Can I Help You One-on-One with Your Small Business Finances -- for free? (Whiteboard Wednesday)

Today we discuss a new initiative I’ll be working on over the next 4-6 weeks. YNAB for Your Small Business.

Please watch the Whiteboard Wednesday and then, if you’re a small business owner (even the smallest of small businesses, full- or part-time! Consultant, freelancer, designer, programmer, realtor, loan officer, etc.), fill out the survey below.

You may be selected as one of six participants. I’ll work with you individually to help you implement YNAB into your small business. This is completely free. I’m doing it for very selfish reasons — I want to learn how I can help people implement YNAB’s principles into a small business setting. The best way to learn how to help is to start helping!

YNAB transforms personal finances.

It can transform business finances.

Click here to apply!

UPDATE: Thanks to those who have already applied. Just from reading through the applications I’m getting very excited! We will be able to do some great things for your respective ventures! To those who haven’t yet applied, go ahead! It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes 🙂