April Podcast Roundup 2013

From taxes to IRAs, and patience to happiness, we talked a lot about retirement this month. We hope you enjoyed April’s podcasts!

076 – Taxes and Timing – Having the choice to create a taxable event (or avoid one) is extremely powerful when it comes to minimizing your life’s single biggest expense.

077 – Why Roths are Better than Regular IRAs – This is the end of that debate.

078 – The Black Box of Spending – Your “Miscellaneous” category is a black box of spending. Is that spending a reflection of your values? Or are you being lazy? And should you care anyway? We discuss 🙂

079 – Patience – The pathway to wealth is paved with patience.

080 – The Idea of Retirement is Really Starting to Bug Me – This should probably just be a replay of my interview with Leo from ZenHabits.net. The key to money (and probably everything else in life) is to be happy in the moment.

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