April Is Financial Literacy Month

Why get April fooled when you could get April schooled?

In case you hadn’t heard, April is Financial Literacy Month in the United States (and it has been for fourteen years!). In 2004, the Senate unanimously agreed—without amendment—that it was high-time we all learned a little more about managing our money. And if you’re in Canada, don’t think you’re off the hook, November’s coming for you.

But regardless of the ‘when’ I think we can all agree on the ‘why’: no matter where you live, smart money habits are life-changers, and knowledge is power.

Master Your Money & Win at Life

So, what exactly does it mean to be financially literate? It means:

  • Knowing how to squeeze every drop of value from your paycheck
  • Understanding the true cost of debt (credit card, student, home loan or otherwise!)
  • Realizing the potential of saving and investing (and knowing how to do so wisely)

And when you apply that knowledge? Your stress levels plummet, and doors that you never even noticed begin to open. The real value of managing your money well isn’t the things you can buy, it’s the choices you can make. It’s freedom.

A Salute to Financial Literacy

This month, to help spread the word, we’re flooding the blog with some of our favorite content that covers the basics of financial literacy—everything from how to budget and spend, to paying off debt, to saving and investing for the future. Join us?

Here’s to lessons learned and taking control of your cash! And, if you’re feeling all revved up and impatient, get started now with our free, 34-day trial.