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7 Feb 2018

Answer Seven Questions and We’ll Tell You What Kind of Budgeter You Are (And How to up Your Money Game)

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by Shannon Marie

Do you want money? Lots, and lots, of money? Well, this quiz might just help.

Answer seven questions to discover your budgeting personality type, and we’ll tell you how to play to your strengths!

Choose your favorite weekend outfit:

Which YNAB workshop would be most useful to you right now?

As you’re paying for your afternoon pick-me-up, you realize that you’re down to your last five bucks. How do you feel?

Your great Aunt Winnie bit the dust and left you one bajillion dollars. (We’re so sorry for your loss.) After shedding a tear, what do you do?

Choose a pet:

Let’s talk guilty pleasures. You know better, but you still spend money on ...

Your YNAB success story headline would be:

So, what did you get? Share your result on the social web with the hashtag #YNABtype, and we’ll watch for your post!

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