Calling All Small Business Owners


Before joining YNAB in March, I spent the previous five years running three small web-based businesses.

I loved self-employment in spite of (and because of) its stresses. All three businesses were serendipitously sold last December, leaving me with a little extra money in the bank and a lot of experience.

Jesse was one of my main sounding boards during my time as a business owner. Now that I’m working for YNAB, we’ve had many more conversations about the challenges and opportunities facing those of you trying to carve a living out of the economy.

We’ve asked ourselves what the YNAB brand could do to support small business owners – beyond giving you great software and 4 Rules for money management.

We have some ideas, none fully formed, and Jesse’s interest is piqued just enough that he’s given me the green light to explore ways YNAB could help small business owners thrive.

If you’re a small business owner of any flavor, I’d like to chat with you about your goals and challenges.

Don’t misunderstand – this isn’t a conversation about solutions. We don’t have any (yet). I’m exploring whether a big enough group of small business owners share a set of challenges in common that match well with the YNAB team’s core strengths. If I find a compelling set of overlapping problems, Jesse and team may develop a service (beyond software) to solve those problems.

Here’s what I’m asking for:

  • 30-45 minutes of your time (I’m flexible on day/time of day).
  • A phone number or Skype name.
  • A candid chat about your life as a small business owner.

Willing to chat with me? Use this form to get in touch.


9 Responses to “Calling All Small Business Owners”

  1. Nate

    The link to the questionnaire isn’t working….

  2. LH

    Is this just for current users of YNAB? My parents are small business owners (and quite unhappy with the only current software (QuickBooks) that seems to handle the things they need. Would you want input from them, or just people who are already on the YNAB bandwagon?

    • mark

      I’d love to chat with them! I’ll get as much value from talking to non-YNAB enthusiasts as long-time users.

  3. Henrique Greco

    Hi, I’m a small business owner from Brazil and use YNAB for my personal budget.

    Would you like and input from me, or just from EUA Business owners ?

  4. ttforres

    I’m chair & treasurer of a charity in Scotland and would love to use YNAB for our accounts. I just learned about the program today but after two webinars I’m sold on it. I’ll be buying it for my personal use for a start and would also be happy to talk about what a charity would need in terms of satisfying funders and monitoring small scale income.

  5. Mareks

    Actually after I started using YNAB for my private budget I was immediately started to think about similar solutions for my business, which I would consider rather small. And not because of size, but because of logics and functionality it has. Now I’m doing that manually in excel, but since there are more people involved, who takes care about different fields in our company, we quite often get off the track, while with YNAB it is very simple! I was searching the web for last few weeks and dodn’t fond something appropriate.

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