YNAB 4 Will Be Here in 5 Days.

YNAB 4 will be here in five days (Tuesday). It’s our best YNAB yet. You will love it.

YNAB 4 Sneak Peak

For a peek behind the scenes, and a first glimpse at the all new look, check out The Making of YNAB 4:

New Features in YNAB 4

Cloud Sync

Automatically sync all of your devices in real time. All you need is a free Dropbox account. It’s easier than ever to keep your budget up to date.

Improved Look/Workflow

Work with a fresh new interface that benefits from hundreds of design touches that create a more consistent, readable, intuitive and efficient experience.


You’ll never lose your work. YNAB 4 saves your progress constantly.

Version History

Wish you could go back in time to undo a mistake? YNAB 4 lets you easily restore your budget to a prior state.

Collapsible Account Groups in the Sidebar

Have a lot of accounts? You can collapse your account groups to stay focused and distraction-free.

All Accounts View

View, find, and filter all of your transactions across all accounts with YNAB 4’s ‘All Accounts’ view.

Account Reconciliation

Use the new reconciliation wizard to reconcile all of your accounts with ease. It ensures that YNAB and your bank balances match.

Improved Importing

QIF users, this one’s for you. YNAB 4 won’t import duplicate transactions from QIF files, saving you potentially hours of time in account cleanup.

Bigger Text

Across the board, YNAB now uses larger text for better legibility. As I get older, the text will likely get larger :)

Better Spending Reports

View (agonize over?) your spending by category or payee. See just the information you want by easily filtering on accounts, categories, or payees.

Income v. Expense Report

Now you can see your net income to make sure you’re taking in more than you’re spending. See averages and totals of your spending over time. If you run your business books with YNAB, you’ll especially love this. It’s your Profit & Loss report!

Net Worth Report

A newly designed report with the ability to filter by date and include/exclude accounts gives you total control over the information displayed.

Better Exporting

Exporting to QIF or CSV is now incredibly flexible. YNAB will export only the transactions contained in your current filter or search (even across all accounts!).

And So Much More…

This list is not even close to exhaustive. There are hundreds (thousands?) of tiny improvements throughout the software.


Seasoned budgeters like yourselves are excited about the awesome things I listed above, and then you remembered your budget: Wait a minute Jesse! What’s this going to cost?!

If you purchased on or after December 27, 2011, you’re covered under our “My timing couldn’t have been worse, I just purchased this yesterday” guarantee; this upgrade will be free for you. Please do us a favor and tell a friend about YNAB :)

For those of you that purchased on or before December 26, 2011, this upgrade will be available for $40. Don’t worry, this discounted price is good for a long, long time. (Budget to your “YNAB 4 Upgrade” category each month for as many months as it takes OR, just stick it in the all-powerful “Miscellaneous” category ;)

We are dying to have our hard work validated by having you vote with your hard-earned, budgeted money, but we will not force you to upgrade. Use YNAB 3 as long as you like. It’s yours. (As we did with prior versions, formal support for YNAB 3 will end one year from the launch of YNAB 4, on June 26th, 2013.)

What Happens Next

Over the next few days I will be writing in-depth blog posts about many of the features listed above. I’ll give more launch details as we draw closer!

You are going to love YNAB 4!

Updates on the Launch

June 22 – If you haven’t yet caught the in-depth blog posts that were posted today, you can find them here:

471 Responses to “YNAB 4 Will Be Here in 5 Days.”

    • Jonathan Bach

      What’s new about Cloud Sync? I already keep my YNAB3 file in my DropBox folder on my PC and my Wife’s PC – so it’s always the same file on either PC – though as far as I know we cannot both work in YNAB at the same time. Is THAT in YNAB4?

      • jesse

        That’s one of the things yes, that there’s no file clashing. Also the fact that you can use your iPhone/Android to update your budgets instantaneously as well. That one for me was the bit that sealed the deal.

      • Jonathan Bach

        Thanks – will be watching tonight from Europe – any Webinar “deals?”

  1. Justin

    As a recent (3 months) newcomer to YNAB it’s already indispensable. I’m very excited to try v4 especially cloud syncing :D

  2. Mike

    Looks great! Now how ’bout that iPad app? :) No we’re never satisfied.

    • Orlando Barrowes

      Hey, that’s exactly what I was going to say!

    • Stacey

      I third the iPad app. Using the iPhone app on the iPad has been “okay” but you can really make it better by offering a second app. And please tell me that there will be a way to split transactions. I really miss that functionality and sometimes it hinders my ability to keep up with my budget on the go.

      And speaking of apps, since the desktop software is required to power the app, why do you charge for the app (especially since it’s priced at $5)? It seems like a double dip to me.

      • Jamon

        Software development is expensive. $5 is pretty darn cheap for a piece of software. It used to be that you couldn’t find a five year old Quicken in the bargain bin for $5.

        I wouldn’t complain too much about it because in the end that money is going toward future development and support. Free software always suffers from lack of attention and support and development.

      • Huevos

        There’s a lot – a LOT – of free software that gets plenty of attention and support and development. The entire Linux operating system, for example.

      • Jamon

        Yes, I use Linux every day in my job. I also use Windows and OSX every day. Linux is a much worse user experience compared to the other two, even if you use the latest version of Ubuntu (which isn’t bad, but certainly not on the level of Lion).

        Some software developers will do open source development for free, but the best do it for pay.

      • Javier


        while I agree that OSX is generally a better user experience, the underlying UNIX system Darwin IS open source. If you put together all the Macs, iphones and Android smartphones, most computers in the world will run on open source software.

      • Jamon

        (reply to Javier)

        Sure, OS’s are general-purpose enough that it makes sense to open source at least the kernels. Most of the development is funded in other ways (hardware for OSX, consulting gigs for Linux, apps for Android). But an app for a budgeting software would never be a good candidate for open sourcing, and that’s the topic here. Unless you want a relatively ugly app that doesn’t work that well and has no customer support (aka every other open source app out there…good designers and customer support reps don’t work for free).

      • Orlando Barrowes

        I gladly pay 5 bucks to support iPhone development. And I’d gladly pay five or 10 more for an iPad version.

      • TM

        Absolutely agree. Software development is costly and ongoing. YNAB is very affordable to buy and upgrade. Do you expect to get the newer model of the car you’re currently driving for free?

      • Angela

        I do believe there is a way to split transactions on the go. I use it on my iPhone all the time, and on the desktop. I too, am looking forward to an iPad app. That would just be the icing on the cake. Btw, there’s no such thing as free icing that is this delicious. Just saying!

      • Leslie

        I don’t know which iPhone app you are using, only the one I have installed already does split transactions. When you do your next transaction, click on the split on the right at the top of the screen, put in the first part of the transaction, press save, then click on the next part of the transaction, etcetera.

      • dbrady

        You can do splits on the iphone- after you enter the amount go to category and at the top right of the screen you’ll see the split icon. hit it and off you go.

    • Victor

      I “Fourth” the iPad app! It is great desktop software but who has time to boot up the old PC and spend time at a desktop? I am on the iPad all day and would find it so much easier to stay on top of my budget if there was a fully functioning iPad version instead of just a “journal” that locks on transactions… I would have gladly paid full price for the iPad version instead and since that’s the direction everyone’s going I hope that’s the next build…

      • Lynne

        I’ve been requesting and patiently waiting for a dedicated iPad version to match desktop features for months too….I live on my iPad and although I have the iPhone version installed…it’s lack of landscape mode is annoying….LOL as far as the price goes…I would have been very happy to have only paid $5 for mine….but alas here in Australia, Apple like to make us pay big regardless of currency fluctuations….had mine for months now but from memory it was close to $12….thanks Apple! :-(

      • Lynne

        Add on….split transactions definitely work on this app, use this feature on a regular basis

      • jesse

        Hi Lynne, with 4 almost out the door, we’re happy to be able to begin work on the iPad app. We just don’t have enough bandwidth to be working full-steam on multiple large projects (YNAB 4 and iPad). We’ll still be devoting lots of resources to the desktop app obviously, but we’re excited to crack the iPad code.

    • Mike

      I forth, fifth or …th the iPad proposition! :D I love YNAB and looking forward to the new version but definitely like to see an iPad app too.

  3. Renee McGrath

    Will be need to upgrade mobile device apps as well? If so, is there an additional charge associated with that? Looking forward to cloud sync… woo hoo!

    • Janise Cookston

      Great question! I hope the “My timing couldn’t have been worse, I just purchased this yesterday” guarantee applies to the apps.

    • Jack Van Hooser

      I’m wondering about the mobile app too. I got the android app and love it. I’m not looking forward to another $40 for the new version, but I’ll probably do it when I can afford to.

      • Malisa - ynab teacher

        No charge to update the mobile apps.

  4. Eric

    You know, this is all so awesome! I will upgrade because of cloud sync. But it won’t be today. My only complaint is the cost of upgrading. It should really be cheaper. I can’t justify dropping $110 on budgeting software over the course of a year and a half (ipod version+YNAB3+upgrade).
    One company that I think does a great job of upgrade costs is J River for their J River Media Center software. Early adopters of new versions are rewarded with discounted upgrade costs, which increase on a sliding scale over the course of a few months when a new version comes out until it reaches the full upgrade price and never moves. I truly believe that gets more people upgrading early and produces a better product sooner. Now I’m not saying that I’m expecting bugs – of course you got everything right the first time, right? – but I think that sliding model is a good balance of rewarding loyal customers and ironing out bugs as soon as possible. Depending on your point of view, it can be win-win.

    Just my two cents.

    • jesse

      Hi Eric,
      We tried the sliding scale a bit with the upgrade to YNAB 3 and, to be honest, we found it to be an absolute nightmare. People already don’t like it when they “just missed” the line in the sand. So instead, we had I think five lines in the sand…it was a disaster I don’t wish to repeat.

      • Jamon

        Aww … upgraded to YNAB 3 on November 28, 2011. :-(

      • Justin

        well said:)… a line has to be drawn and some people will miss out but ya can’t just keep bumping it back.

      • Mike S.

        I still think it is crumby, having just bought on Nov 29th, it’s only been 6 months. You should give a year, even a price tier for 6 months to 12 months (i.e. free for people that purchased in last 6 months, 50% off for those that bought 6-12 months out, and then full price after that). It does not need to be some complicated 5 line in the sand tiered program. Personally, I think you should even give a discount for anyone that upgrades from the last version, irregardless of time, even if just $5. Most other software companies on the planet reward those loyal to them. Disappointing.

      • jesse

        I get hit both ways it looks like. People are mad if we give a break for those that just purchased because we should reward the longer-term customers that are more loyal, but those that just purchased would be mad if they “just missed” the new version. Based on our experience with the YNAB 3 upgrade, and pricing comments given throughout the day, the one thing I know is that we can’t please everybody. No matter what kind of pricing scheme we use (there will always be some that simply scream that this does not warrant an upgrade, despite our testaments to the effort involved), someone won’t think it’s the right price.

        So what does one do in this situation, where no price is the right price? Because no price is right in everyone’s eyes, I went with something that was 1) simple and 2) I thought was right. In the end, that’s basically all I could do.

        I appreciate the comments on price because it helps me gauge if I still think the price is right, based on any new information I might glean. So please keep comments coming. I just want you to know where I’m coming from.

      • Nicolas

        +1 I bought YNAB3 the 30 of november and I am disappointed because I have not used a lot YNAB because of the lack of cloud sync, so I was waiting this upgrade from a long time and I see that there is not YNAB 3.x but YNAB 4 + $ 40.. (in septembre 2011 you already said your highest priority is the cloud sync).
        I fully understand that you don’t work for free, but I feel like the previous comments that the bill is a little salty …

      • Deanna

        Bought YNAB in Feb 12 to replace 10 years of Quicken use…lessness. I would gladly pay $40 for the upgrade even though I just paid $60 for version 3. People are not required to upgrade their software, as you just said that YNAB 3 is ours and we can continue to use it as long as we like. YNAB 4 looks like it contains some of the features I would like to have seen included. I pay for any service I do not want to provide for myself. Sometimes that’s paying someone to cook my food (at a restaurant) or wash my car. In this case, I am paying you and your staff for your skills in creating new software as well as your (huge amount of) time invested into creating it. IMHO $40 is cheap when viewed this way. People need to stop expecting something amazing without personally having to invest a lot into it, whether that be their time (time is money!) or their hard earned cash.

      • Leslie

        Jesse. The price!
        I bought YNAB original and got the upgrades after beta testing. This is a fantastic piece of software which has kept me on the straight and narrow since I purchased it. I have partaken in many web sessions, all at no charge, (thanks Erin).
        I will purchase the new YNAB4. It has saved me far more than it ever cost. Therefore, all I can say is, “the price is right”. I obviously miss any sand lines, but, folks, don’t quibble the price, BUDGET, join the new way to be secure in the future and appreciate the backup you get with this software.

      • Joss

        I don’t mind the price – I always knew there would be a fee to upgrade if I wanted to do so and I’m so glad to have the option for that.
        I think the price of $60 to sort out my finances is a bargain, so a $40 discounted rate is very nice.
        Although I don’t fit in the boat, I’d sure be glad if I purchased within the last 6 months and therefore had the free upgrade, but I know like anything there is a finite point where you need to draw the line and sorry guys – you didn’t make the cut!

      • Ryan Bakke

        I don’t know if any other YNAB customers have to deal with Adobe or Autodesk and their and wanton alienation of customers and ridiculous yearly upgrade costs for product that is very incrementally “improved”. YNAB is a dream in comparison. Price how you must, but never say that a product older than 3 years cannot be eligible for a reduced upgrade price.

      • Andrew W.

        I just missed the “line in the sand” for the upgrade to 3, and was annoyed at the time that I had to shell out more money. So, I waited until the end of November last year to upgrade to 3, and guess what – just missed it again. I have learned my lesson, and will wait until 5 comes out. I hope you still make the old versions available on the website to install onto other computers as was promised when I bought my version of YNAB3 less than 7 months ago (I trust you won’t turn into Microsoft and stop supporting your products).

      • jesse

        Hey Andrew, we still support people needing to download older software. Absolutely. We really do try and treat customers in a way that lets us feel good about things. I’m cool with you waiting until YNAB 5. I’m sure it’ll be great.

      • Eric

        I just wanted to say that the more you’ve blogged about the upgrade as time goes on, the more the price is justified. I really feel like the depth was missing from the original announcement.

      • jesse

        That’s heartening to hear, honestly. And andy lack of depth with the original announcement was totally my fault. I need to get better at the whole marketing thing.

    • Scott

      Gladly paying the $40 for the upgrade. Ynab is so awesome, they deserve it for all the work they had to put into YNAB 4.

      • David

        I second that. I don’t have a “YNAB Upgrade” budget but by golly, $40 is flying out the window as soon as they let me! YNAB truly is awesome, the forums, the training, the blog, the constant development. Well worth the cost.

      • GAB

        Same here. I am glad to pay for the upgrade. Once I got used to using YNAB, I can’t see my self running my life without it. I know I could still use the old version, but I want to support the company to continue developing the software.
        Also, where do you find a company like this who provides live classes for free? No one.
        Thank you for working on making YNAB better everyday.

  5. Debbie

    Awesome! I can’t wait – who would of thought that I could get excited over a new budgeting release. My friends will never understand this about me.

      • Mama

        Me too! I am so glad that there are other people out there that understand my obsession :P

    • David

      My wife thinks I’m such a dork for getting excited about a budget software upgrade but hey, I have many labels, that’s just one more ;)

    • Charity

      I was telling my husband about this new upgrade and how excited I was about it. He was very quiet, I said, “Does this make me a dork, that I’m so excited about financial software?” He said, “Yeah, it kind of does.” Oh well, at least I have company :) Can’t wait until tomorrow . . .

  6. Ian

    Will cloud sync also be available on the iOS app? Can’t wait to upgrade, it looks awesome!

  7. Ignatius

    Looks good. Like the new color schemes and added visuals for triggers. Any word on this relates to the mobile devices (preferably Android)?

  8. David

    I’m excited about a lot of the new features, particularly cloud sync, but am also wondering if the iPhone app update will be free or paid.

    • jesse

      The upgrades to the mobile apps are all free.

      • Robert

        Thanks, Jesse. Appreciate the free iPhone upgrade! Looking forward to the new version also. I just hope that the dropbox syncing will work being used on 1) The Mac, 2) My iPhone and 3) My wife’s iPhone.

      • jesse

        It’ll work fantastically well. You’ll think it’s magic.

      • Ian

        Does it allow 2 people to make changes at the same time? We have been using the desktop version for a while now and the budget file is saved to dropbox so we can access it from the 2 computers but we always need to make sure only one of us accesses it at the same time or else it saves the changes to a different file.


      • Ian

        Oh wait never mind, I read below and found the answer, that’s awesome!

      • amberly

        when will splitting transactions be available in the android app?

      • jesse

        With the Cloud Sync monkey now pretty much off our back Amberly, we’re really excited to start working Android toward feature parity (and beyond). No date yet, but you won’t be waiting 18 months…that much I know.

  9. Ricardo

    I was already going to purchase YNAB 3. Great timing! Thanks for the information!


  10. Bobby Walker

    I just cried a little bit. Autosave and cloud sync alone are worth paying the $40 but I get it for free since I am a newbie!

    Couldn’t be happier and now have a new Christmas – this time in June!! Can’t wait.

  11. Shawn Dowler

    If the only new feature were Cloud Sync I would upgrade. This update looks awesome!

    • Ilya

      I second this. The only reason I’ve been waiting to get the mobile app is the manual syncing is unacceptable in this day and age. What is this, Palm Pilot?!?!

      • jesse

        I loved my Palm Pilot. But I’ll admit it’s now a bit antiquated.

      • Andras

        I’m already using cloud sync with the current YNAB, simply by specifying a dropbox folder where the backup and ongoing budget file is saved, and that folder is shared with other computers where YNAB runs, also pointd to the same file in the shared dropbox folder.

      • jesse

        Cloud Sync is far better than the dropbox sync we’ve all done for the past while. You can have everything open simultaneously and it just works really well. The iPhone/Android apps both will work as well (where without Cloud Sync, they couldn’t before).

      • Roman

        Hi Jess,

        Thanks for the great news about YNAB upgrade!
        Just wanted to make it clear: you do use Dropbox for the “Cloud Sync” feature, don’t you?
        Could you elaborate on how you overcome the issue of conflicting changes? Dropbox itself is pretty bad at managing conflicts, one ends up with several versions of the file which needs to be merged manually.
        I hope this never happens with your Cloud Sync implementation.

        Thanks again, and looking forward to upgrading!

      • Taylor Brown

        (I am the Taylor, the lead developer)
        Good question! We do not rely on Dropbox’s conflict resolution, so you don’t have to worry about that at all! We use our own algorithm that guarantees that multiple devices never overwrite each others’ data, and that they can all figure out what happened since they last checked for updates. A YNAB 4 “file” is actually a folder now consisting of a lot of files that work in tandem. It’s complicated, but it feels like magic when you’re using it. :)

      • Rich

        @Taylor, we talked at length about a year ago when somehow all my data was lost. It was all stored on Dropbox but none of the versions produced the needed data. I quit using YNAB back then being so frustrated. I am glad to hear of the cloud sync feature… I think I might give it another try.

  12. Jenn

    Will the new YNAB work with the existing YNAB mobile applications as well? Or are there going to be new ones released at the same time?

    If there’s going to be new versions released, will they be free upgrades or will they cost?

    • jesse

      There will be new mobile app updates (crossing our fingers that Apple approves us..we submitted it almost a week ago) and those will be available on launch. They will be free.

  13. Dom

    Bad Timing!

    I’ve already completed my July budget and given all of my dollars a job… I’m not sure if this truly counts towards my rainy day fund…. haha

    Next time announce something earlier in the month so I can budget for it! Guess I’ll have to wait until August… Unless there’s a free trial =)

    • jesse

      Hopefully August will have some dollars to spare :) Good on ya for sticking to your plan! But my heavens, you’ve done July already?! You shame me.

  14. Brian


    My phone beeped.. I looked down.. saw ynab4… and jumped online!

    Could not be more pleased by what I have seen so far!

    One question.. is ynab4 still adobe air?

    • jesse

      Yep. Still rockin’ and rollin’ on AIR (though a later version that 3 uses).

  15. Ashley

    I am so ridiculously excited about this! I literally just squealed at work. YNAB has made such a huge difference in our lives in the 6 months we’ve been using it; it’s wonderful, and I’m sure the new version will be even better.

  16. Angie @ 420 Creative

    That looks damn sexy. Never thought I’d say that about any sort of budgeting or finance app. :D

    Kudos to you and your design/dev team. :)

  17. Nathan

    Incredibly excited about the cloud sync! Also, thanks for taking us recent converts into consideration with the upgrade pricing.

  18. Amy

    It is totally absurd how excited I am about this!!! Tuesday cannot come soon enough!! Cuold sync may just change my life (and make it easier for my husband to stick to the budget!)

  19. Matthew

    I’m excited at the prospect of new functionality but slightly off put at the price. A few points:
    You realize $40 is only $10 less than we will have paid for the last two updates to Apple OSX over the last two years?
    The upgrade price is ~67% of buying brand new, not even Adobe charges that high a percentage to update.
    Will we see a free update to the android apps or will we be forced to pay for YNAB2?

    I understand your desire for validation but this number looks as though it was pulled out of midair out of a pretty high layer of the atmosphere.

    • jesse

      I liked your reference to the atmosphere. That was pretty funny and I may steal that and use it elsewhere :)

      We charged $40 for our upgrade to YNAB 3 and I felt good about that. Knowing what we put into YNAB 4 over the past 18 months, I feel good about the $40 price.

      • Matthew

        Thanks for your response. I will be upgrading, I’ve just not been with your for long enough to know $40 was par for the course!

        I appreciate your principle based system and that you are improving the lives of people through your software.

        p.s. Keep sending your e-mails, they’re typically good for a nice, clean laugh in the middle of the day.

    • Ben

      Comparing software prices to Apple and Adobe isn’t exactly fair. Apple has been discounting their operating system costs in order to promote buy-in to their entire ecosystem, particularly their App Store where they make a huge amount of money these days. Adobe has super high prices and huge profit margins and can easily afford to give big discounts on upgrade prices. YNAB is a small business that doesn’t have the deep pockets of Apple and Adobe. Plus, $40 is a good price for a good piece of software in any case. Hooray for YNAB!

  20. Paula

    Wooohooo! Mine’s FREE! And THAT couldn’t come at a better time! We’re still in terrible shape, because our best guess at what things would cost us (all the variables like heat, electricity, gasoline, and car repairs) blew up at once and bit us. And hubs just became unemployed. But I can see ahead of me clearly enough to respond instead of reacting in fear to this situation. Sooooo excited for the new YNAB, and CLOUD SYNC, so hubs will be recording his own transactions instead of forgetting to email or text me a note! We are going to be equal partners in keeping our boat afloat and our train on the track!

    • Barb

      That’s great Paula, Keep following the steps and, even with the big bump in the road of a job loss, well, this is still very doable. I just got hit with a HUGE hospital bill, but it goes in the budget and it’s still running! Think of roof, food, clothing, transportation.. then everything else, with debt reduction at the top. and Yeah! Free upgrade for those “man I just bought this!” This happens to me SO MUCH, so for once, I get it for free. Makes me happy too!

    • jesse

      The Cloud Sync changes everything Paula. It really does. I wish we had built it four years ago, but am happy it’s finally here (well, really really really close).

  21. Pedro Mata-Mouros

    Two questions:

    1. Won’t your iOS app versions be rejected by Apple because of Dropbox integration?

    2. Is YNAB 4 for Desktop still Adobe Air based? Or have you gone native?


    PS: Please show us some screenshots!

    • Travis

      Dropbox integration in iPhone apps is fine. Dropbox did have to update their SDK to comply with Apple’s guidelines- but new and updated iPhone apps with Dropbox support have been going through without issue since…

    • Tim Totten

      I hope it’s still Adobe Air based. Having it run on Windows, Mac and Linux with a single distribution file is a HUGE benefit.

      • jesse

        Yeah, we’re still rocking with Adobe AIR.

    • jesse

      Screenshots coming tomorrow (tons).

      Nah, the dropbox-apple issue was resolved a bit ago.

      YNAB 4 is still running with AIR, like a rockstar.

  22. Michael

    That’s great news. Love the reports for the inner nerd.

  23. Aaron Chatelain

    Unfortunately, without Windows Phone support, YNAB can’t be for me. I gave YNAB a legtimate whirl but found the disconnect from entering transactions at the POS makes it harder to maintain a YNAB system. I’m not saying that this won’t work for others and I also know that there are other efficiencies that I’m ignoring but the lack of Windows Phone support breaks the deal for me. Windows Phone is a great device and is taking a genuine hold on the market.

  24. MonkeyKnifeFight

    I sure hope it finally has the ability to do Goal tracking (fingers crossed). Also, when can we hope for a “real” full functioning iPad app?

    Has cloud syncing been an issue? I’ve been doing this to Dropbox for over a year on v3.

    Don’t get me wrong, I will upgrade. I’m just hoping for more features/functionality and not just a “fashion” overhaul.


    • jesse

      This is *not* a fashion overhaul. Oh my word is it not. Cloud Sync beats the old-school Dropbox sync method about 1000:1. Simultaneous updates are no problem at all…and the iPhone and Android apps both work like champs…

      • Monkeyknifefight

        Will Cloudsync encrypt the YNAB data file locally?

        If not, despite the fact that I will still upgrade, I will probably continue to do it my “old way” since I use a Truecrypt encrypted volume for that file.

      • jesse

        If encryption is important to you (I encrypt specific data as well, more business-related though), then by all means, run with that.

        Encryption would be a big beast to slay, development-wise, no doubt.

  25. Tomas

    This is all awesome….but where is the iPad version of it. Don’t miss the opportunity to go after all tablet users…

  26. Erik

    Now I’m almost certain I’m going to buy YNAB 4. I have 15 day left of the trial version, but it’s already proven to be a very nifty piece of software that makes things easier. Not that it has saved me that much already (I’m only using it for about 19 days now), but looking at my current category balances I already have enough saved up in my personal account to buy YNAB 4! (:

    Keep up the good work and good luck with all the new-release-stress you’ll have in the coming days.

    BTW there’s a typo on this blog page, search for: thatk

  27. Barb

    Can the auto save be disabled? I make tons of adjustments to my budget and sometimes just mess around with the numbers to see what I like, I don’t think auto save would be a help me, I don’t even have YNAB3 on auto save at shut down, I have to click on “save”, this way I don’t save something accidentally that i didn’t want.. otherwise, yeah! This looks yummy.

    • jesse

      No but you can easily go back to prior versions.

  28. Joe McGrath

    I missed it by a month. I too wonder if there will be a separate charge to upgrade the mobile app?

    • jesse

      You’ll definitely get your fill of screenshots over the next few days :)

  29. Linda

    YNAB 4 sounds great!
    Wondering, though — with YNAB 4, will we be able to have more than 1 YNAB file open at the same time? I frequently want to compare something in my current file against an old file, and I would love to be able to have both files open at the same time. It used to be this way (with YNAB Pro). I’d love to have this feature again.

    • jesse

      You can’t have simultaneous instances open, but you can more easily switch between budgets (no restart required).

  30. David

    Looks awesome as all get-out. I was surprised not to see a password-protection feature listed though.

    • jesse

      Yeah, I was kind of sad it didn’t make the cut as well. It made Cloud Sync exponentially more complex to introduce it. We wanted to get Cloud Sync right first, and then go from there.

    • Bawa Jose

      Agreed Linda…. this being a major release, its really disappointing to see no password protection / encryption.

  31. P.R

    Will the Mobile apps be updated?

    Really happy about cloud synching.

    • jesse

      Yes. They’ll be available Tuesday (hoping of course that Apple approves our new version by then. Heaven knows they’ve had it long enough).

      • Bawa Jose

        Jesse…. will there be a need to install the dropbox app for the cloud sync?

      • jesse

        For the desktops to sync, yes. You won’t need to install anything (except for the latest mobile versions of YNAB for your iPhone or Android) for the mobile apps to work.

  32. kc

    One of the things that convinced me to get on board with using YNAB (husband had used it before we were married) was that it didn’t have a recurring subscription cost. Yet, we just had to pay to upgrade to YNAB 3 last year, and now we have to pay again to upgrade this year? I’m not liking the way this pattern is going– feels a lot like a recurring subscription cost to me!

    • jesse

      Hi kc,
      A recurring subscription cost would mean that once you stop paying, the service is no longer available. In this case, you don’t ever have to pay for YNAB 3 again. Please use the heck out of it and only upgrade if you feel it’s worth the $40. Yesterday YNAB 3 was working great. It’ll still work great tomorrow.

      • kc

        You’re right, and I’m sorry if I sound mean or like that’s my only response to your exciting news. Just wanted to share that thought. All this is very exciting indeed… I guess I will have to post a more positive comment to balance out this one?

      • Jozef

        Why appologize? I am a bit disappointed as well. An upgrade for $40? Even the starting investment (buying YNAB3) seemed too high for my wallet and now this. The difference between buying a new license and an upgrade is very, very, very small… Looks like I’ll be stuck with YNAB 3 for now… missing all the new features :( … disappointed

  33. Absolut Johnny

    I love the passion you guys have made for this program. I love using it and I get excited sitting down to enter my bills with YNAB! I can’t wait to see the update and looking forward to everything that’s in store for us… are we getting password protection yet??

    Thanks for saving me money!!!
    … a happy YNAB user.

  34. Ken R

    As a developer I can appreciate the thought and effort that goes into a really elegant, intuitive, and user friendly interface. YNAB 3 rocked a beautiful user experience and it looks like 4 will not disappoint.

  35. Pierre

    You have got to be kidding me: we JUST bought ynab3!!!!
    Had I known a newer version was coming I would have waited for it.

    Very disappointing….

    • Pierre

      Oups….I just saw the “My timing couldn’t have been worse, I just purchased this yesterday” guarantee.


    • jesse

      Glad you saw later about the free upgrade if you just purchased :)

  36. Marla Edington

    Yeah, everything! Anything that has been a stumbling block for me, it seems that you are correcting in this version! Thanks!

  37. Ashwin Ramji

    Awesome, can’t wait. Also can’t wait for the iPad app. Did I mention I can’t wait for the iPad app? And one more thing – what about the iPad app?

  38. Trent

    I purchased YNAB on December 10, 2011. Can I still qualify for the free upgrade?

    • jesse

      We really tried to draw a hard line in the sand on our policy for free upgrades if you just purchased. No matter where we draw that line, there will be people that *just* missed it. I wish I could somehow make that not the case…

  39. Eric

    I’m pretty sure that when I perused your website in November of 2011 and purchased YNAB that you stated that you let folks upgrade your products for free. I am almost certain I read that because that left an impression on me that I liked that you wouldn’t charge your client base over and over to give them a better product. Especially when over the last six months I have been giving great word of mouth. I understand you gotta make money and maybe I read it wrong but hey since you just announced this and I’m looking at a $40 price tag to “upgrade” when that is 66% of the cost of the app itself when I bought it – it is disappointing.

    • jesse

      Hi Eric,
      Please don’t feel like you have to upgrade. We won’t force it on you at all. We’ve always offered upDATES for free, upGRADES (2 to 3, 3 to 4) have always been paid. We’ve done that since day one, and we’ve always tried to be very clear on our communications about that. I appreciate the word of mouth you’ve provided over the past six months. Thank you very much for that! I hope you understand where we’re coming from. Upgrades are basically what keep us in business. The day we stop charging for these major upgrades is the beginning of the end of the business.

      • Eric

        Final Cut Pro sold for about $1,200 and a version upgrade was about 25% of the cost of the software. Your upgrade is 66% of the cost of the software. I know I don’t have to upgrade. I have the money saved. I can afford it. But I feel like you are abusing your situation here and charging too much for an upgrade.

      • jesse

        If you feel like the price is too high, please don’t upgrade. The upgrade price for YNAB 3 was $40 and people seemed okay with that. I also feel comfortable pricing YNAB 4’s upgrade price there as well. If you HAD to upgrade, I can understand that there could be a risk of taking advantage of things… but since it’s completely your call on whether the $40 is worth the new version, I’m really comfortable with it.

      • Jacquie

        Honestly, I don’t mind the $40 at all, even though I purchased YNAB 3 within the last 9 months. I would pay that happily to have the peace of mind I’ve had since starting to use YNAB. I never felt this free in the 15+ years of using Quicken!

      • Alex

        I think so too, I’ve been a YNAB user since March of 2011 and I would really like to upgrade, but I think $40 for an upgrade is too much, and if I decide not to upgrade, what kind of support or future upgrades are for the 3.x users?

      • jesse

        Showstopper bugs will be fixed in YNAB 3 if any surface. Absolutely.

      • Travis

        You can’t even buy a Final Cut Pro upgrade at a discount any more- it is $299 period, whether a new or existing user.

        But it doesn’t make much sense to compare pricing-by-percentage to a 3 or 4 figure piece of software. The economics are completely different when the up front price is much lower like YNABs. Go compare Quicken’s upgrade pricing on their $60 edition- in fact- there isn’t any consistently. It is only whatever “upgrade specials” they happen to run- and those or even Amazon’s pricing usually don’t beat YNAB’s $40 upgrade offer for existing users.

    • Chris

      totally agree! looks like we get to be penalized for being long term members…

      • jesse

        If you feel it’s a penalty to pay for (what we hope is) more value, there’s no need to upgrade. I’m hopeful you make a careful evaluation, check if it fits your budget, and make the call.

    • Noah

      Eric, you are thinking about this all wrong. Instead of thinking about having to fork over $40, think about how much easier it will make your life with these new features. I know for me, my time is valuable and if this software saves me even 1 hour in the first month, it has more than paid for itself. To me, this isn’t so much an upgrade, but almost an entirely new product. Every company does this. Microsoft didn’t give away Windows 7 for free if you paid for Windows Vista.

      I had no idea a new version would be available this month and looking at the new features, I’m more excited than ever!

      • Karel

        I agree with you Noah, if you don’t feel like paying, keep using version 3 which is an excellent version in my opinion.
        I also had no idea this upgrade was coming, but I will more than gladly pay $40, not only for the great new features, but to support the YNAB team.
        I believe they are doing an incredible job, organizing webinars, constantly updating and improving the product. I have rarely seen a product so actively developed and supported as YNAB.

        Honestly, I wouldn’t even mind paying a monthly fee as I do for Evernote and Spotify.

        Keep up the good work guys and don’t let the complainers demotivate you!

  40. Gandalf Saxe

    This is very exciting, can’t wait! Design looks awesome.

    I just moved all my stuff over to Google Drive to consolidate my cloud usage. Will it be possible to use Google Drive as cloud hosting service also? If not, it shouldn’t be hard to do?

  41. Kelley Smith

    Ok, call me a nerd but I am very excited about this new release. I didn’t even know it was coming (probably been existing in my own cloud) but now I can’t wait. I love, love, love this program. I just got a smart phone at the beginning of the year and have set it up to cloud sync with my calendars and Google. I’m going to get this set up with my YNAB as well. Maybe this will solve the problem I have of my wallet getting stuffed with receipts until I have a chance to enter them. Jesse – You and your team are awesome.

    What a great example you set for how a company should treat its customers.

  42. Michael

    WOOOOWWWW, can’t wait to buy YNAB4 as an upgrade to my lovely YNAB3. The budget is still set. Now I’m counting the day’s till launch :)

  43. Funksy

    I guess i better start learning how to use dropbox!

    Will this work with current iPhone app for YNAB or is there an upgrade in the pipeline for that also?

    ps: video was great practice for speed photographic memory training! It’s easier to remember visuals that are naturally appealing… like holiday, bank vaults full of money and smiley team photo.

    • jesse

      You’ll need to grab the iPhone app that will be pushed out basically as soon as Apple approves it. (Come on Apple…)

  44. Colin

    This is great news! As a daily user of YNAB3, I can’t wait to upgrade. :)

  45. Orlando Barrowes

    Count me excited. Cloud Sync would by my number one thing I want, followed by iPad support, followed by SOME WAY to auto-update the same accounts from my bank. I spend entire Saturdays just updating all my accounts (I have seven — nine if you count savings accounts) to match current bank values, and then match those values to the custom mini-budgets I’ve set up for each one.

    Sounds like the reconcile wizard could help with that. I’m interested to see what you’ve come up with. It would be so nice if my budget would reconcile itself, so I could just grock the info I need quickly and spend my time actually budgeting instead of just “getting it ready to budget”.

    I love YNAB 3 once it’s up and current for a few days after I update it, but keeping it up-to-date has been murder. I don’t exaggerate when I say I take two days off work, and still don’t finish the family budget. And that’s monthly at least.

  46. Karel

    That is wonderful news!
    YNAB 3 changed my life, the Cloud Sync certainly is one of the most exciting features in v4 and a new interface is always interesting to see even though I love the current one already.

    Keep up the good work Jesse!

    • jesse

      Unfortunately YNAB 4 will not run on Linux. We’re using a later version of Adobe AIR that no longer allowed it.

      • Gandalf Saxe

        Strange, I thought the whole point of Adobe AIR was to be completely indifferent to platform? Perhaps I was wrong :)

      • Ian Tyrrell (RodeoClown - YNAB Dev)

        OK, to give a developer response, Jesse’s not quite right about the not allowing it with the later version. We are using what’s known as the AIR Captive Runtime, which means we are bundling AIR itself in with the program, so it still runs on AIR, but it’s an executable file, rather than using your separate AIR install.

        We haven’t been able to build a captive runtime for Linux (which is what Jesse meant by not allowing it ;)), but it _should_ run under WINE. We haven’t tested this though, so feel free to give the trial a whirl and see if it runs OK. Make sure to let us know if it does!

      • Gandalf Saxe

        Well that’s beyond me, but thanks for clarifying :)

    • Glenn

      For what it’s worth, everything but the wireless mobile sync works perfectly fine for me on Ubuntu under WINE with YNAB 3.

  47. Neil

    It is alarming how excited I am about this. The new design is really beautiful, and the new features—cloud sync, reconciliation, better graphs, bigger type—are exactly the ones I would have asked for. YNAB has already revolutionized my finances and thereby changed my life—it’s a little crazy that you’re making it even better. Thanks a million, once again. Can’t wait for Tuesday!

  48. Chris

    i was excited about finally having cloud sync…not too excited about having to pay $40 for it…guess ill be staying on the old version : (

    • jesse

      I should say one more thing. Cloud Sync was the biggest feature we’ve ever added in the business’ history. It took us 18 months. It was a massive undertaking. Hopefully you’ll find it worth the upgrade price eventually.

  49. Rebecca G

    The upgrade looks great!

    I adore YNAB and will use it for as long as I can, but I’m super bummed though because I no longer use Windows or Mac in my house and have not done so in many years. I’m having more and more difficulty finding ways to keep YNAB working (as I perform OS upgrades) and justifying time spent getting it to work. I know that AIR is no longer supported, therefore Linux isn’t either, but will YNAB ever get to the point where it’s completely web-based? Also will the new desktop version work with cloud storage other than Dropbox?

    • jesse

      Hi Rebecca, YNAB 4 will still run in AIR. A web version is something we’re looking into.

      • Chris

        Well as you know I’m a Chrome OS evangelist. Chromebooks are freaking awesome. Amazingly awesome. It’s my main computer now. So freaking fast and no maintenance or worries about viruses or upgrades or backups EVER.

        I could literally have my Chromebook run over by a truck and I wouldn’t lose anything. Everything, settings, bookmarks, apps, files, would be back seconds after entering your login on a brand NEW Chromebook.

        The only reason – the ONLY reason – I still have my MacBook Pro is because of YNAB. :) Yes your program is that awesome.

        And yes a web version – therefore a Chrome OS version (or any OS version for that matter) – would be great. But I can wait. My Macbook isn’t going anywhere.

      • Russell

        Like the person below, we are moving towards an all Chrome OS household. I am very impressed with your offering and seriously considered trying out your product, but the absence of a web version is a deal killer. I would be willing to pay a reasonable subscription to jump ship from Mint for the right feature set (especially robust envelope budgeting and forecasting). Looking forward to your move into that market!

  50. Jenn

    One more question:

    Are the dropbox backups encrypted per Dropbox’s recommendations (and if so, what is used for encryption?)

    • jesse

      Data is encrypted as it goes across the wire, but it is not stored in an encrypted form.

      • Eve Hecpyr

        Simple solution: on first use, set a password (or, use the product license key itself). Hash this ‘password’ with a salt for 1000 rounds or so, and then store that stage 1 hash. When the user enters their pin, combine the PIN and the stage 1 hash, hash that, and use that as the key to decrypt the ynab data file.

        If someone steals the YNAB file, they have nothing. If someone steals the hash, they have to know your PIN. If someone snoops your PIN, they have to steal your hash and data file. One time strong password + PIN.

        You have an ethical if not legal obligation to consider your customers’ financial data security. Dropbox can be quite unsafe, which is why they specifically recommend encrypting financial data stored in their service.

      • Eve Hecpyr

        Thanks for the reply. You have done some pretty impressive things with YNAB4, from the looks of it. A lot of hard work. I recognize that you have to draw the line somewhere. Please consider, at least, adding this security later. I’m asking for the people who can’t. At least the Dropbox API won’t be broadcasting the entire database unencrypted over the air the way YNAB3 does.

      • taylor

        Eve, I can’t reply to your response below, so I’ll respond here. We’re most definitely looking at how we can make it even more secure in the future.

      • Ryan Means

        Just a friendly reminder, but as Jesse pointed out that dropbox is communicating via SSL to transfer the files off of the device you own / sync with and whenever it’s on the wire OR on dropbox’s services, it’s in an encrypted form. See: https://www.dropbox.com/help/7/en – dropbox is using Amazon S3 and S3 has an way to encrypt the file storage as well (which it appears dropbox is using). So in that manner – your file is always in an encrypted form EXCEPT when it’s on your device. Which in that case, how is that any different than it was with ynab 3 ? :-) (hint: it’s not). – minus one small fact that dropbox themselves can view your files if they so wish, but they have a strict privacy policy about that.

  51. Denise Geremia

    It’s amazing at how excited I got at watching the video. However, when I read I was going to have have to pay for the upgrade I have to admit I am a little disappointed.

    • Eve Hecpyr

      YNAB is phenomenal and these improvements easily justify the outlay. Look at it this way: in exchange for the upgrade cost, how much money will you likely save? Also, they YNAB team isn’t laying down, the licenses provide incentive (and capital) for future development.

      As an aside, kudos for better reconciliation and importing. That’s good enough for me.

  52. Myk

    Hello, will YNAB 4 support multiple currencies in a single file? I loved YNAB but switched to iBank mainly for this reason. With this, I could switch back. Thanks.

    • jesse

      Unfortunately no :( I have an idea on how that could be implemented eventually, but it would be significant, and didn’t make the cut for YNAB 4.

      • Myk

        Ok Jesse, thanks for the reply. Some of us international types would like this ability. Will continue to follow the YNAB updates…

      • Taylor Brown

        I’m one of those international types too Myk, and I’m the lead developer. ;) We do have some ideas of elegant ways to handle it, but as Jesse said, it didn’t make the cut this time.

      • Enrique Perez Rul

        I hope multi currency get implemented in the near future. I have bank accounts in USD and MXN. MoneyWell implemented this feature pretty well. But I personally prefere YNAB. I have been teaching the YNAB philosophy to lots of people in my company and they are also looking forward for multi currency support to make their purchase.

      • Wolfgang

        What a pitty. I was so hoping that multi currency support is part of YNAB 4. Those multiple YNAB files I have to use do really annoy me.

        So I have to wait for YNAB 5 then and even if we do it’s not sure that this feature will ever be implemented.

      • jesse

        Maybe we should make it an update feature so you’ll know it’s there. We have a track record of introducing cool features in between major upgrades.

  53. Pat

    Sign me up! Have a few features I’d like to see & hope they are there. YNAB has helped me so much!

  54. Dave

    I’ve been waiting over a year for bigger text, and now it’s finally here, and for only $40. What a bargain. I can really feel the love.

  55. Bob

    YES. Is it Tuesday already?

    By the way, I’m already manually “sync”ing by keeping my saved budget file in Dropbox. Will my experience with YNAB4 change at all, now that the program has official syncing?

    • jesse

      It makes the whole thing seamless. You can have it open on all/some devices and there will be no problems. It’s pretty darn cool. (And it works with your Phones, which is a game-changer).

    • Taylor Brown

      YNAB 3 handles Dropbox syncing okay if you make sure to close it when you’re done using it, and NEVER edit it from multiple computers at the same time. Otherwise, you’d end up with conflicted files.

      YNAB 4 is fundamentally different and better: Multiple computers (and mobile devices) can work in the file at the same time, and your edits will instantly be visible on every other computer. You can learn more here:

  56. JDL

    You must have heard my pleas last night for the upgrade to the bank reconciliation process to come SOON! I can’t believe all the great updates that are coming out. Why are you making us wait until Tuesday?! Yippee!

  57. Anna

    Good Afternoon Jesse!

    I am thrilled to hear of the new release. I have been using YNAB since it was a baby and as a big proponent of your product, I have sold it to many people even before the YNAB 3 release. However I must confess that I had begun to lose faith in it with the advent of the cloud and multitude of other products popping up so I began researching other options over the last two weeks. This release arrives at an optimal time in my opinion.

    Unfortunately I am reluctant to shell out even the measily $40 for the upgrade due to a situation I am currently in (I won’t get into that here. So, I must ask, since I am a long time user, I have brought you additional business, and I discovered a typo in your blog post (

  58. P.R

    Jesse, Are the apps being fundamentally changed or just tweaked for cloud synching?

    I’d like to see them being brought in line with the desktop version, especially when adding a transaction I would like to see the available to budget in a more similar way to the desktop version.

    I’m feeling delighted that I was inside the deadline for a free upgrade.

    • jesse

      We have big plans for further buildout of the mobile apps to allow for more desktop-like functionality. Everything’s been held off as we focused almost exclusively on YNAB 4 for Desktop, and getting the apps to a point where they worked seamlessly with Cloud Sync.

  59. Liat

    Wow, thanks so much! I’m very excited for this update. I tell all my friends about YNAB!

    • jesse

      Thanks for spreading the word Liat. I appreciate that!

  60. Charles Korrol

    Will the text size on version 4 be adjustable? I was unable to use version 3 on my laptop (13 in screen) and would be interested in version 4 if I can adjust the text size to my comfort level. I’m probably older than you and can’t wait for your eyesight to catch up to mine.. I need the larger size now.

    • jesse

      I’m sorry Charles, the text size isn’t adjustable :(

      • Charles Korrol

        Well, if there is a try before you buy option, I will certainly try it.

    • Noah

      Charles, my recommendation would be to lower the resolution on your laptop to a comfortable level. Windows has several ways of increasing the size of the text font.

  61. Ravi

    Great. I am excited about it and cloud sync is especially great, considering I don’t have to ‘sync’ my phone to my mac over wi-fi, which certainly isn’t fun.

    But, one question, Are you looking into auto-updating YNAB accounts (something like what Mint.com does) which Orlando Barrowes before me said. Its one hell of job updating the accounts.

    • jesse

      With cloud sync, putting the transactions in at the POS, it really makes the workflow much lighter when you sit down at the desktop to balance everything. We don’t have plans for direct connect at the moment. I have some reservations with it from a philosophical standpoint.

      • Carl Parrish

        If you ever do direct connect please make it optional. This is actually the feature I was looking for that allowed me to find YNAB (about two years ago). I’m almost as excited about cloud sync as I was about the Android App but I have no desire to have direct connect with my bank. (lots of bad experiences with that. ) I realize I may be in a rare use case but as you come up with password protection please consider a password per account option as what I’d like to do is share my business files with my Personal Assistant without giving her access to my Personal accounts. *Very* disappointed to find that YNAB4 won’t work with Linux as that’s my primary OS but I still have a MacBook Pro for the odd applications I need that don’t work in Linux. Linux having full support was actually the other feature that got me from Mvelopes over to YNAB.

      • Orlando Barrowes

        (thanks for referencing my comment!)

        I look forward to seeing what you’ve done. I’ve used YNAB about a year and a half now, and i like it but I think there are a lot of features that are missing that really give me grief. Cloud sync will be a big a big win. But without direct connect to my banks, I predict hours and hours of needless overhead before actually getting to my budgeting. You say you disagree from a philosophical standpoint? I think if I could play you back a high-speed YouTube vid showing all the time I’ve spent because of that one decision you might change your mind. And you might think I have been really, really good sport.

  62. mery

    i tried ynab 4 months ago. i loved it but i didn’t buy it. i used excel spreadsheet with ynab principals. now, im definitely going to buy it!! just what i was waiting for. ! i knew it wasn’t going to be long before you had a new version :)

  63. Ghiizhar

    I am astounded at the number of complaints for the upgrade cost. How do the complainers imagine a software could stay in business if they didn’t have any income?

    Would they expect to get a free copy of a Blu-ray movie because its just an upgrade of a DVD they purchased last year?

    As has been stated several times already, you do not have to upgrade at all. Again using my DVD analogy, I can still watch my DVD forever after the Blu-ray is released, it doesn’t just stop working……

    • Sarah

      Exactly. Just because it’s a quick download & install for us as end users does not mean it was quick or easy for all of the team members that invested their time, talents, and resources into this overhaul, and I for one am glad they value their time and abilities enough to charge a fair price so that no one (users or creators) is being taken advantage of.

      I also don’t get all the whining about it only being cloud sync, or only new design, or only larger text, etc. Obviously since the upgrade took the YNAB team 18 months there are a good number of upgrades and it is not $40 for any one feature, it is for all of the new features. I know we have a want-everything-for-free society but geez! This is a little ridiculous. If you don’t feel YNAB4 is everything you want, stick with YNAB3 and wait around for YNAB5 (or 6, or whatever version you finally feel is right for you), but don’t gripe about it. If YNAB has made a difference in your finances (and if you’ve used it correctly, it has), you should realize it is worth the money to upgrade and keep this great team in business.

    • Matthew

      Your DVD analogy is flawed because for every movie title, there is only one source or production company who is guaranteed to get your revenue for the new blu-ray. Allow me to introduce a modified car dealership analogy with the twist that you can only trade in with the car company you bought originally.

      Every year there is typically a new model of the car you currently drive, for me it’s Toyota. Now, there are a dozen other companies that make a very similar product for a similar price. In the modified example, I will most likely come back to Toyota because they will offer me some credit based on my past usage of their product. My choice is to pay full price for a Honda (after using YNAB to save up enough cash, of course).

      Software companies go to great lengths to promote customer loyalty, one of those methods being reduced price for upgrades because, let’s face it, you as the consumer have options no matter what kind of software you need.

      P.S. I personally enjoy YNAB and will be buying the upgrade.

      • David

        You’re right, people do have options, thankfully. However, I challenge anyone to find a product that is so refined in so many areas, from a small company, with constant development, who’s founder personally replies to people’s requests and questions, who’s lead developer is bilingual (speaks geek and English) who has a dedicated training staff that offers FREE training with a very active forum community with many years of YNAB and budgeting experience..

        I personally wouldn’t mind paying annually for software of this quality. And the peace of mind that it gives me, wow, can’t even begin…

        Thanks Jesse, and Taylor, and the rest of the crew!

      • taylor

        Thanks David
        01010100 01101000 01100001 01101110 01101011 01110011 David
        Gracias David
        Grazie David


      • jesse

        Props for mentioning paying cash for the Honda. :)

  64. Joe

    I’ve been using YNAB since June 2009 (I know this because my budget history told me so:) and I have since forgotten what it is like budgeting w/o it. Jesse, you and YNAB rock and I can’t wait for the upgrade!

  65. David

    With real time cloud syncing, will the transactions still need to be ‘approved’ in the desktop app when you fire it up?

    My wife uses the iPhone app, I use the android app, and we both use the desktop app.

    I love the idea that if she’s out shopping and updates her iphone app, her purchases will automatically appear in YNAB on the desktop when I look at it, but I assume they’ll still need ‘approving’ in the same way as they did with the old wifi sync?

    I liked the added step – it was useful in case you’d made a mistake.

    Cloud sync is enough to make me upgrade I think, even if $40 is a little steep. $30, fine. But another $40 for an app I paid $40 9 months ago? For that money, I want a native iPad app, and soon!!!

    • jesse

      Hey David, you’ll love the real-time cloud syncing across all of your different apps/machines. There is no “approval” process for cloud sync’d apps because they’re “in the system” right away, with no lag time. Adding the approval would likely make most people pretty aggravated. It would be like having you add a transaction to the desktop app, and then having YNAB ask you to approve that transaction…

      Now, to the bomb you dropped about the iPad app, “and soon”…I need to be straight with you. We will definitely charge for the iPad app.

      • jesse

        We haven’t even started work on it yet. We’ve been anxious to get started, but have been kind of busy…

        My plan is to keep everyone very much in the loop re: iPad development. Quite the opposite of what we tried to do with YNAB 4. It’ll be a fun experiment.

      • Joe

        I would love to see it be a universal app, but different than the existing one. That way in the future if there were a major upgrade (not update) then the apps would be in sync. Just my 2 cents.

      • Ravi

        Well, I think you can charge for iPad app, but it should add value to YNAB ecosystem, and shouldn’t just be a blown up iPhone app.

      • David

        I’ll buy it. First we bought iPhones, then I bought my wife a Macbook Pro, then I bought her an iPad. Then I bought YNAB, then the YNAB iPhone app. If I’m going to be a fanboi, might as well be consistent…

      • Lynne

        Wow, decisions, decisions here.
        I really want the iPad app, already paid for the iPhone app just to have something to use on iPad, plus desktop programs, now there’s the upgrade to consder also, plus the fact that all these cost a reasonable amout more in $A currency….

        Jesse, will the iPad app be a stand alone fully functioning app or will it still need to syn to the desktop version and if so, will that only work if the desktop version is YNAB4?
        Can you tell me how much the upgrade will be in Australian dollars or does that fluctuate?
        Thank you

    • June

      Jeez – I paid $60 for the app (within 6 months). So you’re actually only paying $20 more than me.

      • David

        Yeah, actually I think I might have paid $60 come to think of it; I’m working in sterling and $60 is about £40, so maybe I was thinking of that. Whatever. I’ll be upgrading anyway – it looks like the new features will be worth it.

        I’m more than happy to pay for the iPad app by the way, if it gives me the functionality I want.

        I look forward to seeing V4 in action and getting my head around the new way of doing things with Cloud sync. I totally see what Jesse is saying about there being no need for an approval process across the apps now that they’re in the system in real time.

        And there are always flags of course, if you want to remind yourself to re-visit something.

  66. Michael

    Fantastic! I’ve been using YNAB since November 2011 with the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University 7 Baby Steps plan. After being on a debt roller coaster of credit cards, and student loans I am sticking with YNAB.

    Cloudsync with rock with YNAB on my iPhone! Will the mobile app update be in parity with the desktop version to actually edit, and change the budget?

    Thank you, and the YouNeedABudget.com team for the exemplary budgeting software.

    • jesse

      With the new mobile apps coming, you’ll be able to edit any transactions (not just ones entered on your phone), but you won’t yet be able to edit budget amounts. We’ll get there though. One bit at a time with this elephant.

  67. LK

    Hi Jesse,
    I’ve been using YNAB for three years now and still love it! As I figure it, what I’ve spent on YNAB purchases/upgrades since April of 2009 has cost less per month than a meal at the local drive through. Thanks for keeping the price of the upgrades so reasonable!

  68. Joe

    I’m okay with upgrade charge for the benefits. My wife and I both have iPhones and and true cloud sync will help us to fully implement the systems we are half way using now. With the Dropbox file, I am guessing there will be raw data there that has no password since the application doesn’t require a password?

    • jesse

      The raw data is there in dropbox. Bear in mind that we don’t store account #s anywhere.

      • Jenn

        Didn’t Taylor mention that account numbers were hashed above?

        Taylor Brown
        on June 21, 2012 at 7:49 pm said:
        You will be happy to know that we do hash (salted) any bank numbers stored in YNAB.

  69. June

    How is this upgrade speed wise, as far as loading the budget when opening, or loading the accounts? Any difference?

    • jesse

      Hi June, I just did a very unofficial test, opening my budget file that goes back to October of 2008… and it was about the same.

      • David

        Hmm, not so sure I approve of your testing methodology. Better send me an advanced copy so I can do some unbiased performance testing… ;)

        Tuesday is forever!! You should release goodies like this on Friday’s so us budget freaks without lives can play with it all weekend :)

      • Ian Tyrrell (RodeoClown - YNAB Dev)

        The reason we don’t release on a Friday, is we want to have a weekend ourselves ;)
        It’s early in the week so people can use it, and we have plenty of time to respond to people who need help getting sorted.

  70. Joe

    Also, how many other companies would have anyone in the organization attempting to reply real time to all of these posts? I can’t think of any!

  71. Brad

    One thing I’ve been hoping for in an upgrade: being able to see the various “deposits” I’ve made into a given budget during the month, rather than just the total for the month/total overall.

    For instance, if I put $25 in Miscellaneous on my first paycheck, and another $25 in Miscellaneous for my second paycheck, in YNAB 3 I just see that this month I’ve added $50 — not the individual $25 “deposits”.

    Any chance? Regardless, awesome stuff. Love YNAB.

  72. Jake Siemens

    I was just wondering if Ynab 4 will be any more small business friendly?

    Also, will the android app have the abilty to open 2 accounts, business and personal?

    Thanks, Looking forward to the upgrade

    • jesse

      It is more friendly for SB owners. The best part is the Income v. Expense (P&L) report.

      Android can’t yet switch between 2 budgets.

  73. Lisa

    I purchased YNAB over a year ago when I was using my apple computer. I now have a Asus laptop and am not able to access the YNAB software on either computer. I get error messages and can’t access the original download. I want it on my laptop. I have no idea what or how to go about recovering it. Plus I want to upgrade. Any suggestions for a non techno savvy person whose husband has no patience to help?

  74. Mike

    I have YNAB3 and YNAB for the iphone. Does the upgrade cover all of those?

    • jesse

      YNAB for iPhone, v. 2 will be backwards compatible with YNAB 3. I believe that was your question?

      • Mike

        My question is will there be another version for the Iphone since the current version requires me to actively sync the data? Sorry I didn’t make the question clearer.

      • jesse

        Yeah the mobile apps will all be upgraded (for free) and will do Cloud Sync like champions.

      • Nadine

        Really?????? Oh Jesse! You just made my day :) my day, what am i saying? my month!

        cuz while i’m excited about v4, i won’t necessarily buy it RIGHT AWAY, just have to many other things this month. but knowing that i can get cloud sync with my app…

        but wait, confused… um… so for YNAB3 to sync with Iphone App v2, i must have a dropbox account, is that what you’re saying? if i have dropbox, then automatically, everytime i open my app, it will be up-to-date?

        if that’s what you’re saying, then honestly, there’s no other way to put it. I LOVE U YNAB!


      • jesse

        The iPhone app v. 2 will still work with YNAB 3 using the normal wi-fi sync protocol. :)

      • Reece

        Will the wi-fi sync protocol still be an option with YNAB4?

      • jesse

        Yep. You can still use wi-fi sync if you choose to.

  75. widmaer

    Thanks to YNAB, I now stick to my budget and it not just a “ohh my god we’re tight we gotta budget for few days” lol..

    I can understand how some people feel let down.. but let’s not forget the development cost of pushing a new upgrade and withoutt paying that $40 .. we probably wouldn’t get any updates. Instead let’s just look at how much YNAB saves us a year ;)

    In my case.. would it have been $80 I still would have paid it because of the value it brings to our life! :)

    Ohh and did I say I’m UBER excited about the new upgrade :)) almost feeling like I’m waiting for the next …iOS

    (never thought a budgeting software woud have gotten me this excited!! )

  76. Liz

    OH. MY. GOSH. That looks SO AMAZING! Even though we didn’t budget for it since we didn’t know about it, I am going to work it in some way or another. WOW! Jesse & Co., you guys rock!!!!

  77. Michel Dion

    What I need is the ability to plan the income! This one is a MAJOR weakness of YNAB. Everything else is great. but not being able to plan a full year of income and expenses is so bad… Please tell me it is there!

    • jesse

      Planning a full year can be done in YNAB, but it’s built to have you plan money once you have it in hand. So finagling is necessary if you operate in another way.

  78. Elaine

    Hi jesse, i am your very old customer since your excel days, and i have just purchased ynab 3 using the upgrade discount few weeks ago. Am i still qualified for a free upgrade this time?

  79. Ronaldo Santana

    Cloud sync!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  80. Paul

    Talk about missing a line in the sand! I bought my license on December 15, 2011. I was sure I was in under the wire, but I just looked back through all my old email receipts. Close but no cigar.

  81. Robert

    Hot Dang! I’ve only had the software for about 3 weeks, and LOVE IT!!! What a pleasant surprise (you mean it gets better????)!!!!!!

  82. Andrew

    I think this is great news.

    It is puzzling me though why people seem to think $40 is excessive for such a huge upgrade.

    On top of that, to me, the added features are something that you are really excited about and in some cases have been waiting for, and to me that automatically makes $40 wothwhile. On the other hand, if they are not for you then as people have said, don’t upgrade. Like any software, you only upgrade if the new features are of benefit, and then you make your own mind up.

    It all seems pretty normal to me, updates are usually free but i seriously cannot see any software company giving free upgrades away. There wouldn’t be any point in staying in business.

    Anyway, the sync alone justifies it for me and the fact that since buying this software about a year and a half ago, i have gone from being 1 months wage overdrawn on the day before pay-day to being 2 months in credit is the cherry on the cake :-)

    Thanks Jesse and the team! Keep up the good work.


  83. Matthew

    Everyone complaining about the upgrade cost and comparing it on a percentage basis to other software upgrades is apparently overlooking the fact that it takes a whale of a lot of people upgrading an inexpensive program to cover the development costs.

    I have a better idea: Instead of looking at OTHER programs’ upgrade options, take a look at the features of THIS program, and decide if THEY are worth the $40 upgrade cost. If so, go for it. If not, nobody will force you to upgrade. And regardless of what percentage of the “new” price the upgrade costs, to me $40 is very, very reasonable for how this upgrade will make my life easier.

    Another thing: I’m a developer too, and I know how much work goes into these things. Just doing the mobile app alone took a ton of time from a lot of people. The entire program ought to cost a lot more, considering how one-of-a-kind it is. $40 for this upgrade is way more than fair to we users and I seriously wonder how Jesse is able to pay his staff and feed his family by offering prices like these.

  84. Kelly Painter

    Tuesday?! :( I don’t know if I can stand to wait that long! I have been wanting cloud sync for a long time. I guess this trip I go on tomorrow will be the last time I have to set up an Ad Hoc connection for YNAB!

    Those are some other great features too!

  85. Matthew

    Is there any way to adjust the font size? Some of us are still young enough to see smaller text and like to see more on the screen. ;)

    (Although in my case, it’s just that I wear thick enough glasses to fake decent eyesight!)

  86. Mateo

    I guess I am one of the ones who never ‘got it’.

    I found YNAB to be cumbersome and difficult. I was never able to reconcile the download from the bank to get a correct balance. As much as I want to try it again, I doubt that I will hand out $40 for a new version and then have to buy a mobile app on top.

    Looks like everyone who is commenting will want to flame me, but it is what it is.

    • Malisa - ynab teacher

      You can definitely check out the trial again. Then decide again. Might as well give it another shot. Some of the new features may overcome some of your previous barriers.

  87. Rachel

    Um, not to sound stalkerish or anything, but I literally live 5 minutes away from your office and if I came and brought my mother’s award winning double chocolate chip cookies, would you allow me to have this version RIGHT NOW? :)

      • Rachel

        How many people work at the local office? Everyone needs one! I just need to be done in time for Enrichment tonight :)

        P.S. Are you really serious? Just making sure. My husband thinks I’m crazy ;p I think he’s right :)

      • jesse

        Oh I figured you must be someone in the neighborhood (I’ve converted a few neighbors to YNAB…still working on a few more.) I don’t office out of that brick building (by Subway/Tesoro) anymore. Work from home in the peace and quiet /sarcasm.

      • Rachel

        Ha ha! Ok, I guess you don’t get my cookies! I’ll wait the 5 days like everyone else. Cookies worked for the nurses at AF hospital when I was having my 4th child. It’s my go to.

        They also work on my husband :)

  88. David

    Please please please don’t make us wait till Tuesday. Give us the whole weekend to play with it!!!!

    I am sooooo excited about this release!!

  89. Eddie

    These people who are “dissapointed” in the upgrade cost are CRAZY! PLEASE, TAKE MY MONEY! This is fantastic!

    Seriously, can I buy it now?

  90. Julie

    So I plan on getting the upgrade . . . but what if I decide I don’t like it? Can I revert to YNAB 3 on my one-and-only computer? Will my data be affected? Do I have to do anything special if I want to have the ability to turn back the clock on this decision?

    I ask because I upgraded Quicken once. It was a massive nightmare. My data never recovered. It made me bitter and angry and that’s one of the reasons I switched to YNAB.

    • jesse

      Good question Julie. 1) you’ll be able to trial it for 34 days before deciding if the upgrade’s a good choice for you. 2) YNAB 4 will open your YNAB 3 file, and then create from that file a brand new YNAB 4 set of data. Your YNAB 3 file will remain in tact and essentially untouched. So reverting back will be as easy as re-opening YNAB 3 :)

  91. Joseantonio

    Looks to be a great upgrade worth the price. I’m curious to know if when you click on an outflow amount to see the separate transactions window if that window is bigger now to see more transactions without having to scroll as much? I keep hoping for that.

    • jesse

      I’d have to double-check that for sure. I believe it’s about the same size… yeah. Just checked and it’s about five transactions tall, just like in YNAB 3.

  92. Hans

    My first reaction was $40, that’s alot. But if I think of how much YNAB has helped me and my family I am happy the help Jessy and his family.

    • jesse

      Hey Hans, I appreciate the sentiment, but am completely happy w/ you treating this as an arms-length business transaction :) I don’t want to run a charity, or be a charity ;)

      • Frank

        Jesse, don´t think a second more about it!! Don´t waste your time!!!
        v4´s price is absolutely logical and, in my opinion, it is very cheap.
        People do not understand companies have to “survive in the jungle”.
        Free is not possible. Everything has a cost. Has people think what they can do with 40$?? Having a whole development team working 18 months??? I don´t think so!!!
        Congrats for your super product. I am a believer here in Spain.
        Keep on working and count with my money in your input column!!!
        I will happily pay your Ipad app too!!!

  93. iBroke

    This is great news and you just made my decision much easier!

    I’m a current YNAB 3 Max OS user and had narrowed it down two other apps including YNAB. What was holding me back was the Sync and how it interacted with my iPhone.

    I attended the Introduction to YNAB 3 yesterday and was even more impressed with the product.

    This update does the trick, the $60 bucks plus iPhone and Droid up cost is still a bit higher than other budgeting software I seen and trialed.

    I still have a bit of time left for my trial period, will wait for YNAB 4 and purchase it…

    Continued success on your budgets!

  94. Kenny

    YNAB is a big giant bag of awesome. I LOOK FORWARD to paying you your upgrade fee because you deserve to make a giant pile of money with this great product. Well done for another useful step forward. Cloud sync will be wonderful. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

  95. Russ

    Will we be able to run the trial of YNAB 4 on a PC at the same time a fully licensed YNAB 3? Not that I think it will take much convincing to upgrade but would be nice to see if it’s worth upgrading immediately or wait till things settle down (and squash the odd bug or two)!

    • jesse

      Absolutely. Give it a run for the 34 days and see if it’s worth it.

  96. Rusty Miller

    Look forward to the upgrade. What I want to know is the who is doing the music in the video. What singer, band?


    • jesse

      Hey Rusty, the name of the band is Rose’s Pawn Shop.

      • Rusty Miller

        Thanks Jesse,
        Danger Behind the Wheel, found it on iTunes.

  97. Andy Karsky

    In the video posted above, I didn’t see any shots of the budgeting process…has this been changed at all in YNAB 4? Can you show us some screenshots? Thanks!

    • jesse

      Screenshots to come over the next 48 hours! Budgeting process stayed virtually the same.

  98. Björn van Vliet

    For me, a $40 upgrade is enough reason to consider alternatives or even wait for them. It are not only customers who ‘you’ want to be loyal. It was a unpleasant surprise not to read it’s for free for ALL already-users. You seem to sleep pretty well after the decision, but I don’t!

    • jesse

      I’m sorry you feel that way Björn. I’m hoping as people give YNAB 4 a trial run, it will justify the upgrade price. If our model was to give away all future development for free, we would be out of business. I mean that sincerely.

      • Justin

        Jesse… you are making AWSOME software and training people to be annal about their money:)… LOL i just think it’s ironic. Don’t sweat it… nothing compares:)

      • Mallory

        YNAB 3 works great, which is why we all bought it originally. Since it can still be utilized, I don’t understand all the frustration. We can pay more to have more features, but there is no requirement.
        The program I used before was a $10/month subscription, and worked half as well as YNAB. $40 is a cost, but it’s actually a great value for the incredible product.

    • Andrew


      How many other companies do you know that work for nothing? Most people are commenting on the amount, but you seem to think they should work and develop for free?

      Does M$ release a new OS / Office / Other Product version for free?

      Would a web designer offer to carry on working on re-developing a website with enhanced features and upgrades and not charge?

      I am sure that you would like to be paid a fair wage for whatever it is you do in your trade/line of work.


  99. Mike F.

    My Linux household’s desktop budgeting solution just got derailed, thanks to an “uninvolved” third party (Adobe). Ugh, this seems to be the bane of my existence. I’m all for paid software, but firmly believe it should be built on an open platform. Please, don’t put a fickle layer between me and your product. Love using YNAB! Hate depending on Adobe.

    • jesse

      We feel your pain Mike. We’re hoping to have other YNAB platforms that are standalone, and aren’t so dependent. At the moment, splitting codebases isn’t economical for us. But again, I totally see where you’re coming from. Some are saying it’s worth testing using WINE. I’m ignorant pretty much beyond that.

    • Travis

      Indeed, when it is available- try the YNAB 4 Windows trial with Wine on Linux. It might work out well for you. Since it is now self-contained AIR (captive), it is pretty easy to get going with Wine.

      • Mike F.

        I’ll definitely be giving the WINE route a try! Jesse, I do want to clarify something with you and your team. My frustration is not primarily with you guys. I understand that during the development of previous versions, Adobe AIR was “omni-platform.” I just can’t stand when the layer between the software I want to use and me decides it no longer cares about me. Keep up the good work, and I’ll hold on as long as possible!

      • Andres Riofrio

        What about cloud sync? Will YNAB 4 work under Wine with Dropbox for Linux?

  100. Robbie

    Awesome!!! Cant wait. I think you need to get in partnership with Dave Ramsey. Your tool goes hand in hand with his financial principles.

  101. Justin

    To all those complaining about the upgrade price… you cannot have a NO SUBSCRIPTION software package AND get free upgrades. No business could stay IN business that way. No painter would give you a lifetime of paint jobs for the price of one, he MIGHT paint your house once every few years if you paid him a regular “subscription” to do so.

    Personally I think YNAB 3 is the BEST/ONLY software out there for people who actually want to stay on budget and it is a fair price no doubt. With YNAB 4 coming it will then be the best and IMO well worth the $40 to upgrade because of the cloud sync and many other features.

    Think of it this way… what would you feel would be fair to charge a subscription for YNAB and get all updates? YNAB 3 was released in Dec 09′ (i think) and 30 months later YNAB 4, if you purchased YNAB 3 @ $60 and had to pay another $40 that’s $100 over a 30 month period costing you about $3.33 per month. I would doubt that they would make another major release & charge for an upgrade more than once every couple years but IF they did it upgrade annually costing me on average $8.33 per month… that would still be well worth it in my opinion!

  102. Roman

    One more question (and it might be a wrong place to ask it, but it seems I have missed the train of providing feedback on ‘what you’d like us to do?’ survey):
    Do you have any plans of providing means of attaching electronic copies of the receipts in YNAB? It could be a great thing to have IMHO from a record-keeping point of view. Even a simple field for providing a link to a copy of the receipt on a filesystem would suffice ATM for me :-)


  103. Igor

    I agree with many, YNAB is an amazing product. But I cannot take the fact that version 4 still targets people who do not travel! What’s wrong guys? What is more important for a budget? Bigger text? Auto save? Or currency?

    • jesse

      I should probably get out more, that’s a good point Igor. Autosave was requested over multi-currency by about 100:1..maybe more. Bigger text was requested more as well. Not saying I don’t want multi-currency either (I do). Just wish we had more developers we could throw at it :)

  104. Chris Dickerson

    Congrats Jesse, Tay & company. I will gladly pay for any upgrades, YNAB has been a blessing. I also am thankful to have rid myself of the shackles that was… Quicken.

    God bless all.

  105. Huevos

    I really didn’t get anything out of the “demo” video here, except to note that it looks like skinning will be possible. Otherwise, the changes just flew by too fast to take in.

    • jesse

      We just wanted to take people through the iterations (quickly!). Tomorrow we’ll dive into features in-depth.

      • Igor

        … thanks for the swift reply. Maybe your statistics are from a pool of users who do not need multi currency (YNAB users).

      • Ian Tyrrell (RodeoClown - YNAB Dev)

        Taylor (the lead dev) spends half his year in the US, and the other half overseas, so we’re very aware of people wanting to budget in two currencies.

        It is a REALLY tricky problem though, so it has not been as high a priority as things like Cloud Sync. It will most likely be addressed at some point in the future.

    • justin

      use the pause & play button… pause, play, pause. :) I’m sure I’m not the only one who did that:)

      • Eileen

        You’re right, you’re not the only one :) play, pause, repeat, repeat, repeat…

  106. Igor

    Thanks for the swift reply.

    Maybe your statistics are from a pool of users who do not need multi currency (YNAB users).

    • Justin

      It wouldn’t make much sense if he gave statistics for ONLY the people who need multi currency.

      No one in their right mind would look and a list of request, of with they had to focus and start SOMEWHERE, and say we got 3,000 request for Feature A and 10 request for Feature B and then go poll all the people who requested Feature A to see if they needed Feature B as well, if they did, go develop Feature B first.

      thats insane

  107. David Zimmer

    Have been using both Quicken and YNAB to compare. I like various features on both, but currently staying with Quicken in lieu of the “Attachement” feature. When input of expense or income, I am able to scan image of receipt, check, file information that is associated with that transaction. I have found over the past year that this has come in of major help when questioning or retreiving same if questioned or need of tranaction copy (refund, proof of purchase, etc.)

    This would be a great addition to a good product that most likely would sway me to your side.

  108. John Chen

    Do you (finally) support the input of non-Latin characters?

  109. Dave

    I am wondering if the Cloud Sync allows access to a Dropbox shared folder? Both my wife and I have separate Dropbox accounts so the data does not reside on both of our iPhones or our user accounts on the Mac’s. If it can access a shared folder one of us can be the holder of the YNAB data and still access it on all of our devices.

  110. Laura

    I can’t view the video. It just keeps saying “Sorry. There was an error encountered while loading this video.” I’ve tried it multiple times on two different computers. I am so excited about a new version with some better reporting capability. I would like to see a preview of it. Any advice?

  111. Rich

    One question, one comment.

    Is dropbox the required cloud-based file service or can Google Drive be used?

    Great song accompanying the video clip!

    • jesse

      At the moment, Dropbox is the sole back end on Cloud Sync.

      • Jamon

        Is the technology behind YNAB’s sync reasonably portable to other services such as Skydrive or Google Drive? Or is it Dropbox-centric? I have all three but prefer (at the moment) Google Drive.

      • olive22

        Will Google Drive (and others) be considered later for Cloud Sync ?
        I use YNAB on Android from certain locations where access to cloud storage services is severely restricted, Google Drive one of the authorized providers.

      • jesse

        We’re more excited about having our own data service, than building out support for other third-party providers. You can read more on our reasoning on the Cloud Sync post.

  112. Shawn Davis

    Awesome. Now start working on the iPad app please.

  113. Jessi

    Howdy, Jesse & team! Long time user here…I’ve been using YNABPro since 2008, and it’s been wonderful. Cloud sync, among other improvements, is totally exciting! Wondering if it’s possible to upgrade “straight” to v4? For the same price? That would be awesome…

    • jesse

      Yep. It’s still just $40. Even if you haven’t paid us anything since 2008 :)

      • Jessi

        Sweet! I thank you, and my budget thanks you!

  114. Stephanie

    All of those features sound soo cool! I’m so sad the upgrade costs 66% of what we paid for the full software! Can’t we grandfather in if we’ve owned for under a year? It was hard to spend $60 on software when there is so much to download for free, now we have to spend another 40?? Is this going to include a balance forecast feature like Microsoft Money used to have? I really miss that!

    • jesse

      Hi Stephanie, it will not include a balance forecast feature like what Microsoft Money used to have. No rush on upgrading until it makes sense for your budget. Keep squeezing all the value you can out of YNAB 3!

  115. Jason Johnson


    Kudos to you guys. Video looks interesting of new features. Cloud syc will be a HUGE hurdle to bring true use throughout our family…

    Any consideration to integration better with financial institutions? Although we can download files and then import it seems like a better interface would be a time saver. We find ourselves just manually entering transactions.

    Look forward to upgrading!


  116. Bob Colclough

    Well that really is cheap. I would happily have paid $10/month on a subscription for this and future releases.

  117. Fred

    I’ve bought YNAB on December 23,2011 I tough I’ll be able to upgrade to the new version free but there is a no go.

    I think you should be able to upgrade to the next version free but the second upgrade you pay for it. I feel like screwed now. An upgrade after 6 month and already have to pay.

    I pay it like 2 days after I try the software, I should have waited the 34 days trial before buying it so I could now have this upgrade for free.

    100$ in 6 months it’s kindly expensive while you think the version 3 of YNAB is out in December 2009. If I divide that it’s 10$ a month. It’s a bit expensive if you compare example to Windows 7, you pay let see 250$ and it’s out for almost 3 full years in July. It’s about 7$ a month.

    It cost me more by month for YNAB then Windows 7.

    Hoping to see some change from here to release of the new version.

    • Joh

      You cannot compare windows with ynab. Windows has millions of paying users, that’s why they can offer it for such a price. And get real: if you used ynab actively, didn’t you already save more than 100 dollars through its system?

  118. Dani

    I am excited about this. I just found YNAB yesterday and am on day 2 of YNAB 3 trial. Will I be able to do a trial of YNAB 4 as well to make sure I understand/like it before I buy it? I am very happy with everything so far, but I am mainly waiting for my next pay day to get the best effects of everything! So happy I stumbled onto this with a new version coming out so soon. :)

    • jesse

      Yes you’ll be able to trial YNAB 4 for an additional 34 days :)

  119. L

    I do like your software but as everyone has said before there are opposition products in the market that do this cheaper. You need to either charge people a decent price once off and not there after or give us the existing customer an option for a yearly upgrade so we could budget for it. But I must be honest as great as your software is I refuse to have pay again for software upgrades within the first year of buying the original package that’s bad business. That is truly ashame as to how you have structured your business model, you should focus on new customers and try and retain the old ones. Out of principle not because of money I won’t support YNAB further cheers

    • Joh

      No one is forcing you to pay anything. You can use ynab 3 forever without paying anything further. Isn’t that cool?

      Ynab is a very reasonable priced software in my eyes and I will upgrade, as there are many new features that are worth the price.

      And tell me just one software that is cheaper and does the same thing. There is none that does the same at all.

      Again none is urging you to upgrade at all, only if you want you do.

  120. Dan

    Need an iPad app!! That is how I am choosing apps to be using, since more and more is being done on iPad not on the iPhone as that is pretty small for a finance program. Thank you! Waiting anxiously for an iPad app announcement!

  121. Joyce L.

    Not much interested in the cloud, or mobile apps etc. Please tell me that doing my income taxes will be easier. In the past I’ve had to create spreadsheets in numbers, etc. I’m really hoping you have included year end category spending so I can click on my deductible expenses and see a total and plug it into the worksheet my tax guy gives me.

    • jesse

      Yeah tax prep will be much easier! Better reporting and exporting will get you there. Along with the All Accounts view.

  122. Martin Almond

    Great news to hear of the arrival of YNAB 4.

    I have been using YNAB for about 5 years and it is a great bit of software that improves with age.

    The program worked better than Microsoft Money and Quicken put together and the user forum is the best their is.

    I know the upgrade is only an option but I will be one of the first in line and each upgrade has always made vast improvements over the previous version, and this looks no different.

    Just wanted to say well done for all the hard work you have done, ignore any of the more negative comments as you cannot keep 100% people 100% of the time, just keep on trucking.


  123. Louis

    I found YNAB a few days ago and it’s a great piece of software. (I am on trial version but I fired it up a couple of times in a day just to admire the design. I’m considering purchasing it but I’m going to wait until the new version is released? What would be the pricing for YNAB 4 new user? :)


  124. Eileen

    Initially, I was a bit bummed about the $40 price tag but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to appreciate the incredible value it is considering all the time and effort that’s been put into this upgrade. Thanks, Jesse for a great product! I put in my vote for a dedicated iPad app too.

    I’m sure the next week will be quite full – I trust you and your team will be able to get adequate rest.

    (I know I’m a dork, but I’m trying to make sense of the time-stamp on the posts here – any clues?)

  125. Ivan Maminta

    If it has cloudsync, that would be great. But when dropbox came into the picture, I might be a little confused. I sync my YNAB through all my devices with Sugar Sync. Will dropbox be integrated into the program? If so, will it conflict with my existing syncing service with SugarSync?

    Apart from that, I look forward to the new version.

    • jesse

      It won’t conflict with sugar sync at all. But you will need to sign up for a free dropbox account.

  126. Irene

    Happy to have paid $40 but for once I’m one of the lucky ones! Very excited can’t wait. I’d also like to put two bobs worth in for an iPad version. Keep up the great work!

  127. Bill Koutsonikos

    10 days ago I was wondering whether I should buy YNAB or not. My trial version was coming to an end and while I really liked the software and the methodology, not being able to have cloud syncing between multiple devices seemed like a dealbreaker for me.
    I browsed the forums but all I saw was that syncing was coming soon, but no ETA was given. Your competition was offering syncing funtionality, but most of the “good” competitors had a subscription based model (which I wanted to avoid) and the software was not nearly as pleasant to use as YNAB. I finally decided to pull the trigger and went on to buy YNAB, for what it was at the time, not really expecting to get any more significant functionality in the near future.
    Now this morning I just saw the email about YNAB 4 and I was pleasantly surprised. Now, I’m waiting for the Android app to be updated for syncing before I get that too.

  128. Ace Evans

    Sounds great I can’t wait. I am very happy with the current version. iCloud will save so much.

  129. YNAB 4 Set to Release

    […] YNAB team just announced on the YNAB Blog a new version (YNAB 4) will be released June 26th.  I’ve had the opportunity to review an […]

  130. Doug

    Like others who barely missed the upgrade date (ours was November 22, 2011), my wife’s first inclination was one of horror when she read about the YNAB4 upgrade policy yesterday. That was until I reminded her this morning how much YNAB3 saved us the last seven months. That amount would be far more than $40. Will we upgrade not needing cloud sync? Not today anyway. You see, we couldn’t love YNAB3 anymore than we do now. But one thing’s for sure — a $40 upgrade fee is nothing to pay for a quality product like YNAB4 will be. Though people will complain about the upgrade fee, I understand their feelings just missing the upgrade myself, but being a business person and a YNAB devotee for life, I completely understand why YNAB is doing what they are doing. YNAB can’t please everyone with their upgrade fee (policy), but who among us can attempt to justify that YNAB isn’t worth every dime we originally paid for it, or that we will pay for it through upgrades? Kudos to everyone responsible for the new product…..

    • Giovanna Visconti

      Jesse: YNAB 4 will be here in five days (Tuesday). It’s our best YNAB yet. You will love it. It’ll be only $40 to upgrade! (And for those who bought on or after December 26, 2011, the u/g will be free!)

      Perplexed faces all ‘round!

      Jesse: Wha…what were you guys thinking?

      Lucy: I think it should be five cents.

      Charlie Brown: “Yeah, it should be five cents!”

      Jesse: Mmm, we can’t do five cents.

      Lucy (angrily): IT SHOULD BE FIVE CENTS!

      Jesse: Everything can’t be five cents.

      • Giovanna Visconti

        I HOPE everyone gets my point and that the reactions of Lucy and Charlie Brown help emphasize that YNAB is worth a lot more than a $40 u/g charge!

        Thanks to Jesse and the team. As they say, “Cain’t hardly wait” till Tuesday and to pay for my upgrade!

      • Mallory

        That made my day! I feel the same way, getting really frustrated that people don’t seem to understand the value in the product. And why would this cause people to shop for other products?!? YNAB 3 still works, but brand new products cost money :) Thanks for restoring my belief in logical people!

  131. Andy

    I’ve already “whacked the mole”!

    Am happy to pay for the upgrade. We are too quick these days to expect free upgrades forever (iOS for example). I personally, as long as the product is good, am happy to support the developers in improving what they do.

    And lets be honest, with YNAB working the way it does, how long will it actually take to recoup the expense? Exactly.

  132. Joel

    Sync and account balancing will both be very nice. To be honest, the most lengthy process in our budget work is downloading and importing the bank’s information on an account. I recall there being questions about potential interfacing to banks. I’m sure that would be a lot of difficult coding and the target would always be moving. I wish banks would offer a standard API or something to facilitate budget software designers. All of these upgrades are nice though a bit pricey given the additional functions. Look & feel, sync, balancing Thats it. Regardless of the internal workings you witness, it’s about what the buyer receives, NOT what you spent on
    development. It’s worth about $20-25 for
    us. We will wait and see. We don’t have $40 to drop on some software anytime
    soon. :(

    • Joel

      Oops, hit post early.
      But THANK YOU for keeping YNAB on the development table. :)

    • jesse

      Regardless of the internal workings you witness, it’s about what the buyer receives, NOT what you spent on

      That’s so true. I felt myself yesterday talking about how long we spent on dev, instead of talking about how the features would benefit everyone. Mistake on my part. How long we spent on it is irrelevant.

  133. Renaldo C.

    You guys added all but one CRITICAL feature; password security on the desktop app.

    Why is this being overlooked? You don’t think we enter sensitive information into your app?

    Please don’t recommend some third party application to do what your application should be doing. This is standard application security… get with it YNAB.

    • jesse

      Hi Renaldo, picking a feature set means we basically make tons of compromises. To be quite frank, while password-setting is a requested feature, its requests are dwarfed by a lot of what you see in YNAB 4.

      I’m not saying we won’t ever put password protection in, I’m just letting you know where we’re coming from.

      • Renaldo C.

        Isn’t this simple though?

        When you look at the time it takes to implement password security… isn’t this time also dwarfed by the time taken for all these other new ‘fancy’ features?

        When we sync to your cloud… we will be sync’ing raw data.. nothing protects us in the event of a breach on your end.

      • Joh

        Good point. Will data really be transmitted unencrypted with cloud sync?mif thats the case I hope you tell that to the users, so they can use it educated. For me that would be a no go.

      • jesse

        Data sent and received from the cloud comes across using SSL encryption.

      • Jordan

        Jesse, it may not be requested as much as other features, but it seems like a no brainer. I would assume that the majority of your customers have kids, and I do not know too many parents that want there children/teenagers to be able to view account balances. Can it not be added as an update, or will we have to wait a year or so for the next edition for us to buy? I do appreciate the program and the great training, but it seems crazy to have put password protection on the app and not the program.

      • jesse

        The reason for it being on the app with higher priority is because phones are more easily lost/compromised/shared than desktops. It’s certainly not an invalid request at all. Quite reasonable. It’s always a matter of weighing one feature over another. It’s zero-based budgeting with features, against time pressure (“When’s Cloud Sync?! That’s simple to implement!?” :)) and we basically have to make tough calls.

        There are features that I wanted in YNAB 3, that still didn’t make it into YNAB 4.

        These blog comments are helping me compile a list of “What’s Next” features for 4.x. Taylor and I will be meeting up in person next week and will be hashing it out (hopefully not putting out fires from the launch on Tuesday..). I can’t say when password protection will be put in (4.x or 5.something) but maybe we can figure out some balance of letting users know what’s coming in 4.x releases without giving specific time deadlines.

        (As an aside, because I mentioned deadlines, we legitimately thought we were going to be releasing YNAB 4 in April and May :) I even think at one point we thought August of last year… deadlines are a fickle thing with software development).

        Oh, sorry for the second edition of War & Peace here. Probably more than you bargained for.

      • Bawa Jose

        In my opinion, YNAB should have given first priority to encryption ahead of cloud Sync since they use a third party for cloud sync. Relying on a third party service provider to secure my data isn’t the right option if YNAB is really security cautious in my opinion.

      • jesse

        Hi Bawa, for some (most?) users, have the data be encrypted as it travels is enough for them. It made sense for that to be a first pass for us, getting Cloud Sync into the majority’s hands faster, versus delaying that benefit to the majority, in order to build something that only a minority want. Not to say we aren’t entertaining the idea of storing it encrypted as well, but I just want to show you our rationale in deciding what to do first.

      • Bawa Jose

        Jesse.. agreed. Well…. Icertainly am not going to sync my data anyway… and again if I still think to sync my YNAB DB, it will just give an outline of my financial situation if at all it falls to some wrong hands.. but certainly it is not going to provide my credit card info or bank account details or anything confidential. So you made the right move.
        Speaking on SSL.. yeah it is hard for a man in the middle to steal the data when it travels. But not that hard for a hacker to steal a password using some security flaw in the third party software if found and exploited. You might know many lost their gmail accounts to hackers though gmail uses SSL :-) Earlier, I used to sync my keepass DB in dropbox.. felt so comfortable having a backup of my valuable passwords in the cloud…. I later felt little insecure (though keepass DB itself is encrypted and again dropbox using SSL).. finally decided to encrypt the encrypted keepass DB using truecrypt before I sync.. though many may feel this is unnecessary, I believe cloud and internet should always be kept in the untrusted zone. The more you secure your data, the more you are and you feel safe.

  134. Renaldo C.

    You guys managed to add all but one CRITICAL feature once again; password security on your desktop application. I don’t want to be hiding my YNAB files so no one else can see my financial data…

    Do you not think we enter sensative information into your application?
    ***How hard is it really to add password security?

    Please don’t recommend some third party applicationt to suppliment the security which your application should have. This is standard application security…get with the times YNAB.

    • Renaldo C.

      Sorry about the double post..don’t know what’s going on with my browser..

  135. Jordan

    I might be one of the few thinking about this, but I would really like to see YNAB password protected. I do keep any of my account numbers or other vital info in the program, but I also do not want my roommates or coworkers who use my laptop to be able to see how much or little money I have. Do you think logging in will ever be an option?

    • Jordan

      *I do NOT keep any of my account numbers or other vital info in the program*

  136. Adam Carlson

    That’s some great features to look forward to. Great job to Jesse and the team.

    I will be giving the trial a test run on linux and will be crossing my fingers it works well. If it has issues though, I can’t justify a $40 upgrade.

    • jesse

      Totally understand where you’re coming from there Adam. I’m crossing my fingers as well.

  137. Heather

    I’m still using YNAB pro. Faithful user for years. Need to upgrade, but will my YNAB pro file work with YNAB 4?

    • jesse

      Heather, YNAB 4 will still import your YNAB Pro file (and create a new YNAB 4 data set. Your Pro data will remain intact).

  138. Bob

    The upgrade looks great, been a long time coming.

    The video LOOKED great, too, but I just couldn’t finish it – that music soundtrack was just – horrid!

    • jesse

      Ah man, we had people posting they really liked the music… Sorry about that Bob :)

  139. Kyle

    I tried reading through the comments to see if someone already asked, but there’s a lot of comments…

    With this new cloud sync feature, I assume that means you can run YNAB on multiple computers and have them all sync up. Right now, I just run it on my mac at home and my iPhone. If I want to install it on my work laptop so I can track expenses easier while on business travel, do I need to purchase an additional license? My work computer is Windows, so I’ll have one Windows version and one Mac version running.

    Either way, looking forward to the upgrade!

    • jesse

      Hey Kyle, no need to purchase an additional license. You can install your copy of YNAB on as many computers as you need (as long as it remains for your personal use of course). Your setup, as you describe it, will work great.

  140. Dave

    Looks great. Price seems right.

    I saw the upgrade for the QIF imports. Any chance y’all also worked in automatic imports? Or automatic links to our banks for manual import?

    • jesse

      We didn’t touch direct connect. We still aren’t certain how that should (if at all) be handled. There’s plenty of debate on the forums if you want to follow that :) Good arguments for and against.

  141. Jeff

    Will there be issues with delays during data entry (the way it strings), like those found in v4?


    • jesse

      Jeff can you be more specific? Sorry, I didn’t quite follow your question.

  142. Chris

    Looking forward to YNAB 4 !!! Have a question about my mobile app (Android). Is YNAB 4 going to work with my current app? I am guessing that when I sync for the first time with YNAB 4, all the changes will upload to my Android phone. I know that people are anxious to use the cloud. Not me. In Canada the cost of data is absurd so I do not use data at all ($10 for 100mb/month then overage charges or higher data charges). When I sync my phone and system, I do it through my home network hub. I don’t mind the extra step to update.

    • jesse

      You’ll still be able to wifi sync with YNAB 4 :)

  143. Mike

    Tuesday seems so for away. I want today to be Tuesday! :)

  144. lUKE

    YAY! Can’t wait! Bought YNAB on 25 FEB 2012 and couldn’t be happier, this upgrade will be great!!!

  145. Bawa Jose

    Hi Jesse…. You might have seen a huge number of response here asking why you haven’t provided the password protection feature in such a major release…. please address and justify all your valued customers with the feature in you next minor release at least so that all our concerns will be addressed and hopefully you get many more customers if you can assure this feature. Thanks for all your efforts.

    • jesse

      Hey Bawa, thanks for the comment. It makes sense that with Cloud Sync, the feature would gain a bit more prominence, absolutely.

      Question for those looking for password protection: With that password protection, are you expecting that the file be encrypted as well? Or that the password only protect casual passers-by?

      • Bawa Jose

        Hey Jesse, Thanks for your response.. yes.. encryption will be the ideal choice for any one speaking about security (myself being a network security engg). But then… if you will have to do a lot and you feel encryption will take you more time and effort and you are planning to implement it for the next major release, you could at least provide a password protection feature for all the guys here. At least my friend checking his email on my computer may not be able to look at my financial stuffs by chance :-)

        Thanks again for understanding. Have a great time and relax :-)

    • jesse

      No Mike, unfortunately we couldn’t get it in. But we have a solution for the credit card complexities (they are complex instruments–at least in terms of the method), and hope to get that implemented in a 4.x release.

  146. Lynda

    $40 to upgrade… ouch! But, I love YNAB so I will budget for it, if for nothing else, but to have the larger print for these after 50 eyes!

    • Lynne

      +1 on the 50+ eyes, looking forward to larger print also.
      Even better would have been a font size choice, this way it keeps the under 50’s happy too :-)

      • Andres Riofrio

        I’m 19 and I _love_ the bigger font-size. I always zoom in when websites have too small type: bigger type is easier and more comfortable to read.

        Happily, since I didn’t spend on apps this month, I get to buy YNAB 4 with only $5 of overspending. :D

  147. Jamie Coats

    Looking forward to it and whilst their may be grumbles from some overall I think this is a good product at the right price and yes if we want to upgrade we pay. I think the way they allow more recent purchaser to upgrade for a lower fee is right but as they say they have to draw a line somewhere.

    For me its a case of perspective, did Intuit, Microsoft Money offer their solutions on all platforms, no. I wish it was web based but it’s a great tool given I’m new to it. As for iPad App’s and so on, I would concentrate on HTML 5 and designing once deploying multiple times on multiple devices from one set of dev. We will all get more as you want be splitting your resource on designing, building and supporting multiple App’s just on HTML 5 App. Everyone if they follow some of the requests and to iPad, Android, Windows and so on we all lose out… They only have so much resource and wasting on multiple versions and devices when design once deploy all is the future… Well it’s in in my humble opinion… :-)

  148. YNAB 4: Cloud Sync | YNAB

    […] of YNAB coming? Yes. It’s YNAB 4, and it’s awesome. If you missed the announcement, you can catch it here. We talk about pricing, availability, […]

  149. Glenn Hay-Roe

    Long post – I haven’t read all the comments, but have enjoyed many of them. There are positive and negative thoughts on pricing and features, and, as Jesse said, he knows that he can’t please everyone. Kudos for trying as hard as you do to do that, anyway, Jesse…
    The amazing part to me is how many responses are from Jesse, something that’s not too common in the world of software and support, and that speaks to how involved and supportive all of the ‘YNAB crew’ are.
    My own response to YNAB 4 and pricing; “At first I was dismayed about any price increase, because I’ve always just thought of YNAB as something I owned and rarely had to pay for” (going on 4 years of usage now).
    The more I reflected on it, the more I realized that this is a very small price to pay for all the improvements. I use and love YNAB on a near-daily basis, and it just flat out works, bringing results and improvements to my finances and my life in countless ways.
    As I watch the video again and read about the features, though, I can see that it’s going to be an amazing upgrade, and my excitement grows by leaps and bounds. It’s a testament to the underlying solidity of the program (and YNAB’s 4 Rules) that I was never unhappy or dissatisfied, and I loved YNAB3, but I know in my gut that this is going to be far, far better.
    Cloud synch, View All Accounts, Spending by Category and Payee, along with many other features, will all be game-changers for me.
    As Kenny posted recently “YNAB is a big giant bag of awesome”
    To all the naysayers that want to stick with YNAB 3, I implore you to at least give it a try and see if it doesn’t make a great experience even better.
    A 34 day trial is free and can be run concurrently with YNAB3, so what have you got to lose?
    To Jesse and the YNAB Team, thank you for showing us over and over that this is more than a job and more than software for you. It’s clear (to me at least) that you really are trying to help people improve their lives by getting a handle on their finances.
    Financial freedom brings freedom in life, and the first steps to freedom are knowledge and then control. YNAB has given me both.
    I want to tell you that you are appreciated, and the best way to do that is to vote with my dollars to the tune of $40.00. Where do I sign up? (just kidding, I know where!) -Glenn

  150. Ben

    Debt is a major focus of our budget as my wife and I both have a LARGE amount of student debt. YNAB has been incredibly helpful in planning and structuring a budget; however, I wish it’d bring more support as far as paying down debt (student loans, or otherwise).

    We’ve entered our loans in “off-budget” accounts and they are set up so monthly funds transfer to them. This is somewhat helpful, but I wish YNAB would introduce more helpful features (ability to add interest rates, therefore, automatically adjusting the balance; generating a “timeline” of when the debt will be paid off based on the budgeted amount for that particular loan; as well as some graphs/tables specific to paying down debt in the “Reports” section).

    Maybe I’m missing some features that are currently there that I just don’t know about, but I feel having more control and insight into paying off our debt would help significantly with our financial planning.

    As Jesse has mentioned before, if you feel the upgrades aren’t worth $40 to you, then you don’t have to upgrade. Cloud syncing would be nice and convenient, but I won’t be upgrading unless more control can be given to address debt. I understand there are separate debt apps/programs, but I feel having it directly integrated into our budgeting software just makes the most sense.

    If anyone has any helpful pointers, or if I’m not making use of a particular feature, please let me know!

  151. Mama

    So my apologies if this has been asked 200 times already. But will I be able to upload my YNAB 3 data into YNAB4? Or will I have to start all over again. Not that big of a deal; but having the historical data would be nice.

    Looking forward to Tuesday!

    • jesse

      Yeah YNAB 4 will import your 3 data while leaving your original 3 data intact.

  152. Rich

    I’m a big fan of YNAB and I’ve always wondered how Jesse and company stayed in business with just income from the one time software fees. The new version of YNAB looks like it has a lot of thought put into it, and I’ll gladly pay the $40 to keep the YNAB train running. Keep spreading the word.

  153. David Smart

    Why all the excitement about cloud sync? I already keep my budget file in Dropbox..

    • jesse

      Hey Dave, check out the post all about Cloud Sync for why it’s very different from just stashing a YNAB file up on dropbox. Not to say your way isn’t working for you. If it is, more power to you :)

  154. Jonathan

    I’ve used YNAB, since the early days of YNAB 2, and in my opinion it is worth supporting a company which has the customer’s welfare and success at the forefront of its business model. Just look at the number of personal responses from Jesse–President? CEO?, and Taylor–the lead developer. In my experience this has been the status-quot during my several years of using YNAB. A member of the team (and can’t forget the community!) is always interested in helping with your personal questions despite the plethora of free tutorials, online classes, and FAQ’s.

    I am sorry to hear that so many are disappointed about the upGRADE cost. I understand and have experienced feelings of being cheated or taken advantage of at times in my life too–especially in areas that really mattered.

    Remember that YNAB is a business and businesses revolve on providing products and services to customers. An exchange of energy is required to take advantage of what is offered by any business (not to mention Walmart, Mcdonalds, vacations, doctors, friends, family, etc. etc.) and in this society the exchange tends to be money–that you initially exchanged your time and efforts for [at work]. YNAB 4, is not mandatory as has been stated numerous times, but you can decide if it is worth exchanging $40 for the new features as well as directly supporting a reputable, supportive, and informative business.

    In my mind it is justified. It is like walking into a local small town shop where the little bell rings, they greet you using your first name, and you know they will never cheat you or deliver poor services. YNAB is a quality company, driven by quality individuals.

    I can’t wait until Tuesday!

    • MikeB

      Well said. I agree completely. A $40 upgrade fee that goes to a program and a team that has changed my financial life is nothing compared to the amount of money and headache that YNAB and it’s team have saved me.

  155. Nik

    YNAB FTW! Love your product! I’m excited to check out the new implementations in v.4.

  156. Toby

    I have been using YNAB 3 to mixed results. I’m always disappointed at how long it seems to take to go from one cell to the next, or from one screen to the next (it’s been far from instant on both computers I’ve used it on – one of them a fresh-from-the-factory machine with a core I-5 processor). I’ll upgrade to 4, but if that’s not improved, I’ll likely drop it to work with something else.

    • jesse

      Hopefully we can get some speed wins into a 4.x version. YNAB 4 is, speed-wise, pretty comparable to YNAB 3. I agree that speed is a feature.

  157. John A. Reade

    Will YNAB ever have bill paying capability like Quicken?

    • jesse

      Probably not. There are good developments in the space to make that more feasible, but it’s definitely not super-high on our list.

      • John A. Reade

        Am I correct in saying that one would first make a payment online (assuming that’s how one makes their payments) and then reflect that payment in YNAB, 2 steps.

      • JAR

        I was wundering if I am correct or is there a way to simultaneously make a payment and reflect that payment in YNAB?
        Thank you

  158. BPayne

    YNAB is THE best personal budgeting software on the market. Quicken is terrible. The price is more than reasonable. Thank you guys for a fantastic philosophy and a beautiful product to go with it. It has literally changed our financial lives. And, Jesse, I wish I could meet you in person. I enjoy your down-to-earth, sincere, and humurous newsletters. The whole tenor of your business is a joy. It is so impressive that you have responded so much to all of these silly, cheap-skate complaints. They would be complaining a lot more with other products that upgrade before you can even get it installed!

  159. Autumn

    Do we have to re-enter all of our info into YNAB 4…or will it automatically move transactions/balances/etc into YNAB 4 from YNAB 3?

    • jesse

      YNAB 4 will import your YNAB 3 file and create a new YNAB 4 data set. Your YNAB 3 legacy file will remain in place, and untouched.

      • Autumn

        Great! Thanks a lot for the speedy response. I’m really looking forward to trying out YNAB 4! YNAB 3 is fantastic….so YNAB 4 is going to be even better!

  160. Melissa S

    I agree with previous comments that the cost of upgrading should be cheaper. We’ve already purchased the software … why spend another good chunk of money for little changes?

    • jesse

      Fortunately these aren’t little changes. They’re massive changes. Bigger than we’ve ever done before. So we feel great about asking people to consider what we’re offering, and see it works for them at the price we’re charging. (You can try it for 34 days to see..)

      • Richard

        Jesse — I really do enjoy using YNAB, but $40?! I’ve only been using YNAB for 11 months. I have never had to pay again so soon. Some of the software I’ve been using for years allows me to upgrade for free if I bought it within the previous six months before the new version came out. Tell you what, I’ll set up a budget expense for new YNAB software and assign $2 against it every month. When it gets to $60 I’ll consider buying whatever current version is available. In the meantime I’ll stick with YNAB3.

        Besides, if the biggest accomplishment is the Cloud and the mobile apps that you’ll someday have then I won’t ever need to upgrade. I don’t have an android or an iphone or a pad of any kind, so why should I care?

        I should have enough in the budget when Version 6 comes out if I start budgeting for it today.

      • jesse

        Hi Richard, we offer a six month grace period for those that purchased six months prior to our launch (which would mean on or after December 27, 2011). So your second sentence is basically exactly what we’re doing… maybe I missed a beat there.

        There are other features besides the Cloud. I was amazed how many people were excited about the Reconciliation wizard. I personally didn’t think it was that important (for years now) and then once I had it and used it, couldn’t believe I’d disregarded it for so long.

        Plus we’ll be improving YNAB 4 going forward. But you certainly can take a wait and see approach. Don’t buy it until it’s worth it for you. Maybe something we’ll add in a free update in the future will tip the scale for you.

        And I’m happy to sell you version 6 when it fits your budget :) We really aren’t trying to be mean here. People can take their time. I encourage it!

    • TM

      How many more spoiled, ignorant customers can one man respond politely to? Jesse, it costs too much. Jesse, I want this, I want that, you haven’t made it exactly how it should be for my tiny universe. This software is *very* affordable, very good quality, the upgrade is optional and the features will never satisfy every single user on the planet. It is imperfect, it is a work in progress, just like all software is, and it is so much better than most. If you like it, use it. If you don’t, vote with your feet and leave the blog in bless-ed peace!

  161. TM

    As expected from you guys, YNAB 4 is excellent! My only complaint is the jagged mouse movement. It seems so much is going on in every single pixel of the screen (hover for tool tip, etc.) that the mouse is never free to just glide. Any suggestions or solutions? (I’m running Windows XP dual 19″ monitor at resolution of 1680×1050.)

  162. Bawa Jose

    Jesse, curious to know if you have any plans to launch YNAB for Blackberry Playbook?? Though am not a software developer, I believe it will not be a complex job for you since you already have an android app and Playbook OS 2.0 has native android support.

    • jesse

      We aren’t planning on developing for the Playbook at this time. The market is just too small.

      • Greg D.

        It’s my understanding that you don’t have to develop for the playbook, you can just use the Blackberry packaging software and it will allow your Android app on the Playbook. Please look into Jesse.

      • Bawa Jose

        Thanks Greg.. .exactly what I was about to tell. I believe this is not going to be a tough job your team Jesse… hope you can review this with your team and share your thoughts.

      • jesse

        I really don’t mean to be a downer, but it’s never as simple as just repackaging and sending it off to another market. Especially if that market is dwindling. We were invited by RIM to participate in the playbook before it even came out, and it just didn’t make sense then. It definitely doesn’t make sense now with the way things are looking for them. Here’s hoping they take off and compete and we have another market to deal with.

        The costs of moving to another market are interesting. For instance, we now are available on the Amazon Android App Store. Only took us about eight hours to package it up for the Amazon licensing scheme, right? Since then, somewhere south of 10% of Android purchases come through Amazon. When we launched our update, Amazon had to review our app, where Google Play didn’t. So there was confusion there. Whenever we need to push a new release, Amazon is now later than Google Play, which causes confusion for customers. Sometimes customers ask for a refund on the Android app and we have to turn back around and ask them if they purchased on Amazon or Google Play… if we want to edit the description of the app we need to update it in two places…

        I’m not saying those things aren’t outweighed by potential gain. But a lot of times, we completely underestimate the maintenance work that goes into supporting various platforms. It’s not just package it up and click a button…there’s an ongoing mental/staff overhead that accompanies it that never goes away.

      • Bawa Jose

        Thanks Jesse… I really appreciate your prompt response. I fully agree with you and your approach. Slow and steady wins the race..!!!

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