August Podcast Roundup 2012

Here’s a roundup of August’s podcasts. We’re excited for what we have slated in September!  Some ‘Zen-like’ stuff coming!

  • Credit Card Pros and Cons – If you carry a credit card balance from month to month, your credit cards should be destroyed. If you’re operating by YNAB’s 4 Rules, Credit Cards offer some advantages.
  • Interview with Dan Miller on Careers, Goals & Passion – I set out to have Dan talk about pursuing your passion, and it ended up turning a bit into my own personal coaching session! Dan Miller is a best-selling author, speaker, and career coach. We discuss careers, goals, passions, and more.
  • Why Aren’t You Getting Ahead? – You may make “good money”, but you don’t feel like you’re getting ahead. You just don’t think you’re gaining any traction. You may not have a good grasp on your True Expenses.
  • Taking Care of Your Family, No Matter What – As part of the #LifeAware Life Insurance Movement, I bring on special guest, Jeff Rose, Certified Financial Planner, founder of Alliance Wealth Management, and blogger at
  • Get Organized with Jill Pollack! – I interview Jill Pollack, an organization expert, and host of “Consumed”, a one-hour de-cluttering/life-changing TV show for HGTV Canada. She shares some great tips on finding some breathing room with your stuff!
  • You’re Never Really Saving Money… – You’re not really saving money. You’re simply acknowledging future expenses.

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