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Sean, Akron, OH

I'm a Washfloor Operator at Cintas. We wash and deliver uniforms, mats, and various items to businesses. My job is to run the washfloor. Basically I tell the computer system what product to wash and I make sure that all equipment is functioning properly. I have been married for 4.5 years. My wife and I have two beautiful daughters.

We have been using YNAB since the beginning of 2010. Before YNAB we struggled to make ends meet. It seemed we never had enough money to pay bills on time, or money just vanished before our eyes. My wife is a stay-at-home mom and I was working and making about 24,500 annually; which isn't a lot, but it was certainly enough to take care of everything we needed. We constantly struggled with our money and never really had a handle on our finances. We were making phone calls asking our landlord to hold rent checks and finagling payments with bill companies. 

I got tired of constantly being "in the dark" about where our money was going. The constant battle of robbing Peter to pay Paul was driving us crazy. I decided that we had to change something. We knew we had enough money and we even knew about budgeting, but we did not have any idea how to actually do it. I set out to research and find something to help us get a handle on our finances and spending. After many hours of looking, I discovered YNAB.

I immediately subscribed to YNAB university and over the course of 10 days began to learn the YNAB methodology. I wasn't sure if it would work or not, as I had tried a few other things and none of them clicked. At some point, I remember thinking to myself, "Hey this makes A LOT of sense and it is simple, too." I was eager to put what I had learned into practice. It was an exciting time for me. I felt that I was finally making some progress in the world of budgeting.

After using YNAB for a couple months, I was still very excited about budgeting. The software made everything so simple and it also brought a sense of relief because we were finally able to keep track of where our money was going. It made it possible for us to ensure that bills were being paid on time. The only change was that I became MORE excited about budgeting and always looked forward to sitting at my computer and working with YNAB!

About six months into using YNAB we paid off about $2,000 in debt. But the most important thing that happened for us was that we were able to save enough money to put a down payment on a house of our own. We found a house that we loved and we were able to obtain a mortgage and we have been living in it happily for the last six months! Currently, there is very little stress when it comes to finances. It's wonderful to be able to plan and budget for bills and expenses. We are always able to see exactly where our money is going and that is a GREAT feeling!! I love YNAB more today than when I first purchased it. It is such a wonderful piece of software that makes budgeting and living by the YNAB principles a piece of cake!

The positives have been manifested in other areas as well. As a married couple, finances were sometimes a point of contention, but no longer! We have very little stress as a married couple when it comes to our finances. I LOVE YNAB! It has helped me to improve our financial situation and has made our lives and marriage even better! What computer software can make that claim?!?




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Finances were sometimes a point of contention, but no longer!

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