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Wanda, Mechanicsburg, PA

Ruben is a disabled veteran. He worked for the Commonwealth of PA until his eyesight got so bad he could no longer do his job. I retired last year. We have six children. Five are married and we  have 17 grandchildren.

We’ve struggled with money all our married lives. Ruben worked a part-time job most of the time and we just couldn't seem to get ahead. Often, I panicked when the children needed shoes. It usually cost just as much to restock toilet paper, paper towels, tooth paste, laundry soap, etc. as it did to buy groceries. We never talked about money. We just worried about it in silence, and tried to make it work. We never budgeted because we never had enough  "left over" to do it.

When Ruben's eyesight got so bad he’d have to retire, we realized he had almost no money in a retirement account. We were given a Dave Ramsey book, "Total Money Makeover" and decided we would attempt to budget. While searching the internet for a simple program, YNAB caught our eye. Dave Ramsey's debt snowball approach helped us pay off our debts and the visual of YNAB got us over those rough spots.

Once we had a plan in place, we knew what we had to do and could see the light at the end of the tunnel. We sat down several times a month and talked about how much money was coming in and how it was being spent. We decided together how every dollar would be spent. We started managing our money instead of it managing our relationship. We started to trust each other and rekindle those feelings we had for each other when we fell in love 44 years ago. To help get us out of our financial hole and to allow Ruben to contribute more to his retirement plan, we started delivering two early morning newspapers routes. It wouldn't be forever. YNAB allowed us to see clearly what we needed to do.

We are debt free including our house. We paid off more than $90K in loans and credit card debt. We sit down monthly and "do" our budget. Using YNAB, we were able to dig ourselves out of debt, and are comfortable living the life our income allows. We no longer deliver newspapers or need a part time job. Our budget includes money set aside for a vacation each year. We love having control of our finances.

Although YNAB is our secret weapon, we try not to keep it a secret. Ruben and I teach a six week adult couples class titled, "Strengthening Marriage.” We share lessons we have learned from YNAB in every session we teach. Without fail, we are asked to provide details of our budget successes and end up demonstrating YNAB to several couples in attendance.

We’ve been using YNAB approximately 5 years. We share the YNAB concepts with anyone who will listen.

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We are debt free including our house. We paid off more than $90K

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