Hiring: Marketer Specializing in Inbound Content / Social Media, Who Fancies Him/Herself Hilarious.

Update (13 June 2014): We’re no longer accepting applications for this position, and hope to have it filled shortly! Thanks to everyone who has applied. It was one of our more competitive fields, and made for some very tough decisions.

We’re a profitable, bootstrapped, growing company. Our marketing, message, and manifesto is centered around our friendly approach to teaching our Four-Rule Method. We sell beautiful personal finance software to help people implement the Method. We’re called “You Need a Budget”, but everyone just calls us “YNAB” (we’re all overscheduled, and can’t take the time to say the whole name). For years now, lots of people have been buying YNAB and then telling their friends how awesome it is. (Google us and you’ll see.) We’ve got a desktop app, an iPhone app, and an Android app. (We’re working on the iPad app, going to beta SUPER SOON). We’re making peoples’ lives better and having fun doing it.

Check out our chiseled-in-stone culture manifesto (in the form of a Google Doc), where you can figure out pretty quickly if you fit in.

But now our content management, marketing, and promotion needs help.

We have some great bloggers, our founder Tweets occasionally, our blog posts go out regularly (but with no clear strategy or timing), we promote our blog posts through Twitter and Facebook (one time only, once they’re published). We have an (almost) weekly podcast, and are looking to start doing some video. We’re serious about the video part. I’m in the midst of setting up a studio. Oh, and we also create little Quick Tips for our YouTube channel that go out regularly.

All of this is managed by several great people, and there’s not really any cohesion, direction, or impact analysis to speak of.

And that’s where you come in!

You’re an experienced marketer, specializing in inbound content marketing through a blog, Twitter (we have about 10k followers), Facebook (we have about 39k fans), and YouTube (this is just getting started).

We need you to provide our content creators (blog, podcast, videos) an editorial calendar with some strategy behind it. We need you to dream up cool initiatives and promote them, analyzing the overall ROI. For instance, we give away our software to any college student that wants it. We want more people to know about that.

We also create great content, but we don’t do a good job of putting it out there on a regular basis, testing different times of day, different headlines, re-posting old gems, etc. We’d like to engage with YNABers on Facebook more as well, but beyond simply posting the daily blog post to our page, we don’t do much.

We’re also looking to target different types of customers, and offer them more tailored content that teaches them our Four-Rule Method. We’d need to see how those specific segments converted, a/b test our efforts, and squeeze ROI out of there wherever possible, all up and down the entire chain (ad location -> ad copy -> desired initial conversion -> more stuff -> trying YNAB -> buying it).

You know what? We don’t actually employ a “marketer.” Our head marketer is our founder, and he’s a trained accountant. That’s right. Imagine the low-hanging fruit you have here! I’m thinking the fruit’s just lying on the ground and you can stroll over and leisurely start picking it up. I feel like I walk around the trees stepping on the fruit… </analogy>

You’re the one we’re looking for if:

  • You have a formal background in marketing and/or communication.
  • You’re looking for a full-time, remote gig.
  • You love talking about marketing with hard data.
  • You do well with vague directions like, “We need to reach more small business owners.” From that, you’d probably come up with a three-month plan to do it, measure efforts, and then do it even better the next time.
  • You’re okay chalking mistakes up to learning.
  • You love tweaking, testing, and optimizing.
  • You understand the value of brand, and how a sound content strategy can strengthen a brand.
  • You recognize that inbound content creation is 10% creation, and 90% promotion. (Or is it 5/95 percent? I forget.)
  • You shake your head in disbelief when people spend any time at all focusing on SEO. As far as you’re concerned, Penguin and Panda are just animals sharing a common color scheme.
  • You understand the ins and outs of Twitter and Facebook.
  • You’re friendly.

You get Bonus Points if:

  • You live anywhere remotely close to Utah. (That makes it easier for you to get together with Jesse, our founder, on a regular basis.)
  • You’ve been around the “personal finance” space for a bit.

Major-Triple-Gold-Star Bonus points if:

You already use and love YNAB

More about how we work:

  • We all work from home. We don’t track time, but we do get stuff done. If this is your first “at home” gig, let’s talk. We were nervous too when we made the shift out of an office.
  • We meet each other in person sometimes to work on big tasks or get started on large projects. (We like each other, so this part is fun). We’d do that with you too to get everyone up to speed quickly.
  • We don’t track vacation, but we believe it’s good for you to take some, and think you know best when a vacation is needed!
  • We’re profitable, and we wouldn’t hire you if we weren’t. We’re in this for the long haul.
  • We budget for the business like we do in our personal lives. We’ve been saving up to hire you, so if we stopped making money tomorrow, we could pay everyone for a good long while.
  • We have 27 part- or full-time employees.
  • We make a huge, positive difference in people’s lives.
  • We have a 401k where we contribute 3% of your salary and it vests immediately (W2 employees only).
  • We don’t provide health insurance, because we’d rather have everyone shop around and settle on a plan that fits their specific needs.
  • When you do cool things, we pay you a bonus. There’s no 30-page document describing our bonus system.
  • We are bootstrapped. Initial funding was $63 for AdWords. We’re really glad AdWords used to be inexpensive. (Well, my initial attempt at advertising was to blanket my apartment complex with fliers. ROI was easily measured.)
  • We give birthday and Christmas gifts.
  • We’re going to Costa Rica as a company for a week in November. You’ll hopefully be able to make it work with your schedule, because we’d want you to be there.

To apply:

  • Your cover letter should be your email. Please don’t send something separate. Tell me a lot of before and after stories. You saw an opportunity, you ran with it, and then… that type of thing.
  • Send your resume in PDF form, but I’ll be honest, the initial email is where I look first.
  • Include “Let’s a/b test something” in the subject line of your email. If you don’t, we won’t read your email. Seriously, I’ve set up a filter.
  • Applications should go to: YNAB-YNAB0940@applications.recruiterbox.com
  • The deadline for applications is May 27th, at the stroke of midnight. I’ll man the gong.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Also, if you’re not interested in this position (and you made it this far?), but know someone who is, please pass this along!

55 Responses to “Hiring: Marketer Specializing in Inbound Content / Social Media, Who Fancies Him/Herself Hilarious.”

  1. Stacie

    Is Alaska considered close to Utah? If I had to Google a/b testing to find out what it is mean I’m not qualified? Does that fact that I’m incredibly awesome (and smart, and funny, oh! and humble) make up for me not knowing what a/b testing is? (I now know, though, so there’s that…)

    Exciting to see YNAB growing so much. I tell everyone that even mentions finances about it.

  2. Sarah Mueller

    This is pretty much my dream job, except I’m not really that hilarious and I’ve got 4 kids who would just love for me to get a full time job so they could neglect their homeschool lessons. Sigh. Best of luck with your search!

  3. Joy

    Love your kickass job ad! I have no idea about marketing (I’m a CPA) but you make me want to apply because it shows what a cool company you guys are building!

  4. Anon

    “You shake your head in disbelief when people spend any time at all focusing on SEO. As far as you’re concerned, Penguin and Panda are just animals sharing a common color scheme.”

    What an asinine statement, considering a majority of leads would come from search. It’s a piece of the puzzle.

    • jesse

      We do well with search. We just don’t spend time trying to game it.

      • cary

        Gaming search does not equate to SEO – so I SMH at you sir :)

    • Laurie Winslow Sargent

      Anon — cary: I’ve never seen the owner of a company insulted in a post about a job opportunity he is describing … seems a wonderful way to burn bridges.

      A more sensitive comment might have been about how SEO actually can be a valuable piece of the puzzle, depending on how it is used in integration with all other marketing efforts, including social media. In a nutshell, to me it simply means using words, that real live people are typing into search, which are directly related to help that you can offer them. Those words can be integrated naturally into both blog posts and social media posts.

      I see it as a way to connect direct need with resources that will help meet that need. But so many people have indeed abused SEO techniques that the definition has gotten a bit muddy.

      Now….perhaps other comments will be more directly related to the job Jesse has posted info about, and his need for help, instead of about his use of terminology? Sending you a resume, Jesse :-)

      • jesse

        Applicants that have responded to my extreme (incorrect) view of SEO, basically telling me that my view is misplaced and why, have been pretty impressive. I didn’t mean any offense to people that practice great SEO, but I WAS trying to weed out applicants that would be a one-trick SEO pony ;)

      • Nathan Miller

        I understand where you’re coming from. There are a lot of “gray hat” and “black hat” SEO people out there and you don’t want to be part of their techniques!
        I firmly believe good content creates good SEO. I know there are a lot of ways to improve SEO but one will get at least 80% of the way by just offering something great online.

  5. Nancy

    I am going to forward to my daughter. She may not have marketing experience, but she may be able to help in other ways. Hopefully that is an option, if not, you may have something else for her. This would be her dream job. Thank you. Nancy

  6. Pamela La Gioia

    Reposting to my clients looking for professional remote work. Thank you!
    Pamela La Gioia
    Telework Recruiting, Inc.

  7. Louise Richards

    Hmmmmm…sounds intriguing and fun! Already have some ideas, on potential new clients, since my Boyfriend I have a plan to buy a travel trailer and see the US when he can retire…I’m thinking that many others may be able to use your program to make a similar dream come true for them or use while traveling so that life’s little surprises won’t bring their travels to a dead stop!

    • jesse

      Our QA nomad, Vesna, is well, a nomad. She and her husband and three boys have been all over the place in their RV. I think they’ve settled down in Serbia for at least a little while. But man, they’ve been everywhere. And she does great work for us :)

  8. P.R

    “Our head marketer is our founder, and he’s a trained accountant. That’s right. Imagine the low-hanging fruit you have here!”

    That’s taking modesty to an extreme. The marketing of YNAB is very, very slick and amazingly engaging. I’m trying to start an online business and I look to what YNAB is doing as the gold standard.

    Any chance you could post a link to the slideshow you showed at fincon ’13? I’ve really enjoyed the video on Youtube but most of the slides didn’t make into frame.

    • jesse

      I don’t have those slides anymore, but I presented along a similar vein and re-used some of those slides for a Microconf presentation, can you can catch them here.

  9. P.R

    I said fincon but I meant Microconf ;)

    *Very* much appreciated. The video is even more inspiring to watch now. Please keep talking about the start and growth of the business, I think it’s a fascinating story.

  10. Taylor Hulyk (@taylorhulyk)

    I don’t need a job, but I’m bookmarking this baby for the next time I need to write an “I’m Hiring” job description. You guys sound like a blast to work with!

  11. Nicole

    Sent you my resume! And what I hope you’ll find to be a great cover letter … crossables crossed.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Ashley

    What is the salary range for this position?

    • Eliza

      As someone who works in HR, I suggest applying for the position and seeing if it’s a good fit before immediately asking about the moolah.

      • Ian Tyrrell

        I’m in Australia, Sebastian is in Switzerland, Angela and Dave are in Canada, Graham is in Scotland, Faisal is in Pakistan, Vesna is in Serbia, Taylor is in Italy. Or France. Maybe in Texas – heck, I don’t even KNOW where he is :)

        Different countries aren’t an issue :)

      • Nicole Bigelow

        But when Jesse flashes the YNAB tree you all unite to defeat evil money budgeting issues and make the world right again!

  13. Amy-lynn Corey

    Forwarded to my hubby. He definitely thinks he’s hilarious (sometimes even I do!) and he’s got a load of marketing chops. Also, working from home in his underwear is right up his alley….Maybe I should have omitted that last part. Oh well, too late now!

  14. Jacob Branch

    If you guys are ever in the need of a producer/editor for your future YouTube endeavors, it would be awesome to work with you guys! I’m currently in seattle so that’s not too far from Utah.

  15. They Call Me Noodle

    I’ve done some terrific work promoting diet ads on twitter. Maybe you’ve seen t h e m? ROI was sooooo skinny!

  16. Travis L

    Does an aspiring social media marketer in Canada count? ;p
    I’ll have to take a peek when you guys get someone; I’m currently working on starting up a one-man social media business. Thumbs up for the home office!

  17. Rachel

    We just started using ynab-34/35yrs old, 3 kids. Spot on features were mobile cloud and not having to use bank info. Think you should create simplistic/edgy version for high schoolers- where financial patterns develop. Wish someone would’ve came and taught/inspired me at that age to gain power over finances rather than strapping on a yoke. Ynab could be the cornerstone in an economic u-turn.

  18. Thomas

    I’ve heard a lot of excellent things about your company. I struggle to support a family on a decent salary, but we’ve been torpedoed financially with a major health issue that I’m still fighting through.

    Although I am a software developer, and to echo sentiments said before me, the description of the company and the job speak volumes to the core and values of your company.

    If you were looking for a developer, I would apply. I wish you all the best of luck in your search!

    God bless!

    • Brian

      @Thomas – YNAB is looking for a developer, they posted about it on youneedabudget.com/blog/ today. As for this slot, I’m sending mine too ;)

      • Thomas


        Thank you for the reply. I’ll definitely check it out when I get to my pc.

        God bless!


    • Ian Tyrrell

      I live here (I’m in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney), and I’ve been a YNAB dev for 4 years or so, so I really hope it’s not!

      • Eliza

        I’m not qualified for the position but I *am* a YNAB fan/user and I’m an expat living in the US but originally am from Katoomba. Just wanted to say g’day — I miss the mountains DAILY.

  19. James Gorry

    I’m pretty sure the UK is close enough to Utah… Right? Alas, I fear it’s not, but content and comms strategies actually make me giddy with excitement!
    Loving your work – YNAB has literally changed my life; I’ve actually been able to afford a holiday this year (as opposed to using vacation days just sitting at home and photoshopping myself onto exotic backgrounds).
    I’ve become one of those people that actually ENJOYS talking finance now (much to my friends’ disapproval), and that’s coming from a former ‘fingers crossed and hope for the best’ financial planner!

  20. Erick Kirks

    Hi! I just applied to what seems like an awesome position with a great group of people! Full disclosure – I’m not a YNAB user (yet) but we have just recently gotten into the mindset of eliminating debt and just fired up the old clunky QB again. Gotta talk to the wife and get us set up with you – it looks way better! Hope to hear back from you about my story / application!

  21. Cheri

    Wow. So great to hear there is a company who thinks exactly like me. I know that sounds scary!! A former co-worker now turned friend sent me the posting & said she found me the perfect job. I all ready can’t wait for my first day!! I’ll send in my resume to let you know I’m coming.

  22. Andrea

    Oh my goodness, this is right up my alley! Sounds perfect in every aspect, although I probably think I’m funnier than everyone else thinks… also, I live in Japan. If I’m lucky, I’ll have an opportunity again in the future. Good luck in your search!

  23. Nathan Miller

    Hi ya YNAB! Wanted to check real quick to see if an applicant should expect any communication back upon sending info to the email listed above.
    I know someone who sent a resume but doesn’t never heard a reply so they are wondering if they missed a step when formatting the message (as explained in the blog post). They’d sure hate to get caught by the filters by accident. :)

    • Jesse

      I am planning on responding to everyone–probably in about nine days. Next week is basically full of a conference out in Philly.

  24. Widmaer

    I do have a similar full time job that I enjoy a lot as well, I just don’t get to work from home as often as you guys :))

    But I love your product so much I don’t mind giving free advice if any needed once in a while.

    Quick quick – Your newsletter could use some help, If you don’t use paid traffic I’d focus mostly on Google +, Twitter even Pinterest and not so much on Facebook since they dropped their reach.

    If you use Paid ads, even if it’s a small budget, I’d definitely then focus on Facebook (and use retargeting – a must)

    And I completely agree with you Jess..

    While SEO has its merits.. it’s a risky business ;) as in never predictable.

    SEO wise, you’ve done more than enough from looking at your website quickly, and focusing on inbound marketing makes much more sense !

  25. Nicole Bigelow

    Let me tell you about what I’m reading right now, YNAB: It’s an article by the former Survey Methods Director of Arbitron, Barbara O’Hare, about survey response incentives. O’Hare on the things federal surveys can say vs. the things private sector surveys can say: “Take for example ‘Your Response is Required by Law’, a message tested by Dillman, Singer and colleagues for the US Census Bureau (Dillman, Singer, Clark, and Treat, 1996). We’ve joked many times at Arbitron that we wish we could use this on the front of our pre-alert mailings.” Is this the brand of self-fancied humor YNAB is looking for?

    Submitted my resume and cover letter. Maybe it’s worth mentioning that as of right now my November looks to be wide open, so…

  26. Lisa

    May I ask one practical question – midnight in which time zone? I’ll assume mountain, since that is Jesse’s time zone. (For anyone applying from the U.K., Canada, Australia, Japan, or other places remotely close to Utah…, that’s 2 hours back from New York, one hour back from Chicago, one hour ahead of L.A.)

  27. Medicinal Nutrition

    Jesse- I sent my application in twice. Seems the resume submission email address may have changed at some point (?) so I am just checking in here!

    • Rebecca

      Wondering the same thing! Sent my application in last week, but it was definitely to a different email?

    • Rebecca

      Also wondering about the changed email? Would love to know that we used the right one, or if both were okay?

  28. Jon Graham

    Jesse – just sent my cover letter and resume. You should get a good smile from the letter if nothing else. Would love to hear from you all!

  29. Jesse

    The email address changed because I realized we were getting way more applications than my first system could handle. We did receive all applications at either address!

  30. www.charlesbyrd.com

    Hello Jesse, Thanks for extending this unique opportunity through the job posting. I applied by the deadline with the filter instructions followed. Might those of us who applied receive a confirmation of receipt or a reply on the timing of the review process? Thanks much!

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