Are you stuck in perpetual overdraft? We'd like to help!

Do you find yourself in perpetual overdraft?

Are you being charged an overdraft fee every time you turn around?

Not quite sure how to use YNAB to beat this?

During November, I’d like to work with a small group of people who are in this situation to see if I can help you dig out – and stay out. I’ll help you use YNAB to budget your way out of the overdraft. I’m calling this “Overdraft Camp”.

We will meet for three consecutive Tuesdays in November beginning November 9th. We will meet through a web conference the same way the YNAB webinars meet. The dates are:

November 9th – 7:00 PM EDT

November 16th – 7:00 PM EDT

November 23rd – 7:00 PM EDT

Each session will last one hour. If you decide to apply to participate, you will need to be available for each of those dates and times.

While I won’t be able to work with everyone who applies, my longer term goal is to develop better supports to those who are starting YNAB in Overdraft. I’ll make sure I make all that information available to everyone once we are done.

Click here to apply for Overdraft Camp.