Three Cheers for Boring!

We want your finances to be super boring.

When you are first starting out, it’s great to be in your budget a lot. You are in there all the time and there are massive benefits to that investment of time. But once you are habitually aware of your money, there isn’t much to do. It almost starts to be boring.

The holidays come, and the money is just there. Bor-ing.

Time for a vacation, and it’s already paid for. Snoozefest.

The car breaks, and you just write a check. Oh wait—did you say something?

It’s kind of boring but that is why all the stress goes away. Because unboring finances—exciting finances—are really stressful. And we want things boring and stress-free.

When you get to this level of awareness where your finances are boring, you don’t need to sit down with your budget daily or every couple days.

Oh, and there is one more (boring) thing—the cushion. As your cushion increases and your money ages, you have the ability to dial back the urgency on everything because you’ve got a cushion.

You’re sitting in February, and maybe you already have March, or even some of April, budgeted. That is just a cushion and it is a natural bi-product of being aware of your money and prioritizing for the here and now, your true expenses, and funding into the future.

You’ll find your rhythm.

With the new direct import, it’s weekly for me. I get in there and approve transactions and fiddle around—I don’t like to see orange or red. And then monthly, of course, we sit down and check in to talk about what we want the next month to be.

For me, the goal has always been to get to the place where money doesn’t have to be the focus. Once you are aware of your money, it can be out of the way so you can just live your life. Boring. And awesome.


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