Investing for the Rest of Us

I’ve gone through phases in the past few years, where I feel like becoming a professional investor that does a bunch of research, discovers trends before they’re trends, plays the options games, and makes money “in any market.”

And then I remember that I already have a full-time job, a family, and a garden to tend.

So I go back to my super-simple, a few-hours-per-year investment strategy.

A while back, I wrote a review of Betterment, my investment option of choice (above and beyond my company 401k contributions).  The comments on both the post, and our Facebook page, spurred me on to write a 10-day investment course to help people understand why they’re investing, what they’re investing in, and how to get started and stay the course.

It’s an investment course for YNABers.

If you’re interested in signing up for the free course, you can do that here.


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Jesse is the founder of When he’s not speaking on, writing about, fine-tuning software for, or doing his own budgeting, he enjoys playing the piano, working in the garden, CrossFit, marksmanship, and honing his golf swing. Jesse graduated from Brigham Young University with a Masters of Accountancy degree. Immediately after he obtained his CPA license, he let it lapse so he could work on "You Need A Budget" full-time. Jesse lives in Utah, is married to Julie, and has five children. You can conect with Jesse on Google+ here.

19 thoughts on “Investing for the Rest of Us

  1. Hi Jesse

    I’m an Aussie YNABer who’s signed up for you course, as even though a lot of the details probably wont apply to me, I’m really interested in changing my way of thinking and getting over my fear of investment.

    I was wondering if, in the future, we may see more blog posts from Ian, and even from other staff members from other countries, with info (not necessarily investment related) that applies to international YNABer’s as well? It would be really great and much appreciated!


  2. Just as is the case with Jane, I’m also an international YNABer and am usually dissappointed because there seems to be many tools for US investors but very few for international investors. We would really appreciate if you could keep us in mind when looking out for investment tools in the future!

  3. I agree. I’m in New Zealand. Would love to see something in this relevant to me. I suppose most YNAB people are American?

  4. Very excited for this.

    I began investing not long ago, am new to the game, and am on a limited income. I’m 26 and still in college as I try to grow my year-old business after being in the Army and dealing with some health issues.

    I actually came across YNAB while researching Betterment last November. Now both are a part of my life, as is a Roth IRA with T. Rowe Price.

    Thanks for doing this, Jesse!

  5. On day 4 of the course you (Jesse) wrote, “You’ve now bought stocks when they were high, and bonds when they were low.”

    Did you really mean “You’ve now sold stocks when they were high and bought bonds when they were low?”

    Or did I miss something?”

  6. I signed up and received 4 days of the emails, but I quit receiving them on day 5! How do I get day 5 and on? Thanks!

  7. How do you show this in Ynab? I figure showing checking account–out and Betterment–In. But what about gain in value of your account? (Or adjusting for loss in value.) It is a part of net worth, yes? And increase in value of rental property.

  8. I signed up for the course, received Days 1-5 but then the next email that came in was Day 8.. did I accidentally delete 6-7 or did they just get mislabeled 8-9??

  9. Now that the ten days are done, will you combine the material into one PDF document that we can download and later reference? It would be great to have and I would give it to others as well.

  10. After reviewing the course, I realize that I need to reallocate the investments in my Roth 401(k) since I am 54. If I choose an ETF for stocks such as S&P 500, what is a comparable ETF for bonds?

  11. There is something wrong with your email system or program. I signed up for the course AGAIN with a different email address because the first time around I never received Days 6 and 7. The second time, I AGAIN did not receive Day 7. And because there is no archive for me to access days that do not get successfully delivered on email, I have no way to get Day 7 unless I sign up for the course AGAIN and wait ANOTHER 7 days to see if MAYBE I will get the email. So much for starting right away. This is quite frustrating.

  12. I didn’t receive day 4. (Maybe we can start sharing these amongst ourselves! I did receive 5 & 6!) But IS there a place we can go to find the ‘days’ we didn’t receive? Thanks!!!

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