A Status Report on Reports (& Some Other Things)

It’s been ninety-one days since we launched the new YNAB. It feels like just yesterday, and light years ago, all at the same time.

Despite the crazy busy, our immediate priorities have remained the same: Full Migration from YNAB 4, Manual Import, and Reports—in that order.

Why aren’t we done yet?

Two words: Direct Import.

When it works—for about 85% of you—it is simple and seamless and wonderful. But when it doesn’t, it is painful, frustrating and essentially worthless. An inordinate and unexpected amount of our time this quarter has been spent wrangling this beast, and we are far—so far—from done. (But direct import deserves a post all its own. We will dive into where we’re at, and what we’re doing to get to a better place next week.)

For the purposes of today’s update, direct import has not gone as planned, compromising our support and pulling us away from our other priorities.

All that being said, here’s an update on Q1’s priority features:

First up, Full Migration from YNAB 4. We’ve radically improved the speed that we can calculate imported budgets (and all budgets, really). As of today, Full Migration is undergoing testing on our live environment, and based on the results of that testing, we’ll begin rolling it out to ever larger groups of YNABers.

Manual Bank Import is being tested internally as we look for the edgiest of edge cases. It’s due to be released, conservatively, within the next few weeks.

We had to put Reports on the backburner to focus on Manual Bank Import. They’re a high priority, but the Direct Import bleeding made Manual Bank Import much more important.

Hopefully, that gives you a better picture of where we are with those priority features we want in YNAB ASAP. Thanks for your patience!