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YNAB 4 Will Be Here in 5 Days.

YNAB 4 will be here in five days (Tuesday). It’s our best YNAB yet. You will love it.

YNAB 4 Sneak Peak

For a peek behind the scenes, and a first glimpse at the all new look, check out The Making of YNAB 4:

New Features in YNAB 4

Cloud Sync

Automatically sync all of your devices in real time. All you need is a free Dropbox account. It’s easier than ever to keep your budget up to date.

Improved Look/Workflow

Work with a fresh new interface that benefits from hundreds of design touches that create a more consistent, readable, intuitive and efficient experience.


You’ll never lose your work. YNAB 4 saves your progress constantly.

Version History

Wish you could go back in time to undo a mistake? YNAB 4 lets you easily restore your budget to a prior state.

Collapsible Account Groups in the Sidebar

Have a lot of accounts? You can collapse your account groups to stay focused and distraction-free.

All Accounts View

View, find, and filter all of your transactions across all accounts with YNAB 4’s ‘All Accounts’ view.

Account Reconciliation

Use the new reconciliation wizard to reconcile all of your accounts with ease. It ensures that YNAB and your bank balances match.

Improved Importing

QIF users, this one’s for you. YNAB 4 won’t import duplicate transactions from QIF files, saving you potentially hours of time in account cleanup.

Bigger Text

Across the board, YNAB now uses larger text for better legibility. As I get older, the text will likely get larger :)

Better Spending Reports

View (agonize over?) your spending by category or payee. See just the information you want by easily filtering on accounts, categories, or payees.

Income v. Expense Report

Now you can see your net income to make sure you’re taking in more than you’re spending. See averages and totals of your spending over time. If you run your business books with YNAB, you’ll especially love this. It’s your Profit & Loss report!

Net Worth Report

A newly designed report with the ability to filter by date and include/exclude accounts gives you total control over the information displayed.

Better Exporting

Exporting to QIF or CSV is now incredibly flexible. YNAB will export only the transactions contained in your current filter or search (even across all accounts!).

And So Much More…

This list is not even close to exhaustive. There are hundreds (thousands?) of tiny improvements throughout the software.


Seasoned budgeters like yourselves are excited about the awesome things I listed above, and then you remembered your budget: Wait a minute Jesse! What’s this going to cost?!

If you purchased on or after December 27, 2011, you’re covered under our “My timing couldn’t have been worse, I just purchased this yesterday” guarantee; this upgrade will be free for you. Please do us a favor and tell a friend about YNAB :)

For those of you that purchased on or before December 26, 2011, this upgrade will be available for $40. Don’t worry, this discounted price is good for a long, long time. (Budget to your “YNAB 4 Upgrade” category each month for as many months as it takes OR, just stick it in the all-powerful “Miscellaneous” category ;)

We are dying to have our hard work validated by having you vote with your hard-earned, budgeted money, but we will not force you to upgrade. Use YNAB 3 as long as you like. It’s yours. (As we did with prior versions, formal support for YNAB 3 will end one year from the launch of YNAB 4, on June 26th, 2013.)

What Happens Next

Over the next few days I will be writing in-depth blog posts about many of the features listed above. I’ll give more launch details as we draw closer!

You are going to love YNAB 4!

Updates on the Launch

June 22 – If you haven’t yet caught the in-depth blog posts that were posted today, you can find them here: