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5 Questions My Mom Asked Me About Getting Started With YNAB

My Mom, the budgeting rock star (no joke), is currently experimenting with a transition from Quicken to YNAB. She’s already signed up for an intro class, but last night we spent a few minutes sharing screens and talking about her first pass with YNAB and the Four Rules. Five questions came out of the conversation: …
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7 Steps to Getting Your Spouse On Board: Step 3

So far I’ve shared the first two steps of my husband’s ingenious method that he used to get me onboard with YNAB: Introduction Step 1: Get Your Stuff Together Step 2: Your Spouse Owns a Category So you’re trucking along. The formally uninterested spouse has started managing the category from Step 2 very well, consistently. …
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7 Steps to Getting Your Spouse On Board: Step 2

If you missed the two other posts, you can catch them here: Introduction Step 1: Get Your Stuff Together My very sneaky but very discerning husband must have the patience of Job. As I look at the steps that he took, I just think, ‘My gosh, am I some kind of kindergartener or something? I …
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The Credit Card Float: A Silent but Deadly Threat to Your Budget

Before YNAB, I went to some extreme lengths in attempt to save money. For starters, there was my overly complicated spreadsheet where I tracked our grocery spending in detail. From beef to granola, if we bought it, I recorded it. And then there was the collection of money envelopes that I’d hidden in every crack …
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The How and Why of Tracking Accounts

Under the “Add Account” menu in YNAB, you may have noticed the tracking account options: Asset accounts and Liability accounts. Today, I’m going to walk you through what these account types are for, and talk about why you might do better to just ignore them! You Don’t Need Tracking Accounts to Budget We don’t talk …
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You Need A Whiteboard?

In early 2018, Katrina Dixon wrote into our support desk to express her appreciation: “My husband and I have been using the YNAB method for over a year … “ This pleased us. Then, she continued: “ … on a whiteboard.” Wait. What? No Purchase Necessary That’s right, Katrina and her husband, Robert Dixon—a 20-something …
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How We Save $2k A Month Living Rent/Utility Free

When you’re trying to save money or pay off debt, you can (and should!) do some crazy things. For my new wife, Tracy, and I, crazy looked like packing up most of our things into storage, loading up our car, and becoming “house-less.” Housing makes up the single biggest expense item in the average American’s …
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Can Talking About Budgeting Make You A Better Budgeter?

When we first talked to Aaron Fritsch, he told us how much YNAB had done for him and his family. It was a great story, but not entirely unlike stories we hear every day. He went on to say that he is responsible for about 50 employees in his role at WeWork, and he had …
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I Tracked My Spending for a Year ...

This July marked one year since I’ve been tracking my family’s income and spending through an online tool that I adore: You Need A Budget (or just “YNAB” to aficionados, like me). Go ahead and congratulate me—it’s my YNAB-iversary! If you’re unfamiliar with YNAB, it’s a tool you can use to forecast how you’ll spend …
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