We’re Hiring Another Part-Time Support Rep. Are You It?

I keep thinking our hiring will slow down, and then find myself writing another job posting.  This one is for a front line Defender of the YNAB Brand—a support rep.

What this job would look like:

  • You would set your own schedule, but you’d need to stick to something fairly regular.  So if you told us you planned on knocking out some cases for a few hours on a Saturday morning, we’d plan on you doing just that.
  • You care about the single customer.
  • You know that speed of response is the number one driver of customer satisfaction and that,
  • Accuracy of response is a close second.
  • You’d track your time and email me your hours on a monthly basis.  I’d cut you a check each month.
  • You’d be a 1099 contractor, responsible for your own internet, working space (probably at home, but you could do the work wherever you preferred), computer, etc.
  • The pay would be $10-$15 per hour, depending on your experience.
  • We’re looking at about 20 hours per week, with a bias toward weekend hours.
  • The hours would perhaps ebb and flow, where some weeks were very busy (new years is always busy, where December is not).
  • Your technical skills would definitely need to be up to snuff.  You know your way around computers, basically forward and backward, can troubleshoot stuff with some Google searches, and can explain things for people that aren’t as skilled as you, so they can feel victorious :)
  • Your location, country-wise can be totally flexible.  Your English needs to be superb, but accents are totally fine!

How YNAB works

  • We collaborate using email, Basecamp, Google Hangouts, Skype, and HipChat.  Even a real phone on occasion.
  • We do meetups in person every 18 months or so.  The next one is in a few weeks, where we’ll be doing some survival training out in the California desert, and then staying in a hotel at night. Yes, those two can coexist.  We may take surfing lessons while we’re there.
  • We’re profitable, and in this for the long haul, boostrapped initially from $63 of AdWords spending back in 2004.
  • We don’t track vacation or sick days. We hire people that would never abuse that situation.
  • Our number one growth driver is word of mouth.
  • We don’t work during the week surrounding Christmas.
  • We give our team members birthday presents :)

How to Apply (Application DEADLINE is April 30)

  1. Everything should go to: YNAB+YNAB0518@applications.recruiterbox.com
  2. Send us your resume as a PDF.
  3. Send us a really interesting/compelling cover letter that answers, at a minimum:
    1. Why you would make a great YNAB Support rep.
    2. What prior tech support experience you’ve had.
    3. The book you’re currently reading, why you’re reading that book, and what you’ve learned so far from it.
  4. Share a positive customer service experience where you were the customer.  What made the experience positive?
  5. Respond to the following support case:  “Hey, I bought YNAB about two weeks ago, and it’s just not working out.  Could I please have a refund?”  (Bear in mind that since we offer a 34-day free trial, our stated policy on refunds is that we don’t provide them.)
  6. Respond to the following support case: “We are trying to install YNAB on a 2nd computer in our home and I can’t find the right activation key for it. The one I’m using isn’t working.  Are we not allowed to install YNAB on another computer? And if we are, how can I get the key to activate it?”
  7. Respond to the following support case: “I must say that I’m pretty frustrated at this point.  I just purchased YNAB and spent several hours trying to import transactions from the last 6 years into YNAB.  And now the program that I just paid $60 for is running super slow.  To top it all off, I just found out that YNAB doesn’t automatically connect to my banks and download transactions for me going forward!  Why would a financial program like yours NOT do this automatically??  I’m not sure I can spend the time manually entering transactions every day and would like to ask for a refund.”
  8. Respond to the following support case: “I can’t get Cloud Sync to work for the life of me. I have YNAB installed on two computers and I have an Android phone with the YNAB app.  On my mobile app it just says “Woops! we couldn’t find any budget set up for Cloud Sync…”  And the YNAB app on my computers are definitely NOT showing the same budget files. Please help!”


46 Responses to “We’re Hiring Another Part-Time Support Rep. Are You It?”

  1. Khana Santamaria

    I’d love to apply, but I suspect my Canadian status would probably disqualify me. Oh, well. Hope whoever gets it has fun!

  2. emily

    How about England? I’m moving to London soon to be with my partner who is finishing his Masters there; getting a UK work visa is nearly impossible, so I am looking for a job based in the States that can be done remotely.

    I’ve been using the YNAB program for about a year now and LOVE IT. I’ll enthusiastically jump at the chance to be a support rep and help others to figure it out — if I could be in London to do it …

  3. Jane

    I know it says that international applicants are fine, however are there preferred hours of work such as during business hours etc? I’m Australian and I know the time difference can be very different!


    • jesse

      Weekends would be where we would have our bias, which may mean you’re actually working early “tomorrow” to handle that. In short, I don’t see it as a problem. One of our main developers is in Australia, and we just get him up early for meetings every once in a while :)

  4. Kenny

    Out of curiosity, why don’t you offer refunds? It’s sensible to me that a 34 day trial run is sufficient for spending $60 on something, but that’s just me because $60 is a lot to me. I have referred a lot of people to YNAB and most of them tell me the next day that they bought it. I’m actually bothered that they didn’t try it before buying it. Like I said, I’m just curious. Is it a business decision or is it that you can’t disable a license once it has been issued? Feel free to answer my question via email and I don’t need a long explanation. I’m a long time admirer of YNAB and just wanted some insight- if you don’t mind.

    • jesse

      It’s because once they have the license, they have it. We can’t “turn it off” so to speak :) we used to give refunds before we gave a free trial.

  5. Aoife

    Have applied – I live all the way over here in GMT time zone I’m teaching my son to use the software. He said it should be called You Want A Budget – however, YWAB sounds just silly!

    • Rolo

      Who _wants_ a budget? That’s like, who _wants_ to go to the dentist but both are something we all _need_ to do. :)

    • Steve

      Sure! As long as you fit the bill on what Jesse described above, where you are doesn’t matter.

  6. Ben


    Would most of the correspondence with the customer be through email or phone?


  7. Alex Ivory

    Wow! What an awesome opportunity. I am definitely applying. I live in Arizona and I love the software. I recently got married and YNAB has changed my life. I am saving more than I thought possible.

  8. Fran

    Just applied! Thanks for the newsletter, I jumped to the application process ASAP! :)

  9. Dani Schnakenberg

    Applied! I’m even more excited about this opportunity now! What a great mix of the type of work I’m looking for and the work experience I have already!

  10. Garrett

    How old do you need to be for this job? I am 15 but I am very good with Computers, and am very technical.-

  11. lilypilyTerri

    Hey there! I wish I was more tech savvy so that I could apply for this job because (other than the fact that I need a job!) you sound like a great team with a great work/life balance in place. I’m an Aussie, newly separated after 27yrs of marriage and was struggling with the whole budget thing until a friend recommended Ynab. It’s helped SO much. I’m still finding my way around it, but it is really a financial lifesaver. Just wanted to let you know and say thanks. :)

  12. janice

    What an awesome opportunity! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to work for a company that I TOTALLY believe in (I’ve recommended you to tons of friends, and lots of people I DON’T know. And while I was still on my trial- before I even knew about the referral Win-Win).

    Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that I am not technology savvy enough. Perhaps in the future.

  13. Tyler Rowe

    I’d like to apply, but I have a question about one of your questions.

    -The book you’re currently reading, why you’re reading that book, and what you’ve learned so far from it.

    Does this mean a book in general that I’m reading now, or a particular YNAB software? Can’t wait to apply, guys, thanks.

  14. Nicole Stauffer

    You have my application now! I can’t wait to hear from you guys!

  15. Jane

    I’ll be sening my resume out before the end of the weekend! I am so excited about the chance to work with such an awesome company! I tell anyone who will listen about YNAB!

  16. kiwi10661312

    My resume is on its way. Thanks for providing this opportunity. Look forward to hearing from and working with you ;-)

  17. Rich

    I am interested in applying for any future part-time support representative. Will you be hiring again for that position?

  18. JasonH

    Application is in! Awesome opportunity. It’s great to know that YNAB continues to grow and expand its influence.

  19. DylanK

    I’ve also sent in my resume! Now that we’re at the deadline, my question is this: What is the procedure now?
    I’ve no idea how many applications you will have received for this post nor have I ever applied for an online job so I’m not sure what’s reasonable.

    Will you be responding to everyone?
    If selected, how soon would one expect to hear back?


  20. maria Perez


    are you still hiring for a part-time rep?

  21. Paula

    Aw… Just saw this and missed the deadline… Wish I had applied.

  22. Mark Kazzaz

    Hey YNAB team, is it too late to be considered? Unfortunately, I’ve been helping a family that lost someone in the West, Texas explosion since 4/18/13 and am just now returning to reality. I tried looking around for a different way to reach out, but I suspect customer support wasn’t the appropriate channel. I have a pretty strong background in accounting and technology; my LinkedIn profile link is included as “my webpage” on this comment.

    Thanks for the thought! I totally understand if this attempt was in vain, though.

  23. Colleen Hyman

    I noticed the Twitter update about the part time position. There is a lot of competition for this job. Good luck to everyone that applied!

  24. Lawrence

    Is this job positing still available? I am interested being a support rep. I am also using YNAB since January and it is somehow helping me cut down my unnecessary expenses (thanks to your “YNAB Rules”).

    • mark

      Hi Lawrence – sorry, we’ve actually filled the position. :(

      But glad to hear you’re getting value from the method and the software!

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