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Are You a Gifted Teacher? We'd Like to Hire You to Teach YNAB.

We’d like you to help us teach people about YNAB! We are looking for an additional teacher to help teach our live online classes.

You’re qualified if:

How to Apply

Please include a cover letter that explains:

Why do you want to help teach people about YNAB?

  1. Tell us about your experience as a teacher.
  2. Tell us about a great teacher you’ve had and what made him or her so great.

Also, we’d like to see you teach! Please create three screencast videos demonstrating how you would use YNAB 3 to answer each of these questions.

  1. Why doesn’t my available to budget number match my checking account balance?
  2. How do I handle savings in YNAB? I’m afraid I’ll spend that money on groceries so I don’t really want it in my budget. What should I do?
  3. Can I fill out the budget even though my checks haven’t arrived yet? I’d rather budget for the whole month at once.

Please use jing to create your recordings, which is a free download.

Please send your application to and include the phrase "Teaching Position" in the subject line. If it doesn't have that phrase, we won't see it, and won't be able to read it :(