We're Hiring Another Part-Time Support Rep. Are You It? | YNAB

We're Hiring Another Part-Time Support Rep. Are You It?

I keep thinking our hiring will slow down, and then find myself writing another job posting. This one is for a front line Defender of the YNAB Brand—a support rep.

What this job would look like:

How YNAB works

How to Apply (Application DEADLINE is April 30)

  1. Everything should go to: YNAB+YNAB0518@applications.recruiterbox.com
  2. Send us your resume as a PDF.
  3. Send us a really interesting/compelling cover letter that answers, at a minimum:
  4. Why you would make a great YNAB Support rep.
  5. What prior tech support experience you’ve had.
  6. The book you’re currently reading, why you’re reading that book, and what you’ve learned so far from it.
  7. Share a positive customer service experience where you were the customer. What made the experience positive?
  8. Respond to the following support case: “Hey, I bought YNAB about two weeks ago, and it’s just not working out. Could I please have a refund?” (Bear in mind that since we offer a 34-day free trial, our stated policy on refunds is that we don’t provide them.)
  9. Respond to the following support case: “We are trying to install YNAB on a 2nd computer in our home and I can’t find the right activation key for it. The one I’m using isn’t working. Are we not allowed to install YNAB on another computer? And if we are, how can I get the key to activate it?”
  10. Respond to the following support case: “I must say that I’m pretty frustrated at this point. I just purchased YNAB and spent several hours trying to import transactions from the last 6 years into YNAB. And now the program that I just paid $60 for is running super slow. To top it all off, I just found out that YNAB doesn’t automatically connect to my banks and download transactions for me going forward! Why would a financial program like yours NOT do this automatically?? I’m not sure I can spend the time manually entering transactions every day and would like to ask for a refund.”
  11. Respond to the following support case: “I can’t get Cloud Sync to work for the life of me. I have YNAB installed on two computers and I have an Android phone with the YNAB app. On my mobile app it just says “Woops! we couldn’t find any budget set up for Cloud Sync…” And the YNAB app on my computers are definitely NOT showing the same budget files. Please help!”