More Updates to the YNAB Android App

Hi Android users –

Graham and Adam continue their work on a full refresh of the Android app; in the meantime we’ve released an update that offers several fixes and improvements. This update touches on issues with transaction entry and cloud sync, as well as a few bugs with adding and deleting budgets.

…which is all just to let you know we continue putting polish on the current Android app even as we look forward to the new, shiny version!

11 Responses to “More Updates to the YNAB Android App”

  1. Rebecca K.

    Thanks Graham & Adam! We appreciate your hard work!

    • mark

      Hi Ionut – Unfortunately, YNAB has no plans to develop a native Windows Phone app.

  2. Shaun

    Hi Mark,

    Do you blame Ynab from not developing the windows
    Phone app.

    I ask you, if you wanted windows on a phone then they must be really sad….. Why Nokia you were once a market leader….

    Android is becoming market leaders.


  3. Kay S

    I’m a new YNAB-er and have been reading the blog to get up to speed on ‘budgeting’ vs ‘expense tracking’ which is all I do right now. I just wanted to say thanks for all the great posts (I recently read one on hashtags that I’m excited to try) and even though your picture is tiny your beard is amazing.

    • mark

      Hi Kay – After over 200 blog posts and thousands of comments, yours is the first to compliment the beard. Made me smile. :)

      Good work on transitioning from expense tracking to budgeting – that’s where the magic happens!

  4. Lucas Lessa

    Oh! I just got a new Moto G with Android 4.4.2 (KitKat). Need a beta tester on the cutting edge?

    When I filled out the beta tester survey, my phone was android 2.2.

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