A Live Presentation of the YNAB Methodology that I Gave in Our Community

Part 1

0:00 – Why/How I started YNAB.
0:50 – Numbercrunching, realizing we would run out of money before I finished school.
1:30 – Julie says selling YNAB “won’t work” 🙂
2:00 – Stumbled onto the methodology.
2:40 – Monologue, tongue-in-cheek confession of a Budgeter.
7:35 – Definition of a Budget
7:56 – Diving into the Rules. Started with Rule Two.
9:00 – I want to buy a new putter. The process.

Part 2

0:10 – Guilt attached to every single spending event (and why there shouldn’t be).
1:10 – Budgeting is a goal-setting session every single month.
1:50 – The importance of His and Her money.
3:30 – Rule Three: Saving for a Rainy Day.
4:00 – Christmas as a classic Rainy Day — “Every month is a little bit of Christmas”.
5:15 – The Cash Flow Dip, and how Rule Three eliminates it.
6:30 – Rule Three’s importance for people with highly variable income.
7:00 – Elimination of “crises” in your household.
8:00 – Decision quality with Rule Three (hint: it’s better).

Part 3

1:20 – Handling overbudgeting (Rule Four)
1:48 – Rolling with the punches (in Boxing)
3:00 – Why you don’t care about your checking account balance
3:40 – An easy trap for people with shared finances (and no budget)
3:58 – My newborn, cries out.
5:15 – First of month, implementing Rule Four
5:45 – Borrowing from yourself instead of Visa or Chase.

Part 4

0:00 – There is no normal month with your finances.
1:20 – Will likely change the order of the Rules (eventually).
1:35 – Talking about the Buffer.
2:10 – All about timing, the sprint, belt cinch, firesale, etc.
3:20 – A demonstration of Rule One with envelopes.
3:50 – The horrible inefficiency of bill timing to paychecks.
5:40 – Batching bills = efficiency = probably 3 hours per month and no stress.
6:00 – Variable income EXCUSE debunked.

Part 5

0:30 – With variable incomes, forecasting is always, always, always wrong.
1:40 – Reaching Rule One (the transition).
2:05 – Why I was afraid to originally introduce Rule One when selling YNAB (and why I was totally wrong to be afraid).

Q & A Begins
3:15 – Break expenses down weekly? Or just do it as a month? What’s the optimal period for a budgeting session?
3:42 – Increased frequency of budgeting is tough, worth it if you’re struggling though.
4:28 – Frequency of entering receipts for our household (now that we have the HABIT!)
5:28 – Multiple bank accounts? Does YNAB care where the money is? The colored dresser scenario.

Part 6

0:48 – Why cash is sometimes really helpful for stick-to-it-iveness.
1:30 – Do you track cash in a different way? Nope.
2:10 – No demo of the software…but we import.
2:48 – One spouse that’s motivated…and one that isn’t.
4:00 – Handling split transactions.
4:30 – Don’t force yourself to do the tedium, if the tedium will make you quit.
4:48 – Some tactics to use at the grocery store’s conveyor belt.
5:35 – A nice testimonial for Rule One from a very wise man 🙂 – “Your life will change.”
6:25 – How we cheated to get our buffer. Sort of.
7:00 – My own testimonial of the methodology as it works in relationships.

Part 7

0:00 – Establishing responsibilities among spouses with the budget.
1:00 – A funny story about my dry humor getting me in trouble.
2:05 – A “hot” thing to do with your fun money.
2:20 – Money laundering — it’s BAD. Don’t do it. Confess if you are doing it and get things right.
3:30 – Worse than hiding excess cash…
4:10 – YNAB was not in my life plan, a conclusion.