March Podcast Roundup

We hope that you enjoyed the great podcasts during March!

072 – Sowing Seeds of Money Happiness – What causes discontent with money? What influences how you spend your money, what you value, and whether you’re truly happy?

073 – Your Life on a Treadmill – Anyone can keep pace when the treadmill is level, you’re not carrying any extra weight, and the speed is slow. But what happens when Big Events change that? What drove you to the point where you thought, “We need a budget!?”

 074 – Your Kids Need a Budget – I take a few minutes to explain how we use YNAB with the kids.  We have five kids, so there’s proof that it scales.

075- How I Tripled My Money in the Stock Market – It involved a company that made karaoke machines. I got lucky.

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3 Responses to “March Podcast Roundup”

  1. Paul

    Jesse, It truly amazes me that someone who spends so much time in the financial arena and runs a business based on finance/budgeting has such a balanced approach to money that you can do a podcast like “Sowing Seeds of Money Happiness.” This is why I love YNAB and recommend it to everyone as a way to attain a balanced approach to finances. I love that the people on this forum including yourself can put a lot of time and energy into budgeting and into earning money while still keeping it in its proper context. Thank you for your balanced approach and for giving the rest of us tools to stop money from controlling our life!

  2. Mr. 1500

    Cool, I didn’t really know about any PF podcasts before this. I’ll check them out, thanks!

  3. Christopher

    Jesse, you had asked about cloth diapering in one of your recent podcasts.

    Cloth diapering is a huge financial saver!

    We were spending $80 / month on diapers and wipes for our twins. Assuming it takes 30 months to get them out of diapers that is a cost of $2400. There is also the environmental impact of throwing all those disposable diapers into the landfill that I cannot measure fiscally; but we know that these resources are limited and their is a cost.

    In our case, we initially spent about $600 on adjustable diapers, their inserts and cloth wipes. We do one load of laundry each night and dry the inserts in the dryer and the liners on a drying rack; so there are costs for soap, water and electricity, but they are minimial, about $0.30 per load or $273.75 for 30 months. So the total cost of using cloth diapers is about $875; a savings of $1525 over using disposable diapers.

    Understandably, the initial $500 cost can seem preventative, but by budgeting for cloth diapers over a 9 month period, at a cost of approximately $56 per month, it can be done.

    Here is a website that breaks it down more thoroughly and has some great resource links too: http://www.diaperdecisions.com/pages/cost_of_cloth_diapers.php

    The best part of using cloth diapers is that there is ongoing savings every time you use them. Especially if you have a large family with more than one child the cloth diapers can be reused for each successive child and the savings continues to grow. And when you are done using them, you can donate them to a friend or sell them (they retain their value).


    Ps. The process of utilizing cloth is like disposable diapers, except that the stool goes in the toilet and you never throw the diapers away. From the babies perspective I imagine that the plush cloth feels better than the disposable diapers too.

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