A new month starts tomorrow. YNAB it.

My YNAB payroll deposit landed in the checking account this morning, and I’ve already budgeted it. Some overspending in September left me a bit short, which means October needs to be a good freelancing month if I don’t want to dip into the emergency fund to keep the budget in the green.

In spite of minor overspending setbacks, I felt relief and confidence as I funded my categories this morning. I was reminded of something my mom has said to me before, but which I ignored for way too long (sorry, mom):

Budgeting is freedom.

Freedom from what? Stress and anxiety? No, unfortunately many of us will still have to deal with the stress and anxiety of debts and bills that chew up our available funds much faster than we’d like.

Budgeting offers freedom from ignorance and unnecessary worry. An accurate budget tells the truth about our financial responsibilities and opportunities.


If you’re a long-time YNABer, living the 4 Rules, making steady progress toward your most important financial goals – carry on. I have nothing new for you today (except a big congratulations for taking total control of your money).

If you’re an expense tracker, check out this post about making the transition from expense tracking to budgeting. Resolve to make October your first real budgeted month.

If you’ve fallen off the budgeting wagon, make a Fresh Start (maybe even sign up for the class). Don’t get down on yourself (or your significant other) for whatever backsliding you’ve suffered lately. Leave the past in the past; re-start the budgeting habit in October.

Speaking of your significant other: If you’re working with an unsupportive partner or spouse, resolve to make October a month where you communicate on a deep level about your individual and shared financial goals. Check out this excellent post from Erin (our education lead) about converting your spouse to budgeting.

Wherever you are in your budgeting journey, make October a great month financially. YNAB it!