Status on Part-Time Support Rep Position

Hey all, for those of you interested in the support rep position, just a quick status update.

We received just shy of 200 applications, so we’re still working through the first phase.  We’ll be finished with the first phase by the end of the day on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, if you hear from us, that means you’ll move on to Phase Two :)

If you don’t hear from us, it means you didn’t make the cut :(

Our plan is to have about 20% of the candidate pool move to Phase Two.

The applications have been great, and it’s been fun getting to know some of you YNABers a bit better.  You’re voracious readers, and have added a lot of books to my “To Read” list!

8 Responses to “Status on Part-Time Support Rep Position”

  1. Aoife

    Would it be possible to share the “to read” list and/or indicate how many times a particular book came up.

    • Jason

      Third. If it’s not too time consuming, I think that would be a rewarding sample of data to share.

  2. Steve

    Congrats to those who made the second cut. Given the level of competition, the new part-time rep should be top notch!

  3. Jackson

    I know you don’t have any posted openings, but I went ahead and sent in the resume along with my answers, you know, just in case.

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