Another Day, Another Big Feature...

Join us in welcoming File-Based Importing to the YNAB feature family!

As of right now, File-Based Importing provides another way to enter transactions in YNAB. We’re so excited, a brief philosophical detour seems in order.

What’s The Best Way To Enter My Transactions In YNAB?

This is one of the more common questions we hear from customers. And there is a very simple answer: Whichever way allows you to build—and keep up—momentum in your budgeting.

You see, transaction entry isn’t budgeting. Naming payees isn’t budgeting. Budgeting is making active, conscious decisions about your money. We want the entering of transactions to be fast and easy, so you can save your best brain power for good decision-making.

What kind of transaction enter-er are you?


Entering transactions on your mobile device is a great option. It’s especially useful because your transaction entry is happening so close to the decision-making moment—the moment of spending.


Entering transactions one-by-one in the web app is a great way to get in touch with your spending, especially if you’re new to managing your money. It makes your spending habits pop right off the screen–straight into your day-to-day decision making.

Direct Import

Using Direct Import to pull in groups of transactions from your bank, saves you the time of entering dates, payees, and amounts. Let’s face it, some of us need to save time in any way possible. When you use that time to give your dollars jobs, you’re making better decisions. You’re budgeting.

These choices, though, left some of you out, particularly those of you without access to Direct Import. And so:

File-Based Importing

Now you can go to your bank’s website, grab a group of your latest transactions, and literally (and we’re not ones to use that word when it doesn’t literally mean literally) drop them into YNAB. You know, like drag-and-drop. You can always check out detailed Instructions.

Have a bank that changes their online platform every nine days, making Direct Import, well, just plain frustrating? File-Based Import is for you!

Live and bank outside of the US and Canada? File-Based Import is for you!

Never, ever, ever give your credentials to anyone, no matter how secure it is, on principle? File-Based Import is for you!

So, in conclusion, what’s the best way to enter your transactions into YNAB? Whichever way keeps you budgeting and now there is one more option.