Live Classes.

No high school flashbacks allowed! This isn’t about homework, grades, or boring lectures. It’s about changing the way you think about money. Want an in-depth presentation on the YNAB method? Let Jim teach you to Prioritize, or have Sherri show you how to Deal with Your Debt. You'll get soup-to-nuts and the chance to chat over your questions. Want to drill down deep on a more specific topic? Join Ronna for one of our Workshops, where we keep the groups small and give you the chance to ask your question live (you know, like a call-in show but so much better). No matter which you choose, you'll master the art of budgeting – with the help of someone who has lived it!

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Get Started: Prioritize

Imagine not worrying about money. (We’ll pause here to let you do that…) In this class, you’ll learn to take total control of your money using YNAB’s Four Rules. You’ll know exactly how and why to give every dollar a job, and how to be prepared for less frequent (and larger!) expenses. You’ll learn to adjust and adapt as you roll with the punches, and how to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle by aging your money. Join us to get started – and sleep better at night.

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Credit Cards Debt and Your Budget

Nothing is more stressful than debt. Except not being sure how to deal with it ... Join us and learn how to use your YNAB budget to get out of debt, and more importantly, use it to keep you from going back. You’ll learn to build new spending habits, then prioritize and deal with your debts in a way that frees up cash for other priorities. You’ll put breathing room back in your budget – and your life.

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Age Your Money

Do you feel like, no matter how much money you make, you just can't get ahead? Your money isn't old enough. No, not inherit-from-a-rich-uncle old. Your money is leaving your life and your budget too quickly after you earn it. Come learn how to age your money, break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, and experience more financial security, stability, and flexibility than you ever thought possible.

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The New YNAB

Switching from YNAB 4? Thinking about it? With the release of the brand-newest, shiniest YNAB, we’re introducing a whole slew of features and changes that will make your budgeting more effective, more focused, and simpler than ever before. Whether a brand-new concept, a killer feature, a small improvement, or (:cough:) something we needed to fix because we didn't have it right the first time ... we’ve been dying to tell you about it!

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Workshop: Simplify Your Finances

Have you tried organizing your money, then nearly given up because it was hard to stick with it? Maybe you're spending a lot of energy timing paychecks to bills. Maybe you've opened a lot of accounts to organize things and now keeping up with that is difficult. Maybe you're focusing on analyzing what happened instead of what you can do to move things forward. We'll show you how to simplify things and gain control at the same time.

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Workshop: Overspending

You needed a budget so you could take total control of your money. But even with a budget, you’re still overspending. Join our workshop and learn some proven strategies for dealing with the overspending you have now – and making sure you have less of it in the future. We'll break down and demo questions, so bring yours - and be prepared to ask it! We're aiming to keep our workshop small, to about 20 YNABers (intimate, right?!). So sign up now!

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Workshop: Savings

Curious how to handle savings in your budget? Come to our Savings Workshop and learn how your budget helps you reach your goals and save with a purpose. We'll break down and demo questions, so bring yours - and be prepared to ask it! We're aiming to keep our workshop small, to about 20 YNABers (intimate, right?!). So sign up now!

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Workshop: Your Pay Cycle

Wondering how your pay cycle fits into a monthly budget? Or how a monthly budget can possibly work with variable income? The truth is, it doesn't matter how often you're paid or how variable your income is. We'll show you exactly how budgeting will even out the ups and downs of your income and bring you the peace of mind you're looking for.

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Meet Your Teachers

Each of YNAB's Teachers is a YNAB success story. Their experience makes them uniquely qualified to show you how to change your life with YNAB.


Erin is a former high school teacher whose credit card debt spiraled out of control because she was only tracking some of her spending. She found YNAB in 2006, learned to track all her spending, and eliminated the debt!.


Lee was an instructor in the Navy who used to use a spreadsheet to manage his money, but it didn’t handle overspending well. With YNAB, he learned to roll with the punches and he’s never looked back.


Ronna is a graduate student in NYC who realized the paper envelope method of budgeting was difficult with her urban on-the-go lifestyle. She discovered YNAB while searching for a modern approach, and became an instant devotee!


Sherri was a technology integration specialist in New Hampshire, helping students and teachers to become 21st-century learners. YNAB helped her finally get a handle on the family finances and now she’s excited to teach people how to get a handle on theirs.


Jim was a music instructor and business owner who was frustrated with other financial management tools that were a lot of work, but really didn't help him make good money decisions. YNAB helped him simplify, prioritize and focus his attention on what matters most.