We’re hiring! Do you want to teach YNAB?

UPDATE 2/22/13:  Applications are no longer being accepted for this position.

We’d like you to help us teach YNAB!  We are looking for an additional teacher to run our live, online classes.

You’re qualified if:

  • You love teaching and helping people learn.   You enjoy breaking down complicated problems so people who are struggling can understand them easily.
  • Not only do you love teaching, but you have a background in education. Preferably you’re a trained or certified teacher.  It’s a bonus if you’ve had experience teaching online, but not a deal breaker if you haven’t.
  • You use YNAB and know it very well.  You’re a YNAB success story.
  • You enjoy collaborating with other educators.  You can give constructive feedback and embrace it to improve your own skills.
  • You know your way around a computer.  Since you’ll be teaching online, you’ll need to understand how to navigate and access information from different programs behind the scenes.
  • You can multi-task and don’t mind being put on the spot.  Teaching a live online class requires running a web conference and  teaching at the same time–all while being asked multiple questions about budgeting and YNAB.  What we’re saying is, you’ll need to be quick on your feet and have fun doing it!
  • You can work from home (or anywhere), as long as you have  a fast, broadband connection.
  • You are available to teach some evenings and some weekends.  That’s when our customers are most available to attend classes.
  • You run YNAB on your mobile device.  (You’ll need to display that in class.)
  • You can show empathy.
  • You’re friendly, courteous, kind, cheerful, creative, flexible and passionate (did we mention passionate about teaching and about YNAB?).


Hours will vary depending on how busy we are and how many classes we are running.  It could be as few as 2 hours a week, or as many as 10-15.


Pay will be determined based on experience. However, we like to hire awesome people and pay them well. :)

How to Apply

Please include a cover letter that explains:

  1. Why do you want to help teach people about YNAB?
  2. Tell us about a great teacher you’ve had and what made him or her so great.
  3. Finally, we’d like to see you teach, so please create three screencast videos demonstrating on the screen how you would use YNAB 4 to answer each of these questions.

Please use jing which can be downloaded for free at:
1. Why doesn’t my available to budget number match my checking account balance?

  1. How do I handle savings in YNAB?  I’m afraid I’ll spend that money on groceries so I don’t really want it in my budget. What should I do?

  2. Can I fill out the budget even though my checks haven’t arrived yet? I’d rather budget for the whole month at once.

Send your application to jobs@youneedabudget.com.  Make sure you include “I want to teach YNAB!” in the subject of the email, or else we won’t see it or read it.  That would be sad.

We look forward to hearing from you!

19 Responses to “We’re hiring! Do you want to teach YNAB?”

  1. Penelope

    Man, it’s too bad I just started using YNAB or I’d totally apply. I’m a high school social studies teacher and I love to teach economics, but I don’t know the YNAB way that well yet. Still, it’s really cool that you guys are doing this.

    • Taren

      Exactly the same situation! Only a few weeks into YNAB, but already love it. Plus teaching experience – I work as a university tutor (the term in Australia for Uni Teacher) while I work on my PhD. Maybe in a year or so they’ll recruit again!

    • Milla

      Wow. Under the influence of cough medicine, there.

      But seriously, it would be great if you had the webinars in Spanish. I’ve recommended YNAB to a lot of Spanish speakers who know just enough English to get along in the program but they’d learn how to use it better if they had a Spanish webinar.

  2. Ronna

    Will you be accepting applications through the weekend? I’m hoping to submit then. Thanks!

  3. Bracha

    Would love to teach YNAB! Unfortunately, my schedule doesn’t allow for any additions right now. I started using YNAB 1.5 months ago and am totally hooked. My husband created a term:He say’s “I’ve been YNABed.” I wish I could use YNAB to budget my TIME too. ie,There are x amount of hours in a day/week/month and need to decide how to budget it. ie Work/ School/ family/ hobbies/ etc. The concept is amazing! Thank you!

  4. Jean-Marie Marston

    I’m really excited about this opportunity! I just submitted my cover letter and emailed my resume. I will send the screencast videos as soon as I can. Thank you!

  5. erin

    Yes, we are still accepting applications, but plan to start reviewing things in detail next week.

    • Maya

      Hello!!! Hopefully I’m not too late… Is there an email Address that I can send my resume and screencasts to? On the application page I only saw space for a cover letter and not much else :(
      Thanks, Maya :)

  6. Richard

    Hi YNAB, Just letting you know that I have just submitted my application on Recruiterbox, but I have not got any confirmation. Please let me know if you have not received it. Thanks.

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