Divvy For YNAB is Here! An Unofficial Windows Phone App for YNAB.

As you Windows Phone users know, YNAB isn’t working on an official Windows Phone client.

However, Tim, a long-time YNAB user, has been working on an unofficial client. It’s called Divvy and is available on the Windows App Store.

Here’s a quick rundown, along with some screenshots of this pretty slick little app.

The app is read-only, with offline support for adding transactions. You can mark categories as favorites, for quick checking of a category balance, and view your account balances and underlying transactions with a few taps.

The Windows Live Tile feature is pretty cool. I’m a little jealous of that (okay, a lot). Check out these screenshots, or hop over to the app store and grab it (it’s free) so you can get your YNAB data on your Windows Phone!

Update 4/25/14: You can support Tim’s development efforts through the in-app purchases, which allow you to: remove ads, and the “pro” option enables live tiles, offline transactions, and any other future pro upgrades.

As this is an unofficial YNAB app, we can’t offer support directly here. However, you can contact Tim, the developer directly within the app. He’s been super responsive with beta testers, and is excited to hear feedback and see this application evolve.

7 - LiveTile

6 - CategoryTransactions5c - OfflineTransaction5b - OfflineTransactionUploaded4 - Accounts3 - Categories1 - Budgets2 - FavoritesCongrats to Tim for shipping!

41 Responses to “Divvy For YNAB is Here! An Unofficial Windows Phone App for YNAB.”

  1. Max

    Is there any reason why YNAB isn’t working on a version for WP? :)
    I love the “unofficial App” but, now every big application is on WP, heck even Instagram is now…

    • jesse

      The main reason is our business budget. We have priorities (funds) put in other categories. We’d love to develop an official app, but just don’t have the resources for it. Heck, we can barely even keep pace with the two platforms we’re on!

      • Christopher Bruscato

        That is a rough patch to be in, I presume your developers have looked into investing into some type of cross platform code that would allow you to target all the platforms with a unified code base? That, and I would have to imagine that there would be some reuseable code between platforms anyway, but I can totally understand how something just like UX Design can take a lot away from the team to follow the design flow of each individual platform. Here’s hoping that future technology can make this easier – because I know a lot of development teams are having this problem right now.

      • ahadamdani

        Xamarin helps quite a bit with this – you can push out to iOS, Android and Windows Phone with a single application layer and data layer in your code base, and even an abstract single presentation layer which you can customize per-platform.

        It could also be helped with a web-based (HTML5) platform that shows up as a native application within mobile devices (so now you have 1 code base with no customizations per platform), but you lose some of the functionality for being native to a device – for an application like YNAB, that shouldn’t be an issue, but there’s something to be said about making a wonderful user experience specifically targeted to the user’s device. Of course, for YNAB on desktop, I believe they used Adobe Air to publish cross-platform, so they seem open to it.

  2. Pedro Aboim

    Congratulations to Tim, the developer. As a beta tester for Divvy, I really have to say, Divvy is Pro stuff! Happy and proud to be a WP / Divvy user ;).

  3. FG

    Aww, still no app for my windows tablet :(
    The performance is too low to use it comfortably there.

  4. Melissa

    Yup cannot wait to be doing my budgeting on the couch on the iPad, curled up with my dog and hot chocolate, moving money around in between growing my crops on Hay Days.

  5. Brian Perella

    Is there any way that the YNAB team can work with the developer of this app to enable read-write access to the DropBox file? I would GLADLY pay for this feature. Divvy is awesome but seriously limited until I can write to the database like I could on the iPhone app.

    • Ben

      I agree. Why would I enter an offline transaction and wait to get back to my desktop to get the csv to get imported into YNAB. During that time, the other people accessing the budget don’t know of those offline transactions. Plus, if I had to be on the desktop to sync it, I might as well enter the transactions on the desktop.

      Is the reason this app can’t write to the dropbox file due to permissions from YNAB? If the android and iPhone versions can do it, why not the Windows Phone version?

      • Tim Gabrhel

        It’s not permissions, it’s format. There’s a lot of logic happening in writing to the full budget file, the diff files (every time you make a change), and doing all of this cross devices. There’s a giant risk of something not working perfectly, somebody’s budget not opening, and would become a support nightmare for YNAB and myself.

  6. jpdvm2014

    I had never heard of YNAB until I saw an article for Divvy on a Windows Phone site. Now I’m planning on getting set up with it tonight! Hopefully, in the future, Divvy will be able to access the YNAB file directly, but until then, it is better than nothing.

    • Tim Gabrhel

      It’s a verb in the English dictionary, so nowadays these types of verbs get used a lot in product names. I did some searching prior to launching and didn’t find any trademarks with the same focus. Thanks for the concern though!

  7. Syed

    Oh. My. God!

    I’ve been waiting for *years* for this. Can’t wait to install and start using it. Please make this official, or at least help Tim make it official.

  8. Joe

    I agree with others, it would be great if ynab allowed Tim the ability to add “write” capabilities to his app. The manual import mode is ok, but it sure would be nice to see changes immediately reflected in the budget. Please support this dev as best you can! I only heard about ynab because of an article on Divvy, now we r a ynab family!

  9. Bawa Jose

    Jesse must hire Tim and enhance further development of the windows phone version. The windows phone ecosystem is growing and the users (ynab & wp8) shouldn’t be ignored.

  10. Ruben Ruvalcaba

    Excelent news I been waiting for a WP supoort, hope soon it support all desktop functionalities
    Best regards

  11. Russ Freeman

    Jesse, have you considered using Xamarin? You can then write your core logic once and share across all platforms. Admittedly the UI is probably still a big chunk per platform but it would help you in the long run

    • Tim Gabrhel

      The conflict YNAB would have with Xamarin is that it’s completely C# based. There’d be a little learning curve for the Android devs, and a bigger one for the Objective-C devs. Granted, as you said, the UI’s are still completely native, AFAIK.

      • ahadamdani

        Oh, I hadn’t read all the comments when I made a reply earlier saying something similar to Russ. And yes, that’s true – except, if you can learn Objective-C, you can pick up C#. Going the other way isn’t as easy but also very doable. I’d be more than willing to help coach them gratis if they could work with you or hire you and bring the app into the fold.

        Background: I’m a consultant and .NET developer, use YNAB on my iPhone and am paid for a living to code and build solutions for Windows devices (mobile and desktop) as well as the iOS (phone and tablet) and Android (so far, phone only) devices in the mobile field.

  12. Livio Paciotti

    For me the Windows phone application need also the sync with OneDrive, not only with Dropbox

  13. Corina

    Congrats for the new app! May I ask how Tim manages to work with YNAB data? Do you guys have an API that any developer could use?

    • Tim Gabrhel

      Just a little reverse engineering the data in Dropbox :)

  14. Dan

    We’ll Jesse if I was you I’ll come up with an ipad android windows. Full working app. Because your competition. Envelope just came out with a great one

  15. Benjamin

    Hey Tim, you are my hero, I was waiting for this App for quite a bit!!! I’d also pay for write-to-YNAB support, let me know if it’s available, so i’ll be the first toi buy… :)

  16. Rick

    Thanks Tim! I set aside my beloved Nokia 920 and bought an iPhone 5c just for YNAB. Now I can go back to my preferred phone and sell my 5c. WooHoo!

  17. Jean Alexandre

    This is so awesome. I’m switching to WP8 for work and not having YNAB was going ot be a huge loss. Looking forward to using this and will definitely support Tim’s development. Looks awesome!

  18. Allister

    Unfortunately our file sitting on homeserver so can’t use this. Easy enough to just check the bank account anyway for transactions.

    Not sure there’d even be a way without Dropbox either.

  19. Carla

    YNAB has improved the quality of life for my husband and I because we are able to have a budget that is user friendly and this app is just making it easier thank you so much for your time and effort to do this for us. It is truly appreciated.

  20. Salih Doğan

    I was very happy working with YNAB so far. Due to some synchronization issues (calender, contacts, to do.. in Windows Laptop) in android and İOS, I changed my phone last week. Now in Windows Phone recording data on YNAB is very very problematic for me. I guess I have to change the program that working on Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

  21. Tania Shipman

    Thank you very much, I just started using YNAB and was concerned over not having a windows phone app. Found the thread about it and installed immediately. Thanks!

  22. Mark Phillips

    YNAB has been a great resource and I definitely will recommend it to others in need of budgeting software. Please start working on an official YNAB app for Windows Phone. I recently switched from an iPhone to a Nokia Lumia and love my new phone, but I really miss having YNAB. If small companies like Cam Scanner can make an app for Windows, Android, and Apple, I believe that YNAB(also a small company) can do so as well. Please start an app for Windows Phone before another company “beats you to the punch.” Companies that do not take aggressive steps for future business(even if unforeseen now) fail. Windows Phones will continue to gain market share, even if only slowly. Windows is the largest tech company and they are throwing a lot of resources into their phones. Thanks for your product!

  23. Leland

    Thanks Tim for Divvy. Love the app on my 1520. I too switched from iOS to windows phone for work and was missing YNAB access, until this app showed up. The live tile is the best, not only for DIVVY but also for the WP8.1 platform in general. Please work on a WP8 official app. Thanks YNAB and Tim.

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