Are You Ready to Rock Your Finances in 2019?

Get ready to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, get out of debt and save more money!

The big ball drops at midnight, and that means that the season for new year’s resolutions is upon us! If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re after a bit more financial peace and fewer money worries. Well, it’s your lucky day because we’ve got just the thing to get your new year started off right …

Announcing YNAB’s 34-Day Challenge

We’ve put together a 34-day challenge (which is conveniently the same length as YNAB’s free trial), complete with daily prompts to teach you everything you’ll ever need to know to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, get out of debt and save more money. These simple daily actions will only take a few minutes, and we’ll guide you through how to:

  • Set up a budget that works for your goals and lifestyle preferences
  • Customize your budget for ease, efficiency and fun
  • Establish good money habits that will feel good now and pay off later
  • Access a range of support resources, including an entire community of YNABers (your future budgeting friends!)

And, if you stick with us to the end, we’ll announce a chance for one lucky winner to score an entire free year of YNAB!

Join the Challenge!

Join us (and thousands of YNABers!) for 34 days, and 34 ways, to conquer your money obstacles and win financially. Sign up for daily challenge emails so you don’t miss any of the fun, and keep tabs on the action here and on social.