A Happy YNAB User

Ed sent this to me a few days ago:

In the 80’s some years before financial programs hit the consumer market I have had the yearn to use a system to manage finances. I started with spreadsheets 1st paper then computer. When Quicken came out I became an avid user. After several years I began to realize that Quicken was really only good at telling me what happened and not good at budgeting and managing. I began a thorough search and tried no less that 10 other programs.

It was not till I found YNAB that I really thought that it did everything I wanted. It still has some growth possibilities especially in the reporting area, but it is actually exactly what I needed to take control of my money and has made me capable of preparing for emergencies before they happen. It has also allowed me to help others that are not as financially prepared. Thanks for your software. I am looking forward to 3.0.