Podcast Roundup

I wanted to make this a regular occurrence on the blog, where we round up the prior month’s podcast episodes, just in case you aren’t a regular podcaster, but one catches your eye:

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Jesse is the founder of YouNeedABudget.com. When he’s not speaking on, writing about, fine-tuning software for, or doing his own budgeting, he enjoys playing the piano, working in the garden, CrossFit, marksmanship, and honing his golf swing. Jesse graduated from Brigham Young University with a Masters of Accountancy degree. Immediately after he obtained his CPA license, he let it lapse so he could work on "You Need A Budget" full-time. Jesse lives in Utah, is married to Julie, and has five children. You can conect with Jesse on Google+ here.

One thought on “Podcast Roundup

  1. Jesse,

    I see why YNAB is the best!!!

    I really enjoy the podcast.

    PS You new web site is really shows what YNAB is all about. Excellent job by you and your team.



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