We’re hiring! Do you want to teach YNAB?


This position is now closed and we are no longer accepting applications.

I can’t believe we’re hiring again, but our live classes continue to grow and we need another teacher.  Are you a rock star teacher?

If so, we’d like you to help us teach YNAB! We are looking for an additional teacher to run our live, online classes.

You’re qualified if:

  • You love teaching and helping people learn. You enjoy breaking down complicated problems so people who are struggling can understand them easily.
  • Not only do you love teaching, but you’re a trained teacher. It’s a bonus if you’ve had experience teaching online, but not a deal breaker if you haven’t.
  • You use YNAB and know it very well. You’re a YNAB success story.
  • You enjoy collaborating with other educators. You can give constructive feedback and embrace it to improve your own skills.
  • You know your way around a computer. Since you’ll be teaching online, you’ll need to understand how to navigate and access information from different programs behind the scenes.
  • You can multi-task and don’t mind being put on the spot. Teaching a live online class requires running a web conference and teaching at the same time–all while being asked multiple questions about budgeting and YNAB. What we’re saying is, you’ll need to be quick on your feet and have fun doing it!
  • You can work from home (or anywhere), as long as you have a fast, broadband connection and a second monitor.
  • You run YNAB on your mobile device. (You’ll need to display that in class.)
  • You can show empathy.
  • You’re friendly, courteous, kind, cheerful, creative, flexible and passionate (did we mention passionate about teaching and about YNAB?).


Hours will vary depending on how busy we are and how many classes we are running, but we are looking for someone who can teach about 10 -20 hours a week and has high availability on US weeknights and weekends. That’s when most of our customers are available to attend. We’d like to be able to offer more classes than we can right now, and that’s where you come in!

You can take a look at our current schedule to see when classes run, but we are hoping to expand those hours with this hire.


Clarification: This is a part time position so not eligible for 401K benefits.


Pay will be determined based on experience. However, we like to hire awesome people and pay them well. :)

How to Apply

Please include a resume and a cover letter that explains:

  1. Why do you want to help teach people about YNAB?
  2. Tell us about a great teacher you’ve had and what made him or her so great.
  3. How long have you been using YNAB? What was it that sent you searching for a budget program?
  4. What clicked for you personally when you started using YNAB? How did it impact your financial life? We’re looking for big picture here, not bank account info. We just want to hear a little bit about your personal YNAB story.
  5. In your mind, how does YNAB’s idea of a budget differ from the conventional wisdom or common conception of what a budget is?
  6. Forced choice, what is the most important of YNAB’s four rules?
  7. Run a speedtest of your internet service here:http://speedtest.net and share the results with us.
  8. We are looking for someone who has time to teach on weeknights and weekends. Are you available at those times? In particular, we’d like to know the latest you could start a class on weeknights.
  9. Finally, we’d like to see you teach, so please create three screencast videos demonstrating on the screen how you would use YNAB 4 to answer each of these questions.


  1. My available to budget number is $450, but there is $1200 in my checking account. Why don’t those numbers match?

  2. Should I set up my savings account as on budget or off budget? What does YNAB recommend?

  3. I went ahead and filled out the entire budget for the month, but now I’m over budget even though I haven’t spent any money yet. Why am I over budget and how can I fix it?

Please use jing which can be downloaded for free at:


Please do not send SWF files. Use the jing feature that allows you to send videos as links.


Please submit your application no later than September 15th, 2013.

Please submit all your materials at one time. (It is difficult when different pieces of an application arrive at different times. )

We look forward to hearing from you!

51 Responses to “We’re hiring! Do you want to teach YNAB?”

  1. Yegor Yegorov

    Do you interesting in foreign language speakers? I speak Russian and Hebrew and would love to run classes in these languages…

  2. erin

    Hi Yegor,

    That’s wonderful, but right now we are trying to meet our highest demand. We need someone who can teach in English later in the weeknights and on the weekends. The vast majority of our users are english speaking. But I do appreciate the offer!

  3. Ryan Oakley

    Can I submit the same application from a few months back when you had your last hiring session for YNAB teachers?

    • erin

      Some of the questions are different so we’d like to get an updated application from those who are interested.

  4. Patricia

    Hi Erin,

    I am wondering if I should consider applying even though I have only been a YNAB user for a month. We have had great success and consider ourselves a definite success story already, and it’s just the beginning. I think I’m very comfortable with the product and have experience teaching online. After meeting most of the other requirements, my only hesitation is the time using the product. I will make my screencasts and update my resume in case your answer is positive, but I wanted to ask in case you wouldn’t consider me due to the lack of time as a YNAB user.

    • erin


      There is no minimum requirement for time using the product. :) If there was, I would have indicated it on the application. Feel free to apply – I look forward to reviewing your materials. :)

  5. Kurt

    Good afternoon,
    I was wondering how you define “trained” teacher. I have a Masters in Social Work, and additionally one of my great passions is teaching people how to stop working against themselves financially. My current job is as a Data Quality Coordinator at a social services agency. One of my major responsibilities is to train people, many of whom have very limited computer skills, in the use of our complex information system. Additionally, I am studying to become a Accredited Financial Counselor through the AFCPE.

    YNAB changed my life, and I sometimes jokingly refer to myself as a YNAB proselytizer.

    I have no formal training in teaching (although SW curriculum does give some guidance on how to manage groups), but I like to think that I am a skilled trainer. Does this sound like a background you might be looking for?

    • erin


      I would define it as someone who has been trained to teach something to other people. :)

      Part of the reason we are asking for this is because previously when we posted for a teacher we had literally hundreds of applications. We are trying to make sure we get applications from people who have a background in education and some training in how to teach, since that’s what the job requires.

  6. Sherri Hays Mancusi

    Hi Erin,
    Thank you for the very detailed description of what you’re looking for in a YNAB teacher – it will be the fun kind of challenge to do this application! I have a quick tech question – you ask everyone to download Jing and use it as the screencast tool. I own and use Snagit, also made by TechSmith – it’s their image capture/screencast tool you have to pay for. Is it okay if I use that software or do you want everyone to use exactly the same thing? Either way is cool with me – I just wanted to check.

    Thanks for your time.

    • erin

      Hi Sherri,

      We’d like everyone to use jing. :) Thanks for clarifying.

    • erin

      It doesn’t matter where the teacher lives, they just need to be available later in the evening on weeknights US time and on weekends as well.

  7. No Waste

    I love that you’re rolling this out!

    Destroying financial ignorance is the path to success for everyone!

    I have two children, so I can handle the shapes, colors, and basic bathroom skills segment of the course.

    Let me know.

  8. Jason Christ

    Is the schedule flexible based on our availability? I regularly have commitments at my current job on Thursday evenings and some Tuesdays, but could be available on other nights or potentially later on those nights. I have some non-standard evening commitments, but usually know about them a couple weeks or more in advance and can schedule around them as needed.

    • erin

      We can be somewhat flexible, but part of the reason for hiring is to build in more classes and greater flexibility schedule-wise for our existing teaching staff. We would weigh a candidates availability against other components of the application.

  9. stewarttoni

    Hi Erin,

    I’m definitely interested in this, BUT I’m just learning YNAB now, so I need to go that route first. I’m an eLearning Instructional Designer and my Master’s is that area as well. I love blended learning and have a lot of experience and ideas on how to deliver various forms of eLearning that include interactive self paced, demonstrations, and synchronous eLearning.



    • erin

      Hi Tom,

      Any type of training in how to teach is fine. :)

  10. Mah

    I’d love to teach Ynab in Portuguese!
    But I don’t have any teaching certificate :(

    • erinynabeducationn

      I’ve edited the job description to remove the word certificate as it was unclear. We want someone with experience or training in teaching. To be clear, we are not looking for someone to teach in Portuguese. At this time, the vast majority of our users are English speaking, so we need someone fluent in English. :)

  11. Laura Vitty

    I’d love to do this but am in the UK, I’m a qualified science teacher and have been successfully using YNAB for almost a year now. Unfortunately the US working times would collide with my full time teaching job :(

    • erin

      It’s my dream to get to a point where we need teachers all over the world. :)

  12. Kevin

    Hi Erin – I have an Accounting degree so no teaching degree but I used to work at a Big Four firm and regularly gave trainings and even went to India for 6 weeks to train our people there on accounting concepts and our tax software. I also give trainings on our tax software and workpapers at my current employer as well. Would that possibly be appropriate training qualifications or no? Just checking before I went through the application process. Thanks!

    • erin

      It sounds like you have training to me! I look forward to seeing your application. :)

  13. Tiffany

    We have used YNAB for a year and a half, and it has made a tremendous difference. I am also a trained teacher with a few years of experience. However, I would only be available for about 5 hours per week. Would I be able to be hired for that amount of time?

    • erin

      Hi Tiffany,

      That’s wonderful that you’re a teacher and have been using YNAB for a while but we really do need someone who can give us at least 10 hours a week (and at times more). Maybe we’ll have an opening in the future when you have more time. :)

  14. Julie

    I am currently a college math teacher, and have also taught at the Jr. High and High School level, but do not have experience with screencast videos. I have been budgeting the ‘Dave Ramsey’ way for about 7 years and when I heard about YNAB earlier this year I was really excited! I have been using YNAB successfully, but don’t know everything about it yet. I am just so excited that I can keep all of my ‘envelopes’ in order through the phone app! I love budgeting and would love to teach others how to get their finances in order, but my lack of online teaching is the only thing that would keep me from applying. Would you recommend that I apply given that information?

    • erin

      Sure Julie! As I mention in the job description, it’s a bonus but not a requirement. I had never taught online until I started with YNAB. :)

      To be clear: everyone who applies does need to complete the screencasts, but jing is very straightforward and easy to use. :)

  15. Carrie

    Hi Erin,

    Can you elaborate on the requirement that you need a second monitor? I understand using dual monitors with one PC, but in what ways is this needed for this position?

    Also, is this is stable 10-20 hours a week or is it just for overflow that you might have?


    • erin

      Hi Carrie,

      There is certain information that the student needs to see and another set of information that the teacher needs to see to run the webinar. It’s quite a bit of multi tasking. It’s important for those two sets of information to be separate. It would make it very difficult for the student and teacher otherwise. So we place the student view on one monitor and the teacher view on the other. I honestly can’t imagine how we do it otherwise. :)

      I feel I can safely say it will be about 10 hours a week – again evening US time and weekends. Sometimes when we are busy it may be more. We want to build more webinars into the schedule on a regular basis.

  16. Jordan

    Hi Erin,
    Is it an absolute ‘must’ to run the mobile app? If so, I might switch phones just to apply.

    • erin

      Hi Jordan,

      It’s not necessary to apply, but whoever is hired will need to be able to display the app during classes.

    • erin

      Our week night classes run from around 7pm EDT to 11pm EDT. We’d like someone who could teach later so we can hit the west coast a little better. Each class is an hour long.

  17. Makeda

    Am I to assume you want us to use our copy of YNAB with our budget info to create the screencasts? Or did I miss something in this post?

    • erin

      Most people just make a new budget file and enter demonstration data. You certainly don’t need to use your personal budget file.

      But yes, we want to see you teach YNAB in the software. :)

    • erinynabeducationn

      We expect to train the new teacher on the systems we use and on the best practices we’ve developed to teach YNAB. We expect this person will already know YNAB inside and out and be pretty tech savvy, so it should be pretty easy to get up to speed. :) But we’ll definitely make sure they know what they to know to do this.

  18. James Parten


    I have 5 years teaching experience in high school mathematics and have been using YNAB for around 2.5 months. Would I qualify for what you are looking for?

  19. Scott Bowles

    I love YNAB! I’d love to teach it. I don’t have a teachers certificate, but I’ve been an FPU coordinator for a couple years as well as a Personal Finance Coach. This would be fun!

  20. Jack O'Kelly

    I would live to do this but as I live in the UK I would have to do night shifts to fit the American evenings and weekends. Let me know when you need a teacher for GMT?

  21. Jack


    Did you fill this position? I just came across the link today, but see that I am past the deadline. If not email me as I have teaching experience and would like to apply.

    Thanks in advance,


  22. Thomas & Veronica Davis

    Would YNAB be open to having an ASL teacher teach deaf and hard of hearing using YNAB. I love this program as it is helping us slowly. One of the things with the webinars is that most deaf and hard of hearing cannot hear. So any open ideas of having a teacher using ASL or one on one approach?

    Thomas & Veronica Davis

  23. lsilerrn

    Hi Erin,

    I have many years of adult teaching experience (mostly online) and have been using YNAB for almost a year and a half now. I realize that this position is currently closed. Can I go ahead and forward a copy of my resume to you in case there are additional openings in the near future? Thanks!

    Lee Ann Siler, MPH, BSN, RN

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