A very cool note from a YNAB user

I thought I’d share this — keeping it anonymous though:

Things couldn’t be better. One billion tons of stress has been lifted off my shoulders…thanks to this program…I no longer worry about money…every dollar has a job…still have some tweaking to do to get things adjusted….food is a difficult one with 6 boys to feed…..you just never know how much they are going to eat….you do know they will eat…so with that I just input a set amount and KNOW I will have to adjust….so I don’t freak out when I need to adjust it’s a given….this is the first program that addressed that….NO your not a complete failure if you need to adjust….it’s life….once again thanks for the support and this program…..I am NOT rich my any means nor will I ever be but this programs gives me a sense of accomplishment….work with what you have and be grateful….this program allows me the ability to see how grateful I SHOULD be….all my dollars have a job and all the bills are paid….thank you.

Very cool stuff.