monopolistic attitude. Things go wrong all the time with deployments, so no worries. In fact, the delay has given me extra time to play around with YNAB4 desktop and then in a few days/weeks/whenever Apple gets around to it, I’ll get to spend a bit of time playing with the cloud synch. Spreading it out like this is like 2 deployments instead of 1 crazy large one!

    Love the new YNAB4 updates – even the subleties like the slightly grayed out balance screen (vs. if you had blacked it out entirely) when reconciling so I can reconcile the bank balance to a certain day- or building in the scroll option for those folks that have one too many closed/hidden accounts (discovered that one this morning! thank you!) – or hiding the scheduled transactions or the upper columns. Love the simplicity YNAB4 brings.

    Thanks for all you & the staff do. You guys routinely and consistently bend over backwards for us YNAB-ers. Speaking for our personal situation, little do you know how your software has changed our financial life, so any improvements/upgrade fees/etc are extremely insignificant & minor in comparison to what we’ve gained in return.

    Keep on rockin’. We’re here for you.

  148. Shane

    Not happy with the $40 ‘discount’ price. You want me to pay 67% of the retail price to upgrade? At first I started justifying the expense, cloud sync has been my (and others’) #1 request for over a year. Then I put the “discounted” upgrade cost into perspective.

    ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR: Best vector editing software available, hands down.
    PRICE TO UPGRADE: $259 (42% of the retail price of $600)
    ROI: Thousands of $$$ in income (Peace in knowing I’ve got a viable source of INCOME)


    YNAB 3: Best budgetting software available, hands down
    PRICE TO UPGRADE: $40 (67% of the retail price of $60)
    ROI: **Maybe** hundreds of $ saved with new cloud sync (**Maybe** Peace in knowing I’ve got a viable source to budget)

    CONCLUSION: I’ve tried really hard, but I can’t justify the 67% upgrade price tag just to get cloud sync and a new look, the ROI doesn’t pan out.

    Am I very upset that I was lead to believe the cloud sync would be part of YNAB 3. VERY! Would I have been ok with an upgrade price for a discount? ABSOLUTELY! But if you think 67% of the retail price is a ‘discounted price’ you are wrong. Your buddy Ramit Sethi may have taught you we will pay ridiculous amounts of money for the things we love (which is why I was willing to pay $60 for YNAB to get my budgetting life in order) BUT when you thumb your nose at us with a 67% upgrade charge to those of us who purchased YNAB 3, expressed our distate for its syncing protocols and requested over and over again cloud sync, you loose loyalty.

    Just my two bits.

    • jesse

      Hey Shane, thanks for your candid feedback. What led you to believe that cloud sync would be part of YNAB 3? With 2 1/2 years since our last major upgrade, we thought it was an ideal time to add a lot more to the software and make it a major upgrade.

      • Tom

        I think those that have been using your method for several years find no issues with the $40 charge. Newer users that have not received tons of free updates may have a different perspective. I get that. As for cloud sync only useful on the mobile app, I am finding the ability to sync my PC and the wife’s PC with no conflicts as a blessing that will keep us both engaged in the method which is a critical part of the process.

      • Pat

        I just budgeting for it! LOL, the money was there and well worth it for all the money I am saving in the long run.

      • Nicolas

        Jesse, maybe should you think about why so many people are upset and was believing that cloud sync would be part of YNAB3 ?

        In september you said that cloud sync was your priority. I bought YNAB3 the 30 november (7 months ago). And I was neither thinking that it would take more than 9 months to develop cloud sync, neither that it will cost 40$ more.
        And how could I guess that YNAB3 was 2y1/2 old and will not be updated anymore ?

        I can keep YNAB3 ? Fine, but i can’t use YNAB3 because of the lack of cloud sync. It’s simple, I’ve almost yet not use YNAB “in production”, because I was waiting for cloud sync…

      • jesse

        It’s definitely a mistake I won’t make again. People will know if a feature we’re working on will be part of a paid upgrade, or not. Or that we’ll never implement their requested feature. We were trying to hold our cards close about YNAB 4, but also wanting to let people know that Cloud Sync was our #1 priority.

      • Michael R

        Jesse, I am sorry but I must make this point. YOU SHOULD NOT BE SORRY! (even thought I totally admire your “customer is always right attitude”, business model rocks). Unless YNAB made some official announcement that Cloud Sync would be part of YNAB 3, then there is nothing to be sorry for. Rumors and thoughts are just that, RUMORS. I bought an iPhone 4 hoping that it would have 4G on it, found out it was only 3G (1st gen). I would think calling the iPhone 4 a version 4 phone would give me 4G. I was TICKED, and would be more ticked than about this, but even then it was my own fault.

        Moral of the story, it’s not always the developers fault about everything. I think YNAB 4 has plenty of other money worthy features, not just Cloud Sync. I have had it for 48 hours and wouldn’t go back even if u asked me to!

      • Mark

        I just bought at the end of November, just missing the cut off. However, even if the cloud sync was the only new addition, I think it would be worth it.

        My wife was looking forward to it too. Syncing manually just wasn’t convenient and was the really lacking feature. She was not that motivated to look at the budget to look at what was available to spend as she didn’t always know what was available. Now she will once Apple gets in the game and that is helpful to the bottom line.

        This budget software helped us eliminate Excel, Quicken and another iPhone app. Triple entry.

        To us it was worth it. Fortunately, we already had $43 and some change in the technology budget.

        Worth = What somebody is willing to sell it for and what someone is willing to pay. That isn’t always the same for all.

        In the end, if most agree buy buying it at that rate, then I would say it is safe to say, it was worth it. If not, then the next iteration will probably be cheaper.

        I for one, am thankful for this software. My time for not triple entering to have the features I want is much better served.

      • Lenore

        A lot of folks feel like they were “led to believe” cloud sync would be a free upgrade to YNAB3. I assume that they got this from rumors on the forums, because I never saw any post by YNAB’s developers, support staff, or teachers which implied that cloud sync would be a free update to YNAB3, although a lot of long-time users hoped it would be. In fact, it was clear that we were getting a new version, and I’ve never gotten a new version of anything free. And although any reasonable budgeter would hope that YNAB would be free (YAY I can spend that budgeted money for something else!!), a full blown upgrade with a reconciliation wizard, improved (for most people) reporting and UI, and all kinds of functional tweaks and improvements isn’t a free update.

        Jesse decided that so long as the basic architecture (whatever that is) was changing and cloud sync took so long to be good enough to satisfy his standards, it was the perfect time to fix and add stuff that’d been on just about everyone’s list for a long time. It was a business decision. Lots of my favorite products have subjected me to changes based on their business decisions, and I either live with that or I leave. Cloud sync may not save me tons of money, but it saves me time. Tweaks and improvements may not make me rich, but they improve my experience. But so long as YNAB provides me with software that implements the YNAB method as elegantly as both YNAB3 and YNAB4 do, I’m sticking with it. Frankly, having had something like a $16,000 turnaround this past year, on a modest civil servant’s salary despite high medical bills, two moves, and a fair amount of money spent on a serious recreational vice, I’d pay a lot more for this product.

        If that’s not true for you, that’s fine; complain, give notice that you’re leaving, whatever works, and then I wish you the best of luck with whatever method or technology you end up with.

    • Stacye

      You don’t feel Jesse is giving you a decent discount? I personally think over 33% off full price is a generous discount.

      Furthermore, I find fault with your perspective. You’re comparing extremely high price point software that has the capabilities of generating income for you, to low-mid price point software that can’t generate income. And by the way, your Adobe software is actually 43+% of the purchase price. Not the quoted 42%.

      YNAB tells your hard earned dollars what to do and budgets better than anything out there (even you admit that) but…it can’t go out and earn those dollars for you! C’mon. Compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges.

  149. Michael R

    Jesse, I just wanted to make my 2 cents known by saying I have upgraded to version 4, even though I live and die by the iPhone app. What an AMAZING thing I can say when I am at the register and I can share with the person checking me out that I am saving money by budgeting on my iPhone, good way to share the miracle of YNAB with more people. I hate to see Apple drag itself on approval, they only shoot themselves in the foot over it. I am joining many on this blog by saying my next smartphone may very well be an Android powered device. This is AMERICA, I should have at least a few freedoms left, like installing what I want on my phone! Great job on the software guys, take a bow…

  150. Matt


    Don’t let the naysayer(s) get you down. It’s funny that when there’s talk of accepting blame and taking personal responsibility that sour grapes, and a LACK of personal responsibility can occur in the same breath. I saw that the current iphone app was not compatible with ynab4 so I have not upgraded yet because I feel that I need the mobile sync capability.

    How did I come to this “clairvoyant” observation about the incompatibility and gain knowledge about the impending approval of the mobile update approval. YOU told all of us up front. I was able to make a decision based upon the available information and live with the consequences.

    You have done nothing wrong!

    As far as the pricing…

    I feel that my purchase of Ynab3 was well worth it. I feel that while the investment in ynab4 will not yield the same ROI percentage as my initial YNAB purhase, it is still well worth it, and thanks in part to you and your system, $40 in no way breaks my bank.

    Thanks to the control and planning facilitated by your program, we are blessed to give more than that on a weekly basis. Our income is not high by most standards, it has in fact gone down significantly since starting your program. I honestly consciously consider it to be a certificate of appreciation for the work that you have put into it to send you $40. I have no illusion that you have not given of your love, $weat, and tear$ to this software and its support and continued development.

    I firmly believe that you have left the cave, took risks, killed something and DESERVE what you have drug home. I gladly exchange my hard earned money for the product and service that you have provided to me and my family!

    A hearty thank you for what your efforts have done for our family. Please continue to keep up the good work as I’m sure you will!

  151. Chad

    The iOS app delay has done nothing to hurt YNAB’s reputation and EVERYTHING to damage Apple’s reputation in my mind. I’m a user of a variety of Apple products, but this is plain ridiculous.

    YNAB, great work on a great product. While I eagerly wait for the new app, I by no means find frustration with you! The big, bad Apple Inc. could learn a lot from your transparent and personable business model.

    • Andy

      I don’t know. Not to start a fan/flame war but I’ll take occasional delays and restrictions (the bad) for a vastly improved user experience (the good) compared to the options. Nothing is free in this world or without tradeoffs. I have yet to truly be perplexed and annoyed by any Apple product compared to frequent frustrations with PC products or my prior Palm Treo 650’s apps, for example, all of which were/are so different from each other that the interface can really get in the way. If a little stranglehold by Apple to ensure a more consistent user experience is what it takes, then can anyone really be annoyed for a couple day wait for the next mobile YNAB? Not a fanboi, I still use PC software at work, not trying to start flames. But if people are allowed to express unhappiness, I just want to express nonchalance and patience. Looking forward to the new mobile YNAB.

      The one thing I hope for though is that YNAB doesn’t update their software with the frequency (and cost!) of Parallels software which seemed to come out with a new version every 9 months then try to charge ~$50 each time. Yikies!! That was annoying and I stopped using their software altogether because they would stop supporting the prior versions to work with new Apple OS updates.

      • Mark

        “If a little stranglehold by Apple to ensure a more consistent user experience is what it takes, then can anyone really be annoyed for a couple day wait for the next mobile YNAB?”

        Not sure if serious, but yes.

        The Android users of YNAB don’t seem to be too harmed by not going through Apple’s gauntlet.

      • Mark

        YNAB on the iPhone doesn’t have the same user experience as Money Well on the iPhone and they are two apps doing almost precisely the same thing. I guess that means Apple should have rejected at least one of the two.

        This really isn’t the place for this discussion, so if Apple’s limiting your choices works better for you, that’s cool.

      • Andy

        Mark, You’re right, didn’t mean to start anything here. Always a trade-off in life no matter what.

        Great YNAB software, good job!

  152. Cameo, BSN, RN, MPH

    I’m super happy that you went ahead and released YNAB 4, iPhone app at the ready or not. I LOVE using it, and the iPhone app will just be icing on the cake when it arrives.

    Fret not, YNAB team! It’s not your fault in the slightest.

    • jesse

      Well, it IS. Nobody would have known we delayed YNAB 4 another 2-3 weeks b/c we were waiting for the Apple review. We were keeping a tight lid on it.

  153. Robert

    Wow, you would think this software is used to run life support machines!
    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love YNAB (probably more the methods and what it is trying to get me to do) but I think I should be able to make it through this short wait without being “terribly frustrated.” Isn’t this part of “rolling with the punches”?

    Jesse and Team.. hang in there, the product is great and will only get better..

    Me personally, I’ll save “terribly frustrated” for the really trying situations I encounter in life…

  154. Michelle

    I just want to second the comment above. I am happy that you released YNAB 4. As I’ve been using it the last few days, the reconciliation and reporting features have gotten me to the point where I am going to give up Quicken. (I’ve got more than 15 years of data and have been doing double entry with YNAB 3 for a year.) For me, it feels like YNAB has reached an almost perfect balance of a) really helping us make better spending decisions through the 4 rules b) providing enough reporting to make tax-prep and historical research ( I thought I paid XXXX) smooth and c) not enabling me to indulge my tendency to over-analyze and micro-manage silly details (as I did in Quicken).

    Like others, I find the inability to sync transactions from the current iphone app disconcerting, but I know it won’t be forever. Sure it would be nice if Apple wasn’t taking so long, but I rely on their quality. And in hindsight I’m sure the YNAB team could have done some things differently. At the end of the day, though, the money I’ve spent on YNAB is money well-spent.

  155. Curtis

    Ynab has allowed me to pay off over 10,000 in debt this year. Waiting for the iphone update and gladly paying for the upgrade is my way of saying thank you for changing my an my families financial life.

  156. ASR

    You could offer YNAB with a life time supply of bacon after purchase, and people would still find a way to complain.

    Count me in as one more happy YNAB user, patiently waiting for the update.

    • Chris Bobridge

      I’ve been using YNAB for the last two years and am pretty disgusted that I didn’t get a lifetime supply of bacon when paying for this upgrade. Jesse, you can send my refund to the email address above. :)

  157. Anita

    The delay with the iPhone/iPad app isn’t bothering me at all – I chose apple devices partly because I know they’re rigorous about checking apps before they go into the wild, and that suits me.

    It might be partly that I spend a lot of my working life involved in IT projects in government, so I’m used to what rigorous quality control looks like – waiting for proper coexistence testing, integration testing, regression, etc is normal for me, and I’ve been involved in way too many reviews and clean-ups after they weren’t done.

    TBH my main discomfort about the release of YNAB4 has actually been the number of patches to the main app since release. I’m feeling a little like someone should have warned me that I was signing up to a UAT cycle or two when I took the first release of the app. I would have waited if I’d known it has kinks still to be knocked out of it.

    That said, while I’ve seen a couple of odd app behaviours I’ve not lost any data and nothing has been a major, so it’s all good really.

  158. melissa

    I love YNAB! Your entire team has done a great job. It is unfortunate that the iPhone app is taking forever to be approved. My question is: There are tons of crappy apps on the app store, many of which I don’t even think went through any approval process because it’s just so crappy, weird that they are giving your app such a stringent approval process?!?! I’m eagerly waiting for the app though!

    • jesse

      To be honest, it has me worried. But then I remember that it’s still “Waiting for Review” and that makes me think they haven’t started looking at it (again, after fixin the items that they rejected in our meta description), which gives me a bit of peace again.

    • Glenn

      There are definitely some crappy apps in the Apple app store. But, how do you know they didn’t go through the same review process, or were just as stringent on the developers of those apps? Maybe the developers of some of those apps thought the same thing. I’m sure they’re either behind schedule or see something in the app they don’t like. Apple has a review process. But that doesn’t make them the bad guy.

      • jesse

        I agree Glenn. I think it’s that they’re backed up, mainly because we’re still “Waiting for Review.” If we were “In Review” and they were taking a long time, I’d be worried that there was something the app was doing that they weren’t liking.

  159. Steve B.

    This may sound like a silly question but does Apple work weekends? Is it possible the iPhone apps will be approved this weekend or are they further delayed until at least Monday?

    Love YNAB 4!!!

    • Mark

      I’ve seen updated apps show up over the weekend. I don’t know whether they were put into a queue on Friday and didn’t actually get released until the weekend or whether they actually got the thumbs up over the weekend.

      I sure hope they work weekends. After all this conditioning, I feel like I can’t even go buy groceries without the mobile app.

  160. Shawn Davis

    No fret. I’m also glad you released ynab 4 early; it gives me time to play with it before taking the plunge July 1st. I would have been ticked if I had to wait on the main program just because the app was delayed. Anyway, looking forward to the app as well.

  161. Jessica

    Jesse – I just wanted to say that I’m loving the new version. I first signed up what, 4 years ago or so? With cloud sync, DH and I can both track our spending, and it updates to one master budget. (we work in different states) That alone to me is worth the $40 upgrade price. Apps? android? iphone? Well, we have yet to delve into that smartphone realm. I was however running YNAB 3 on my iTouch. loved it – I’ll love the cloud sync even more.

    Thank you to you and your team for all your hard work. Not everyone needs apps to survive.

  162. Brad

    Count me as a happy customer and proud owner of YNAB 4. You guys did a fantastic job, and I personally am glad you released it now so I can use it and get used to it. It was a great upgrade over version 3. I can’t wait for the iPhone app either, but I can wait patiently until it’s released. Thanks for going ahead and giving us YNAB 4!

  163. andy

    should i stop using the old iphone version until the new one comes out now that i have upgraded to desktop version v4? will i lose any transactions i have entered into iphone when the upgrade eventually makes it to the appstore? would be great if you could clarify whats the best thing to do. Thanks!

    • David

      It’s my understanding that the current version of the iPhone app we are all running will NOT sync with YNAB 4, that’s why Apple’s delay is giving Jesse and team grey hairs. I did read where I think Jesse said Taylor was trying to throw some code together to help with that but me personally, I’d rather him be working on YNAB 4 bug fixes, etc. I’ll just hold off on using the legacy iPhone app for now.

      I was trying to do dual transactions, entering everything into my YNAB 3 file too but I think I had too many things messed up in 3 and can’t keep them the same so I’m going cold turkey, straight to 4.

    • MJK

      Jesse said previously that the transactions that you enter into the iPhone app will not be lost when the update comes out. You just won’t be able to sync until the update comes out.

      • jesse

        That’s correct. It’s not pretty, but it’s a workaround we can have people do.

  164. Ruth

    I, too, am glad you released YNAB 4. I have an iPhone and use YNAB 3 on it. I am using the trial version for for now – it’s a new toy to play with. Like other comments above, not having the app to go with it at the moment is not a deal-breaker for me. You get 34 days to try YNAB 4. I still use the app version I have on my phone to record transactions and when I want to sync with my desktop, I just open YNAB3 and sync it. No biggie!! I just hope Apple approves the app before the trial runs out. Apple, you have 32 days to go. oh, wait…the seems as if I’ve given them more time to delay… Apple, my trial runs out in 6 days so you have 6 days to go ;)
    Jessie and the gang – keep up the good work and don’t stress too much on the iPhone app – it’ll get here eventually :)

    • Ruth

      Oops, just realized after I hit “enter” I spelled your name wrong Jesse. Don’t know where that “i” came from. Sorry!!!!

    • Ruth

      I’ve tried WIFI syncing my iPhone to YNAB 4 and it worked. It’s just a one-way sync (I think this may have been mentioned previously) so you can have transactions from your phone go to YNAB 4 but that’s it. You just have to keep in mind your categories if you’ve changed them since using YNAB 4 and you want to sync your iPhone.

      • Ken Raetz

        Ahh… I missed that note… That is very helpful and I will do that next time.

        Well, being a developer at heart, it is always more fun to import, delete, export… using different versions… “converting data”… it sounds like I really accomplished something. Can I get an amen from any developers?

        Thanks Ruth!

  165. Mika Salakka

    Don’t let this setback put a damper on your YNAB4 launch. Be of good cheer! Good things are worth the wait, and the mobile app will get approved eventually. The delay doesn’t reflect at all poorly on you guys, but rather on Apple (much as I like their products, I’m not wild about App Store’s Draconian submitting process). YNAB4 is a great product and I look forward to upgrading from version 3 soon. I would do so whether or not there was a mobile app for it.

  166. Dante Regis

    Oh really??? NOW you’re thinking you should have waited for the apps to be ready before launching it? LOL

    • jesse

      At the time it seemed like a very small risk. 98% of apps were being approved in 5 business days and we submitted with 9 business days. Our track record prior to our submission was two days for updates. We’re now on day 17. Lesson learned.

  167. Stephen

    I will be upgrading to YNAB4 but I have to wait until the new iphone version comes out. I could’t live without the iphone app.

  168. Kevin

    Hey Jesse, will the new iPhone app be distinct from the YNAB app that was on sale prior to the release of YNAB4? Or will it be a free upgrade for those of us who have already purchased the YNAB app?

    I bought the YNAB3 app within the past few weeks and would be kinda bummed if I had to pay for the new cloud-sync-capable app…

    • jesse

      The iPhone app will be a free update to those that purchased the prior version.

  169. NorwegianBudgetter

    Is it possible to do updates to this post on the latest news on the iPhone app as new blog posts? That way those of us following the blog using rss won’t have to revisit this post manually to catch up with the latest :)

  170. Kyle

    Don’t fret Jesse. Apple will hopefully approve the app soon. I just looked in the App Store and YNAB is not showing up at all (not even the old version). Maybe this is good news?!

    • jesse

      I wish it were good news. We pulled it so it wouldn’t confuse people, since the old version won’t work with YNAB 4 (gracefully).

  171. Nicole

    When is the YNAB Lite app coming out for Android? Will we be able to use YNAB Lite on a tablet?

    • jesse

      We’re going to get the paid version of Android up to feature parity, and then we’ll release a Lite version for Android. I’m not certain it will work on tablets.

      • Jamie Tomlinson

        Just to let you know I have the current android YNAB app installed on my Asus Transformer TF101 tablet and it works fine. When first loading it seems to force portrait mode for the cloud sync setup but then reverts back to landscape / auto orientate. All the screens seem to show up ok just a lot of screen real estate for the little information. It highlights to me how tablet specific versions of the app could be virtually as full featured as the desktop(or at least enable a lot more features such as tweaking the budget and seeing more than just category balances etc). Happy to be a guinea pig once you start putting something together ;)!?


  172. V

    Congrats on the YNAB4 launch! The new version looks beautiful and I am excited to try it out! I’ve only been with YNAB since v3 but really love the product. However, I’ve noticed some glitches in v4. For example, the Balance between the Budgeted and Outflow amounts for my credit card payments is wrong. Also some of the “cells” in the Budget tab look off (numbers skewed upwards etc.)

    Hope these issues can be fixed as I’m really looking forward to using YNAB4! Cheers!

    • jesse

      The one about the numbers in the budget cells being skewed upwards is a known issue that we’re going to get fixed. As far as the balance being wrong, is it possible that there are errors because of the Error Checking that was turned on with YNAB 4?

  173. David

    I do like YNAB4 interface better than 3, it is cleaner and easier to use. While I certainly can wait for the Apple app upgrade to check out the cloud sync feature, I agree with the sentiment that YNAB4 roll-out could have been delayed until the apps were ready since they are part of the largest update in this version; otherwise, I don’t think it is a show stopper at all. I am very impressed with the open communication about it all; very commendable.

  174. Ady

    Is the new YNAB mobile app compatible with iOS 6?
    PS – I am checking the App Store at least twice a day, hoping for Apple to accept the app.
    I love YNAB and I think you are doing a great job.


  175. Ken Raetz

    Being a previous user of YNAB 3, my wife and I were still happily entering transactions into our iPhone apps. Having upgraded to YNAB 4 on my desktop already, I was really feeling stuck without having those transactions (and we’re at end of month planning the next month). So, I opened YNAB 3 up, imported the transactions, saved a different version of my YNAB 3 file, and deleted all the transactions except the newly imported transactions. I then exported them to a QIF file and imported them into YNAB 4. The whole thing took 5-10 minutes, much quicker than retyping 45 transactions.

    Jesse, hang in there. I’m a developer as well, and I know how these things go. You have a great app. I love the new features of YNAB 4. I look forward to getting the full cloud sync feature in place with the updated iPhone apps.

    • jesse

      That’s a pretty good workaround there Ken :) Thanks for sharing.

  176. pnply

    No big deal on the iphone app. Ya’ll have been pretty clear that if iphone app usage is vital, don’t upgrade to YNAB 4 yet. My wife uses android so I’ll just upgrade tonight and keep from using my iphone app till the new one is approved. These are just regular Apple hoops… not you’re fault that they are such a closed system.

  177. Ruth

    I’ve tried WIFI syncing my iPhone to YNAB 4 and it worked. It’s just a one-way sync (I think this may have been mentioned previously) so you can have transactions from your phone go to YNAB 4 but that’s it. You just have to keep in mind your categories if you’ve changed them since using YNAB 4 and you want to sync your iPhone.

    I’ve just tried a second time and it worked. You will get a message in YNAB 4 saying sync was successful. However on your iPhone it will say syncing was unsuccessful, but don’t worry about that since it is working.

    • Ruth

      Just to clarify, the second try is still just one-way. Your information in YNAB 4 does not update your iPhone but at least the transaction you enter into your iPhone will get added to YNAB 4 :D

    • Ruth

      TIP: Once you sync with YNAB 4, you can sync again with YNAB 3 to clear the transactions off the phone.

      I’m only using YNAB 4 now so I don’t care if YNAB 3 is up-to-date and I can just delete the synced transactions or just leave it as I have a backup of the previous YNAB3 file anyway.

      • jesse

        Ha! THAT’s how you’re getting around that bit.

    • Nancy

      This is interesting, Ruth – a one-way sync would definitely be preferable to no sync at all.

    • jesse

      Didn’t the phone re-import the same transactions though?

      • Ruth

        Yes. If you sync to YNAB 4 first, then sync to YNAB 3, the same transactions will load into both versions. And since I don’t need to keep YNAB 3 current, I just use it now to “dump” the transactions from the iPhone so it will be cleared for future transactions. But there’s no reason someone couldn’t keep both versions current as long as the sync is with YNAB 4 first.

      • Ruth

        I’m still running the trial version of YNAB 4. I’m not sure if that makes a difference.
        Jesse, I should still be able to run 3 once I have upgraded to 4, right? I only need 3 until the new iPhone app is released.

      • jesse

        Yes, you can run YNAB 4 and YNAB 3 on the same computer side by side.

  178. Tom

    YNAB4 is a great improvement over 3 in my opinion.

  179. Richard

    As a sofware developer, I wanted to comment on this whole experience. Releasing a new version of any sofware, large or small, is a huge undertaking. Mistakes will be made. Last-minute bugs will be revealed (usually followed by developer head-smacking, “I can’t believe I missed that one!”). Things outside of control will interfere with the intentions of a smooth transitions. Some existing users will rave about change, others will complain and wonder why change was necessary.

    I have been using financial/budgeting software since the time I earned my first paycheck (Quicken for DOS). I left Quicken as a disgruntled user for various reasons, one being that I did not like being forced to pay every two years to continue to use the outdated version. Each “upgrade” was simply a small refactor of the user interface and maybe some current tax law implementations. I switched to MS Money because it came preinstalled and I decided Microsoft was a bit less evil than Intuit. But they had the same business model and then they decided to abandon the product altogether, leaving users hanging.

    I chose to switch to YNAB Pro because the philosophy of budgeting and managing money was in sync with the direction I was heading. The only thing I really missed was the ability to update and track mutual funds and stocks in my retirement and non-retirement accounts and report on them in a single place. I was a happy customer for over a year when YNAB 3 came out. I still think that it is a beautiful application, both in appearance and functionality. I have not been asked to pay extra for several significant improvements and additional features. I think Jesse has been more than fair in what has been given away as part of being a customer. I know that those who bought in later feel they did not get quite as much of their money’s worth, but I agree you have to draw a cut-off line somewhere.

    Sadly, I will not be in a great hurry to upgrade to the new version. But none of the reasons are within the direct control of the developers:
    1. As a primary Linux user, I will no longer have the ability to run natively, due to Adobe’s decision to abandon development of AIR for that platofrm. While I wish that YNAB 4 would have a version which remained compatible with AIR 2.6, I understand why the team would choose to stay current and use the tools available to them to provide a self-contained version. (I am aware that users have had success running under WINE, but I have never used that product and I am currently in the middle of two other major application upgrades which are taking up a lot of my time.)
    2. I am not (yet) a smart-phone user. It is my hope that someday the YNAB way will have assisted me in getting out of debt and under control so that such luxuries will enter my budget. But for now I have no need for the “Cloud sync” feature which seems to me to be the main reason to upgrade.

  180. Gonzo

    Any news? Haven’t seen any update in two days =(

  181. Sam

    Will the iPhone app be available in the Australia iTunes store? I tried download YNAB3, it says that it’s not available in Australia.

    • jesse

      It will be available wherever there’s an app store.

  182. Zac

    Um, guys your ‘lite’ version is in the app store now…

    • Zac

      Sorry, just saw your blog post that it’s available-you should probably update these blog entries as I’m probably not the only person that keeps coming back here to check the status. Would’ve bought ynab 4 days ago if I’d realized the lite version was available in the app store…

      • G. Prince

        LOL Jesse I don’t envy you guys at all. You just can’t seem to catch a brake…

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