Do Many Positives Make a Negative (Review)? | YNAB

Do Many Positives Make a Negative (Review)?

Oh my.

YNAB Pro on Amazon has received many, many favorable reviews (thanks to everyone that's written one!). However, apparently, too many positive reviews are a bad thing. From one reviewer:

Don't be mislead by the lengthy positive reviews for this product, they appear to be fake.


One commenter further solidified this rock-solid assumption:

Awefully suspicious how there are so many five star reviews on this product. I don't think I've ever seen another product on Amazon (esp software) rated so high. Thanks for this post; this makes me nervous and I am steering clear of this product.

Alas. I suppose too many positives do make a negative... if you'd like to leave a review, be my guest. But please make it real ;)