Update on the Search for YNAB Blog Contributors

pencil-1Mark here – just wanted to drop a quick note that I’ve received 103 applications from prospective blog contributors. I’ll be working through them over the next week (or couple of weeks), then getting in touch with those we’d like to take further into the interview process. If you haven’t heard from me in the next couple of weeks it means we’ve decided other applicants were a better potential fit.

I want to thank everyone who applied; it takes guts to open yourself up to criticism in this sort of process. The sample posts I’ve read have given me plenty of new budgeting insights, not to mention an improved sense of YNAB’s impact on individuals’ and families’ finances. I’m better for having read them.

Thanks again!

10 Responses to “Update on the Search for YNAB Blog Contributors”

  1. JAW

    “If you haven’t heard from me in the next couple of weeks”

    I didn’t apply, but this is the worst kind of thing. Why not just send every one of the 103 people who did apply a note when you are done making selections to let them know, rather than leaving them hanging? Takes a little bit of time, but means a lot to people who spent time on a project that probably means a lot to them.

    • mark

      A valid point, and I might send personal notes out. But I’d hate to promise it and then not do it, so this is me hedging my bets, cold as it is (and feels).

      • JAW

        Doesn’t even need to be that personal – just let them know it is not them. Is better than silence. It is sort of the least you can do after 103 people did a bunch of spec work for you.

      • ClearlyKrystal

        I agree with JAW. Even a mass email to all who applied saying the position has been filled is better than just waiting! (This said as someone spent a year job-hunting. It definitely sours one’s feel for a place that never gets back to you at all.)

  2. UWi

    Yeah, with JAW here. I was just going to post the same thing. I worked in HR – different country for sure, but we ALWAYS sent the applications resume back and a rejection letter with it. I was appalled when I move to the US and found out how things are handled here. It makes any applicant feel like a beggar. They DO bring something to the table, even if you decide someone else is a better fit. Not to mention… If for whatever reason your choices don’t work out, you can always fall back on one of these rejections. (and yes, I remember a time I had to send out about 50 rejections a day, so I know it’s work)

    • UWi

      And sorry for going completely off topic here :-D – glad you found several you like. It’s fun to read blog posts on YNAB.

  3. Chris

    Wow Mark, that is a lot of people applying. I can only imagine how long it’s going to take to review and compare 103. Keep up the great work and thanks ynab for such a great product. It is easy for people to tell you how to do your job when they are not doing the work. Do what works best for you.
    Ps. I didn’t apply but always support companies that work hard to provide a great product to consumers.

    • mark

      Hi Michael – sorry, I’ve stopped accepting applications.

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