YNAB is Hiring a Quality Assurance Team Member (Part-Time) UPDATE: This position has been filled.

UPDATE (11/5/12): This position has been filled!  We were flooded with applications (just over 100), so it was a very tough call.  Thanks to all who applied!

We’re on a hiring blitz, of sorts.

As the popularity of YNAB grows, so also grows our need to have a top-notch quality assurance process.  That is where you come in.

You Would be:

  • Writing functional tests for the mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Executing those tests on the various platforms.
  • Doing exploratory testing.

You’re Who We’re Looking for if you:

  • Are detail-oriented, process-driven (slightly OCD?) person who will test, test, and re-test our desktop, iPhone, and Android software.
  • Have formal testing experience.
  • Have access to a variety of platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android)
  • Are available part-time (this is not a full-time position).
  • Work well in a remote environment. YNAB has no central hub. The most people we have in any state is two (Maine, and Utah).  You do not need to be US-based.
  • Thrive on instructions like, “We need to formalize our QA process around each release candidate of our software. Any suggestions?”
  • Have excellent written and spoken English (accents are fine!)
  • Bonus Points: You use and love YNAB.
  • Double Bonus Points: You’ve found a few bugs in YNAB ;)


  • Compensation would be hourly and based on your experience.
  • This would be a part-time position, as an independent contractor.
  • You would set your own schedule, hours, etc.
  • You would provide your own equipment (some exceptions to this would be if we needed testing on a particular device for some future efforts).

To Apply:

  • Your cover letter can be your email. No need to send something separate.
  • Send your resume in PDF form.
  • Include “QA Superstar” in the subject line of your email. If you don’t, we won’t read your email.
  • Applications should go to: qa092012@youneedabudget.com
  • Also, please complete the following two questions:
  1. Please report on a bug you’ve found in the latest version of YNAB. Write it up the same way you’d write up a bug if you were a member of the team.
  2. What is one of your favorite non-fiction books? What did you learn from it?

21 Responses to “YNAB is Hiring a Quality Assurance Team Member (Part-Time) UPDATE: This position has been filled.”

  1. Jenn

    Hi Jesse! This sounds right up my alley.

    What is the deadline for applications?


  2. SC

    Hmmm…if we all report a bug, then what bugs will there be to test for? : )

  3. Bob

    Still using YNAB 3, so I don’t have a version 4 bug to report on. Is not/having version 4 a deal breaker, or are you using it more to determine reporting skills and quality?

    • jesse

      We’re using it to determine reporting skills and quality :) If you were hired, you would definitely need version 4, since development for YNAB 3 has stopped except for showstoppers.

  4. Dan D

    Is there only 1 position available?

    Is it “regular” part-time (eg: roughly x # hrs/week) or just random “we need this tested ASAP, can you work ## hrs this weekend” part-time? Is there a minimum/max # of hrs?


    • jesse

      It would be an ongoing, but semi on-demand position. My guess is probably 10 hours per week? There’s more than one position available because we may need to get other testing platforms available (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, etc.)

  5. Joshua Roebuck

    Is this position purely manual testing or automated too?

    • jesse

      We envisioned manual, but if you have the chops to automate, we would welcome it.

      • Josh

        Thanks for your reply, Jesse. I’ll send in my application by Tues!

    • hfelton

      weird replying to my own non-approved comment, but…

      i think i noticed another bug – this one in the android-app… when inputting a new item, the category was not updating correctly (iirc)… it is/was not critical to me – but ive been hesitant to use the android-version for anything other than inputting a consistent “eat” category-food-expense meal into my cash-account, because i was unhappy with how the app worked (this mightve been from an older-version, idk)… it might just be a feature-issue and this “report” is not my typical style… for instance, maybe there should be a little “help” icon for the mobile-app – since i only discovered by-accident that tapping on the category allowed me to select alternatives to the pre-filled-in one…

      either way – automated testing is the way to go… it (test before coding) provides SUCH a safety net that i would have trouble developing any large-scale sw (like ynab-4++) without it any more… in particular, it (auto-testing) allows you to regression-test to make sure you do not accidentally re-introduce an ‘old’ bug into the system… if it is not part of your ‘development’ process, then i would hope (insist?) that it be part of a ‘good’ QA process…

      anyways, good luck sorting thru all the responses youll be getting… :) h.

  6. Subbu

    Hi Jesse, I have applied for QA – part time postion. Could you let me know whether you are looking for people only from States? Or would it be fine if the person is from other region as well?

  7. Steve

    From his original post:
    Work well in a remote environment. YNAB has no central hub. The most people we have in any state is two (Maine, and Utah). You do not need to be US-based.

  8. Jen

    Hi there! Will you be posting letting us know when the positions have been filled? Thanks!

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