Are These Four Fiends Ruining Your Finances?

Know what makes you tick, and make your budget stick!

If you haunt our blog but have yet to stick with (or even start) a budget, then today’s post is for you. We get it, budgeting can feel scary. But after helping countless YNABers face their budgeting monsters, as it were, we’ve found that it’s possible for everyone—yes, that includes YOU—to not only gain total control of their money, and achieve goals that they never imagined possible, but also to enjoy the experience.

… and the antidote to budgeting monsters? Focus on the prize, and never give up!

Tonight, while you’re passing out candy, consider these four common financial fiends. Chances are, you’ve got one lurking in the shadows. Keep reading, and find out how to take them down!

1 – You’re Afraid of Reality.

If you don’t budget, you’re basically floating through life like a ghost. And, like poor Malcolm Crowe from the Sixth Sense, you might not even realize that you’re not really living! But deep in your … well, deep in the area where you would have guts, you feel uneasy. To put it simply, you’re trapped between two worlds—financial stability and potential disaster. Spooky, eh?

The good news is, your path to a much better place is ready and waiting. All you have to do is take care of your unfinished business (in other words, you need a budget)! No matter how deep your debt or how stretched your paycheck, a budget can help you finally rest in peace. Seriously, you’ll sleep better. But you’ll live better, too, because you’ll know with certainty that:

  • The bills are paid.
  • You can handle the unexpected.
  • Plus, you’ll have a lot more choices than you ever realized.

So, be brave. Don’t ghost on your finances (so uncool), and discover what it’s like to truly live.

2 – Budgeting Feels Like Too Much Work.

If in your head (in your head) you feel like budgeting is just too much work, so you’re mindlessly moving through life, zombified, then I’ve got good news for you. With just a little bit of practice, the habit of budgeting becomes second nature. In fact, you can finish budgeting in just a few minutes per month. On top of that, you may just discover that you love budgeting—that it’s your new favorite (but not at all time-consuming) hobby. It just takes a little practice.

Did I just blow your mind? Good, cuz that’s how you kill a zombie! And our free, 34-day trial can help, too …

3 – You Don’t Want to Change Your Spending Habits.

If you find yourself unable to resist shapeshifting into a real animal under certain circumstances (for example, under a full moon, at a BOGO sale, or on Black Friday), then you might feel helpless. You have good intentions, after all, but something bigger than you just takes over and you spend-spend-SPEND.

Well, don’t worry—there’s a way to appease the shopping beast and gain control of your cash with a budget. All you need are some goals! Think of budgeting as a way to answer the question, “How can I get what I want with these dollars?”

… because that’s the whole point! Your budget is there to help you fund the things you care about the most. So, skip the silver bullet. Instead, start a wish farm.

4 – Your Conditions Are Imperfect—You’re Not Ready.

Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter if you can’t find your deadly nightshade, or if it’s not the third full moon of the calendar year, or even if you forget to repeat your money goal seven times after lighting a candle and tossing a pinch of cat hair into your cauldron—the budgeting magic will still bubble up. All you have to do is start, and then keep doing your witchy best!

Nobody’s perfect. Some of us have a lot of money, others just a little. Some of us have cheap rent, while some of us definitely do not. Some people are good with money … others believe they are not.

The point is, no matter where you’re starting, your budget can help you (warts and all!) plot your way to the place you really want to be. And when you, inevitably, fall off of your broomstick, all you have to do is dust yourself off, have a good cackle, and roll with the punches. So, fly on!

Treat Yourself to a Life with Budgeting

There’s no trick to breaking free from the stress that comes with debt or the struggle of making ends meet while you wait for your next paycheck. The not-so-scary truth? You truly do not have to live that way!

Escape the nightmare—join hundreds of thousands of YNABers from all walks of life who’ve proven that a budget is the key to unlocking a better life. Perhaps even the life of your dreams!

Are you ready to get started? Then drop into one of our free, 20-minute, online classes … our treat. And bring your questions!