A YNAB Podcast Episode, Featuring You?

Hey YNABers –

The budget reviews we used to do on the blog generated great discussion, benefited the person whose budget we analyzed, and let other members of the community see situations similar to their own.

That’s why I’m bringing them back – with a twist.

I’d like to feature your budget on the blog and the podcast.* We’d use email to establish some background, then get together on the phone to talk about your primary budgeting successes and struggles.

Think of it as getting YNAB Coaching for free in exchange for your willingness to share with the community.

The benefit is in having an official YNAB Coach spend time with you and your budget, creating breakthroughs you wouldn’t have on your own.

The obvious concern is protecting privacy, which is why:

1. All content would be totally anonymized. We would avoid names, cities, and any other detail that would reveal more than you felt comfortable sharing. Of course, we couldn’t hide or mask your voice on the call.

2. Featured YNABers would review and have veto power on the final cut of all content before it went live. If any part of it makes you uneasy, we’ll edit that piece out.

I guess this could flop; it takes a certain kind of person to share – even anonymously – their financial wins and losses. But I’ll risk it because I’ve benefited so much from transparently sharing my own budgeting journey (as in posts like this one, this one, and this one).

If you feel like you’re on a financial plateau and would benefit from my and the community’s support and insight, leave a comment on this post (or email [email protected]). I look forward to visiting with you! *Jesse will continue to produce his own podcast episodes; these would be additional.