Use Your iPhone with Ting!

Woohoo! After a few months with the world’s most basic, junky Android smartphone*, I’m back on my iPhone. Apparently Ting and Sprint struck a deal to allow iPhone 4 and 4s users to move to Ting. My wife nearly cried with joy when I told her (she’d been such a good sport about the junky Android).

*No dig on Android. I know there are amazing Android devices; I just happened to get the cheapest model Ting offered; it came with a pretty spartan feature set. 

In more good news, yesterday Ting reduced data rates (big win for bigger data users):


And in even more good news, they’ve just launched an iOS app so I can keep track of usage on my phone:


Ting’s been a winner for me and Kate, and now I’ve converted Jesse and Chance. I’m sure commenters will chime in with other non-traditional smartphone plans, and I’m all for it. Whether you go with Ting or another option doesn’t matter much to me – I just hate the thought of YNABers losing money on over-priced phone plans.

*If you sign up for Ting through this link, YNAB receives a referral commission and you receive $25 in account credit. If you’re still under contract, they’ll give you account credit for up to 25% of your current provider’s early cancellation fee, up to $75 per device. I love these guys. 

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  1. Christina Eftekhar

    Awesome news! I was debating between Ting and T-mobile, but it looks like the bonus I’m scheduled to get in a few weeks will be going toward the purchase of a new iPhone so I can finally make the move to Ting.

    • mark

      T-mobile does seem to have some cool, customer-friendly things going on. I’m happy with Ting, but all I care about is that you and others get the best deal you can on your phone!

  2. Joel Barker

    So now you’re using full blog posts to advertise for other companies?
    Just a reminder – you have customers outside the US.

    • Jesse

      Hey Joel, only for companies we like, and that offer something will help a lot of YNAB users. I’m sure some international users are already thinking of similar companies in their area, where you pay for what you use–instead of paying for the capacity of use.

  3. ryan

    Anyone using republic wireless? thinking of making the jump from verizon when my contract is up and was wondering how the service is

    • mark

      I looked into Republic right before I went to Ting. Some comments in their community forums made me a little nervous (specifically, issues with the required devices). I ended up with Ting, but I’ve since heard good thing about what Republic is doing with their pricing/service options.

    • Kim

      Been using Republic Wireless for a little over a month. Very happy, no problems, love saving almost $100/month. If you use this link http://referrals.republicwireless.com/a/clk/27yYpx we can both save $19. And look into Assumption of Liability from Verizon. They let you transfer your service to someone else even under contract. If you have unlimited data you can sell it on ebay.

    • Saskia

      We’ve been using Republic Wireless for about 8 months and love it–love the price, the phone, the super quick and very capable customer service (via email only), and the community help section. It’s definitely another great option for a lot of people, if you aren’t wedded to an iPhone or other particular device.

  4. Angela

    We just switched to Ting last month and have been loving it! We are on track to spend about $30 for the BOTH of us, and we are both on the iPhone 4s. I was so happy when I saw the news that Ting was able to secure the iPhone several months back.

    • mark

      $30 for both of you means you don’t break the 100MB data barrier – I salute you.

      • Angela

        As long as you’re on wi-fi it doesn’t count against your data. We spend most of our days at work or at home, and both places have wifi… so it hasn’t been that hard to keep below the 100 mb limit! We just don’t use internet when we’re at restaurants, out with friends, waiting at stoplights, etc anymore – and I think that’s been really good for us. Feels nice to be disconnected every once in awhile.

  5. Roxy

    I’m wanting to switch to Ting after our contracts are up December 2014. I have a regular flip phone (I downgraded from my iphone to save money!), but my husband still has his iPhone. Does anyone know how it works if we wanted to switch to Ting when our Verizon contract expires?

    Thanks! :)

    • Kim

      If you have an unlimited data plan with Verizon, people will actually pay you to take over your plan. It’s called an “assumption of liability.” There are tons for sale on ebay, We got out of our contract early and made $350.

    • mark

      Hi Roxy –

      I’m not sure if/how it would work to take a Verizon iPhone to Ting. I think it has to be a Sprint iPhone. It would be kind of a hassle, but you might have to sell the Verizon and buy a used Sprint iPhone. Chance (YNAB COO) bought a used iPhone 4s from Swappa in pristine shape for about $240.

      • Patrick

        Being an ebay guru, I’ve purchased multiple iPhones, 4 and 4s, for friends on ebay. You can generally find models in good condition, albeit used, for under $150. I bought a 16 gb 4s recently for the paltry sum of $118. Some sellers offer guarantees on the condition of the phone for those of you that may be wary of using Ebay.

    • Maureen

      I just bought a used iPhone 4S 16GB off of Amazon for 174.99. I’m sure I could have gotten one cheaper through eBay, but I went with this particular seller (LaptopAngels) because they had outstanding feedback on Amazon and a pretty awesome return policy as well. My phone arrived today and I honestly can’t even tell that it’s not brand new. My husband and I also have Verizon, but we’re going to try out Ting for one month with a new number, and then if we are happy with the service (which I’m sure we will be), we’ll be ordering a second iPhone and porting both of our numbers from Verizon. It looks fairly easy to do, just log into Your Account > Device Settings > (click on your device) > Actions: Port a number to this device. I’m so excited b/c we’ve only ever had “dumb phones” on Verizon b/c we didn’t want to shell out tons of money each month. Now we can upgrade to smart phones and still pay less with Ting. :)

  6. charliegriefer

    Joel – It’s not really just an advertisement for another company. For those who can participate, it can save a LOT of $. I hadn’t really heard of Ting before, but now with this entry, I’m looking into it. I also don’t mind helping out with the referral bonus and getting the YNAB folks a few extra $. They’re helping us out a lot, and i’d like to see them stick around for a while :)

    If it’s not something that you can take advantage of (either out of the US or not interested in giving up current phone), easy enough to bypass this particular blog entry.

    All of this is, of course IMHO and YMMV :)

      • mark

        Thanks Charlie! Glad to hear you’re looking into this – I know you’ve got some big goals you’re working on.

  7. Tasha

    The link doesn’t seem to work here…

    “*If you sign up for Ting through this link, YNAB receives a referral commission and you receive $25 in account credit. If you’re still under contract, they’ll give you account credit for up to 25% of your current provider’s early cancellation fee, up to $75 per device. I love these guys. “

  8. Ryan

    I love ting but sprints network is definitely inferior here. That’s the only downside for me

    • mark

      Hey Ryan –

      Luckily, there are other non-traditional providers that piggy-back on the major networks. And as mentioned earlier in the comments, T-mobile has some good things going on as well.

    • Kristi

      Yes, Sprint is inferior. Had it for 2 miserable years prior to Verizon. At the very beginning of my contract in our large metropolitan area, they kept promising 4G but never came through. There are definitely trade offs to spending less.

  9. Robert Dailey

    I have a Nexus 5 and just bought a TING sim card for $10 bucks. Going to try it out. I don’t need a crappy iPhone to try this out!

  10. Emily

    Because we were with Verizon before, we went with PagePlus and love it. They don’t officially support iPhones but we are able to use our Verizon iPhone 4 phones with no problems (other than no visual voicemail or whatever that feature is called).

    • mark

      I’ve heard good things about PagePlus. Glad you’re saving money. :)

  11. Michele

    This is the year that finally all our phones (4) will meet the Sprint contract agreement. I have been looking for a new provider to save money. Thank you so much for this post! By switching to TIng I will save over $3,000 over the next two years!!!!!
    The only thing I have to figure out is that I use an iPhone 5, and I am really not interested in the Android phones. The rest of the phones are good to go, so I am ready to start making the switch,

    • mark

      $3,000?? Fantastic. I need to check with the Ting folks on what the timeline for iPhone 5 might be. Hopefully it’s not too far off.

      • Michele

        Just switched my 1st phone thanks to you! I know $3,000 sounds like a LOT! It was driving me CRAZY! $220 a month for 4 phones, one with NO DATA… just a basic phone for my mom.
        I LOVE the control that Ting gives you on the devices, and it was so easy to switch. I checked with Sprint and my device was automatically removed from Sprint.
        YNAB has been nothing but good in my life. Thanks Mark! Keep up the WONDERFUL work.

  12. Tom Bushaw

    If you have a Verizon iPhone 4/4s, check out http://pageplusiphone.net. Not quite as cheap as Ting (it appears) but we signed up for their 1200 voice min / 3000 text / 500 MB data plan for $29.95 per month (per phone) (with no add-on charges!) when our contracts with Verizon expired in mid-December. So far it’s been working totally flawlessly (and transparently) for us. The only thing they don’t support is Visual Voicemail which we didn’t use anyway.

  13. Juliana

    Are there non-traditional providers using the AT&T network? We don’t get good reception with sprint in our area. If PagePlus uses Verizon I’m going to have to check them out! I really want to switch my plan!

    • mark

      My parents were looking into one, but I can’t think of the name. Hopefully someone else will chime in.

      • potatoreboot

        Juliana and Mark, this is an old post so who knows if anyone will see this comment but I’m re-researching phones so here I be. :) AT&T just bought Cricket, so you might look into them!

  14. Angela

    I switched to Ting a few months ago (as soon as they started allowing iPhones) and I LOVE it! With Ting, I pay $25-35 per month, which is sooo much better than the $85/mo I was paying Verizon. I did have to buy a Sprint iPhone, but I bought it used and was able to sell my old Verizon one. Plus I referred my boyfriend and sister to Ting, and got $75 in Ting credit! I am super excited to see that they just released an iOS app as well!

  15. JegaA

    I use Black Wireless. I pay $30/month for unlimited talk, text and messaging. It includes 100 international messages and some free minutes for international calls as well. It works with both Android and iOS phones. Switched about 4 months back from AT&T to Black Wireless. Cell signals are good and I have been happy with service. I like the fact that I pay only $30 (including taxes) and not have to worry about what my bill would be.

    Jega (YNAB user)

  16. Morgan Momo Daigneault

    I just signed up today. I’ll have to take a hit for buying a new phone and paying my ETF, but if my math is correct, I should break even in about 5 months. Excited to start saving on my phone bill for once!

  17. Rachel

    I just called Ting to get all the information, and an ACTUAL person answered the phone after two rings. I was so shocked I stumbled over my words a bit. We’re switching from Sprint, bringing our IPhones 4s’ with us and predicting to save about $1,000 a year based on our past use with Sprint! I bet we’ll save more though because now I’ll use the IPad to surf the net instead of my phone : ) thanks Mark! That $165 line item every month for Sprint was torture for me!!!

    • mark

      Isn’t it brilliant when you call and another human being picks right up and starts chatting with you? I think it’s a great company.

  18. Kenneth

    I wouldn’t be long Verizon or AT&T stock. Regular people (not just YNABers) are sick of paying $100+/mo for cell phone service. Forever. That’s a lot of money. Airvoice, Ting, Republic Wireless, Virgin Mobile, there must be dozens of MVNOs that can save all of us real money. I’m paying $20 a month total on Airvoice for two iphone 5’s, no data. At first I missed the data when at work, but I just work harder and the urge has gone away. We still love our iphones for calls, texts, great camera, music etc. We even use them as yardage GPS devices on golf courses (even with no data). Seriously, we all have to question all of our expenses, all of the time. Or just spend 110 percent of your take home and go into credit card debt – the choice is yours.

  19. Kristi

    Important to know only Iphone 4 is available. I’ll get really excited if they at least add the 5. Currently on Verizon with the 5 and not willing to go down to the 4. Love the camera on the 5!

  20. Teenyanne

    I recently answered a survey for Verizon and gave them a 4.5 rating for their services and problem solving. The problem solving referred to my expensive phone service and their inability to give me relief. So I received a call from a rep asking why I gave them this rating. The gentleman was very nice and empathetic. But I told I did not understand Verizon’s purpose for having him question my reasoning when they had no intention of fixing this problem for their customers who are struggling to pay rent/ mortgage, car expenses, food and the necessities of life while their phone services depleted a huge chunk of living expenses. I pointed out that phone calls and a little data should not cost so much since they are not essential to life and having those services did not relate to happiness. They were mere conveniences. Also that they actually rob us of happiness in the grand scheme of things because the expense is such a burden. And the contracts are very unreasonable, especially since my phone fell into water and they made me carry 2 contracts simultaneously because they forced me to purchase another line for the second contract for which I had to also keep a shared plan. And I was not using a second phone but paying as though I was. I am still upset about this. It is unfair. The rep agreed to everything I said. He said that the info I gave him would be reviewed. I also said that I know a lot of people are sickened by these practices and costs that they are getting away from these phone services and providers for inexpensive options I, of course was speaking of the YNAB community. Hopefully, when they see that they are losing customers to relatively inexpensive and cooperative providers such as Ting, they will reevaluate their practices and see that a great amount of loot that they have been taking iis flowing out their back door.

  21. Stephanie

    I love ting! I thought I would miss my iPhone (being the only smartphone I’d ever had) but have found a lot more usability and versatility with my Google nexus android phone. Thanks so much for the original blog post about it; I’m working on my third referral.

  22. Billy

    We switched to Ting a few months back and are saving about $175 a month. A major reason for using Ting over Republic is that we already had sprint phones and would not need to buy another device.

    I have 2 pieces of advice to help lower your bill further with Ting

    1. Turn off the 3G and 4G data on your phone. Ting’s monitoring apps/tools helped to realize that a lot of data was being used by apps on my phone when I wasn’t even using my phone. At home I use wifi and and when I’m away from I turn on the data only when Ineed it.
    2. You can setup a google voice number combined with talkatone app to make free calls over wi-fi and send free texts.

  23. Kamek

    I’ve been looking into Ting after hearing so many good things about it on the blog… but I’d have to buy a new phone because my Virgin Mobile phone won’t work on it :( Seriously considering doing this though, especially now that Google Play Nexus 5’s will work on Ting. Just gotta find the money in my budget somehow.

  24. Kim Hanson

    Thank you so much for sharing! Cell phones have become a necessity but it always frustrates me on what a huge part of the budget they are. I didn’t want to learn a new phone and wanted to stick with my iPhone. So maybe this will just work.

  25. hedy

    I have a quick survey question for those of you who live in the northern and Central (Pt. Pleasant Beach area) New Jersey area and who use Ting. I am seriously considering switching (we have 5 phone, 4 are smartphones, 1 is regular and pay $300 per month) but I need to be sure that cell phone/text coverage is not an issue in this area … a good part of my cell phone usage is work related .. we are self-employed. Will you kindly give me your feedback on service? Many thanks!

  26. Annie

    We moved from AT$T to Ting in November. Our bill has gone from just over $100 for phones with no text or data to right around $30. That was a nice chunk out of our budget. We ordered 2 Samsung Galaxy S2 phones, one of them we couldn’t get to work even after sending it back and having them send us a replacement. Ting was persistant in calling us and keeping us informed until the problems with that phone was resolved. Their final solution…was to send us a Samsung S3 at no additional cost. We never would have gotten that good of service from AT&T

  27. Kim Hanson

    I am so doing this!! I filled out forms on Ting with the savings. It’s amazing. I’ve been holding out for an iPhone. I just talked to my husband about it. I’m going to buy a used Spring iPhone. Start that one phone line on Ting and see how it works for us in the area we live in. If it works okay for us, I’ll be dumping the 3 phone lines we have with Verizon.

  28. Brittany

    I’m a college student and I text a WHOLE, my friends and I are big iMessage group messages and I surf the internet a whole lot… Do you think I should go with tang or straight talk where I pay a solid 45. Oh and I have a iPhone 4s from sprint.

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